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Everything About Intruders

Everything About Intruders, Part 3

Part 3

Last week we went over the various propping materials and how to best utilize them in your fly. This week we'll be going over the fun stuff; the long soft fibers that give your fly its fullness and profile. There are a multitude of different materials that are used for this. We'll be going over several of the most popular. Just like the props we discussed last week any long soft material will work and your imagination is the only limiting factor. To start we will begin with one of the most popular materials today and the feather that gave birth to the modern intruder; the ostrich feather...

Beulah 7132  Spey Rod

Beulah 7132 Spey Rod

Widely considered one of the all time great 7 wt steelhead spey rods, the Beulah flagship 7132 has proven to be the one Spey rod to get if you think you are only going to get one? Yes, you can (finally they are here) ...

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RIO Elite Skagit Max Power

RIO Elite Skagit Max Power

These heads have been shared with customers on guided trips and Spey School students as well. This sharing has given us the opinions from many angler with varying skill levels. Overall feedback has been totally positive...

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Wombat Steelhead Fly

Wombat Steelhead Fly

As tied by innovative Northwest fly tier, Brian Kite, the Wombat is a traditional marabou pattern with a couple modern twists added to it...

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Fly Shanks

Fly Shanks

Shanks for articulated freshwater and saltwater steelhead and salmon flies!

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