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Everything About Intruders

Everything About Intruders, Part 1

Part 1

All fish have territories that they protect from the encroachment of others. Rainbow trout, steelhead, and Chinook salmon can be extremely territorial. An Intruder fly is meant to trigger aggression when invading, or intruding into the territory of a sport fish, thus eliciting a strike response. The most productive “Intruder” fly patterns trigger the fight response without triggering a flee response by scaring the fish away from its territory. These types of flies become even more productive if they also mimic something that the fish has been feeding on, so that the “defend” response is combined with a “kill” response...

Deschutes Summer Steelhead 48-hour Spey School

Deschutes Summer Steelhead 48-hour Spey School

Each part of this school features an attentive staff, a big, powerful, roomy jet boat, and the best camp on the river. Mid-August is prime time for Deschutes River steelhead fishing. You will graduate from this school with extensive proprietary knowledge of steelhead fly fishing and Spey rod casting...

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RIO Skagit Max Sale

RIO Skagit Max Short Sale!

Smaller two hand rods are becoming more and more popular. We think it is because fly lines have become more efficient. It no longer takes large rods to throw large flies. The RIO Skagit Max Short is the perfect line for throwing larger flies with sinking tips and smaller rods.

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Daiichi X452 X-Point All Purpose Hooks

Daiichi X452 X-Point All Purpose Hooks

O'Shaughnessy Bend, straight eye, forged, X-Point, bright saltwater resistant finish. Popular saltwater hook. Also popular for tube flies, shad flies and regular steelhead/salmon flies. This may be the finest straight eye all-purpose wet fly hook available at any price...

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Foxee Dog Steelhead Flies

Pro Sportfisher Tube Fly Systems

Pro Sportfisher Tube Fly Systems equips the fly tier with a wide range of unique, exceptionally high quality parts for the construction of premium grade flies. These Pro Sportfisher products are perfectly suited to the most modern salmon and steelhead flies...

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