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All Orders Over $300USD will be Shipped with Signature Required!
(We will only honor prices that are 6 months old or newer, please do not expext to pay 2008 prices for 2012 products. That means if you happen to stumble on an old link that has a product cheaper than todays price (Unless it is on sale today) expect to pay todays price)

Order By Phone (toll free).

Order By Mail

Order By FAX

Free Domestic Shipping

We do ship to APO addresses!  

Parcel insurance

International Shipping Policy




We are proud to honor all of these forms of currency exchange.

Order with our cart system.


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for more information.

1 (800) 266-3971
Please Call. We are always glad to answer your questions and take your orders.

We do ship to APO addresses!
We fully support our military forces, .wherever they serve our country. The
Fly Fishing Shop makes no statement for or against any political force or
party in any manner. But we do want to support our men and women that serve
us. Yes, there is some extra effort involved in shipping to APO addresses,
but certainly not more than risking one's life in a hostile country.
    If we have something you need, let us know. We will do whatever we can
to get it to you.
    And thank you for taking care of America!
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Order By Phone

We encourage your domestic  phone orders.
Because of the complexity of international orders, they are accepted only through our shopping cart system.

Please call (800) 266-3971, 7 days/week, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST.

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Order by Fax

FAX : (503) 622-5490
Only Online Orders through our shopping cart will be accepted for shipments to foreign destinations. 
FAX , Phone & Mail orders will be shipped to U.S. destinations only.

Please either use our order form, or include in your FAX:

Billing and Shipping Information:
Bill To address
Ship To Address
Daytime Phone
Credit Card Name, Account Number and Expiration Date
Authorized signature
Order Information (for each item, please list the following):
Catalogue Number
Size and color (if relevant)
Item Description
Price each
Total price

Please remember to add shipping and insurance charges to your total!

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Order by Mail

Print our order form (both pages) and mail it to:

The Fly Fishing Shop
P.O. Box 368
Welches, Oregon 97067

Be sure to include your check, money order or credit card information with your order.
Only Online Orders through our shopping cart will be accepted for shipments to foreign destinations. 
FAX , Phone & Mail orders will be shipped to U.S. destinations only.

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Shipping Cost Information

Check out FFS Volume Shipping Incentives

United States Postal Service (USPS)

(USPS) Domestic Rate Calculator

(USPS) International Rate Calculator

United Parcel Service (UPS)

(UPS) Rate Calculator

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*FREE SHIPPING for all Orders Over $50.00 
Shipped Within USA!!!

For your convenience, The Fly Fishing Shop offers free shipping 
via UPS Ground or the U.S. Postal Service for all destinations within the 
continental U.S., Alaska and Hawaii.
En-route time for most shipments is 2-8 days. 

Orders over $500 will automatically be shipped UPS Ground Track unless otherwise requested.  

*Free shipping is not valid for some items and will be posted in the item description!
Please direct all shipping inquiries to  
or call toll free at 1-800-266-3971

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Insurance Information

All parcels are shipped at your own risk, unless you include extra for insurance!

( insurance rates are supplied by UPS and USPS rate calculators)

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The Fly Fishing Shop is located in the state of Oregon.  
Oregon does not have a sales tax.  
Buying from The Fly Fishing Shop means not paying a cent in sales tax.

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International Shipping Policy

Only Online Orders through our shopping cart will be accepted for shipments to foreign destinations. 
FAX , Phone & Mail orders will be shipped to U.S. destinations only.

The fastest and safest method is via U P S (United Parcel Service).  While this is the most reliable, it is also the most expensive. U P S is a private shipping service. Available in most locations.
(UPS) Rate Calculator

Our normal method is Express Mail. This has been fairly reliable for international delivery, but be aware that the delivery times have been known to vary a great deal. Delivery times are supposed to be 4-7 days, but we do not guarantee this in any manner.Express Mail is a co-operative service between our United States Postal Service and YOUR local mail agency.
(USPS) International Rate Calculator 

Air Parcel Post (and all other surface mailings) is the least expensive (usually). We use this method for packages that are too large (usually due to length) for Express Mail, or if you, the customer, specifically request surface delivery.  This is also the slowest way to ship. Expect 4 to 6 weeks (or more) delivery time. 

Discounted shipping: With the exception of some expedited shipments, we discount the cost of international shipping by taking 5% of the total order price and apply it towards the shipping cost. For Example- an order for $150.00 (usd)  will have the shipping cost reduced by $7.50.   

Please note: All Internaional Orders over $300 USD are shipped by UPS NO EXCEPTIONS!

CUSTOMS:  The amount of time your order will be in customs depends on the country you are having us ship to. Please be advised that we have no control over Customs in any manner. 

Shipping Charges: We do not refund shipping charges. 

Delivery Times: Due to shipping and delivery methods in other countries, we are unable to guarantee delivery times. As noted above, U P S is the fastest and the most reliable. 

Insurance: ALL orders are shipped with insurance included. If you request no insurance, please understand that the risk is yours alone. We will not be responsible for lost shipments that are not insured.

*If you would like a shipping quote from us please provide your address and zip code when you contact us.*

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