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Polar Chenille
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Catch Magazine
We got tipped off to this new online publication by Brian O'Keefe. Brian's movie by Todd Moen may be the most remarkable fly fishing video we've ever seen. Contributors to Catch Magazine include:
R. Valentine Atkinson, John Miller, David Lambroughton, Brian O'Keefe, Travis Cooper and David Cannon. As you might imagine, this magazine uses stunning photography to bring the outdoor world of fly fishing into your home.
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Catch Magazine 

Polar Chenille
This is very clever material. It can be used to take the place of fur, marabou and spey hackle to name just a few of the possible applications. It is much stronger and more durable than most organic materials.  It's most popular use is for body material where it can replace both dubbing and hackle for flies such as wooly buggers. When used as a rib over a normal steelhead fly, it becomes very durable flashy spey hackle. Applications for saltwater flies are equally dynamic. Wraps of Polar Chenille can mimic a variety of natural phenomena such as fish bodies, shrimp feelers, and legs.
...long fibers and strong core...
Many colors...
Item Description Color Price To Top
PC2 Polar Chenille, Amber   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC11 Polar Chenille, Black   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC40 Polar Chenille, Brown   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC54 Polar Chenille, Chartreuse   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC63 Polar Chenille, Claret   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC65 Polar Chenille, Clear   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC126 Polar Chenille, Fluorescent Blue   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC147 Polar Chenille, Fuchsia   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC187 Polar Chenille, Hot Orange   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC188 Polar Chenille, Hot Pink   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC214 Polar Chenille, Light Pink   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC263 Polar Chenille, Olive   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC265 Polar Chenille, Olive Brown   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC298 Polar Chenille, Purple   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC310 Polar Chenille, Red   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC320 Polar Chenille, Root Beer   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC369 Polar Chenille, Tan   $2.55 SALE ENDED
PC383 Polar Chenille, Yellow   $2.55 SALE ENDED

Pattern: Polar Spey
Shank: 35mm Waddington
Hook Trailer Loop: Toothy Critter Wire
Hook: #2 Gamakatsu
Tying Cement: Hard As Hull
Thread: Flame 6/0 Uni
Tail: none
Rear Collar Hackle:  Orange Schlappen
Body: PC188 Polar Chenille
Collar Hackle: Flame Marabou
Wings: Two Orange Dyed Grizzly Hackles
Front Collar Hackle: Orange dyed Guinea
Head Cement: Hard As Hull

Ken Anderson with a winter steelhead. Josh Linn photo.

Place the Waddington Shank in your vise

Place the Waddington Shank in your vise and attach a loop of Toothy Critter Wire for the hook, or the hook can be attached to the loop of wire before it is tied on. Be sure to leave the loop long enough so the hook can be changed. If you need more information: Stinger Fly

This hackle is optional.

This hackle is optional. A long flowing, flashy tail made from Flashabou, like a Bjorn's Stinger Prawn could be good here.

Polar Chenille forms both the body and the Spey type hackle.

Polar Chenille forms both the body and the Spey type hackle. If the wraps are touching each other, no under body is needed. Notice in the picture, an under body of silver tinsel has been put in place to off-set gaps and provide flash between the wraps of Polar Chenille.

A rotary vise speeds up construction of all body parts.

A rotary vise speeds up construction of all body parts. End the wraps of Polar Chenille, leaving enough room for the marabou and guinea.

Select a very large marabou feather that has a soft stem.

Select a very large marabou feather that has a soft stem. Wind it on from the butt.

better to have too much room

Trim off the end of the marabou feather. It is always better to have too much room.

...a slightly darker dorsal area...

A couple of  (or 4 or 6) dyed grizzly hackle tips can be placed to give the fly a slightly darker dorsal area.

The largest guinea feathers buck the most current

The largest guinea feathers buck the most current and allows the rest of the fly to open up when under tension.

Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle

Marcy Stone displays a wild coho caught from the Clackamas River, 12/12/07 on a Stinger Fly. Photo by Josh Linn.

Full saddle patches with hundreds of hackles. Each saddle is unique, but most have dry fly quality hackles that range 6" to 8" long and will tie dry flies from size-8 to size-14.  They also have schlappen feathers that are soft and webby for tying wet flies and wooly buggers in size-2 to size-8.  These are the best hackles available, at the best price for tying intruder style flies that have become so popular in recent years for steelhead and salmon in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

Please write to us in the comments section of our order form what type of flies you intend to use these grizzly saddle feathers for, and we will send you the best we have in stock for that purpose.

For full tying instructions to Josh Linn's "Stinger" steelhead/salmon fly tied on Waddington Shanks, using Dyed Grizzly Hackles: Click Here.

Item Description Color Price To Top
DGP40 Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Brown Sale Ended! SALE ENDED
DGP54 Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Charteuse Sale Ended! SALE ENDED
DGP242 Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Natural Sale Ended! SALE ENDED
DGP263 Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Olive Sale Ended! SALE ENDED
DGP271 Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Orange Sale Ended! SALE ENDED
DGP298 Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Purple Sale Ended! SALE ENDED
DGP310 Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle, Red Sale Ended! SALE ENDED

Featured Customer: André Braghetta, Sao Paulo, Brazil
André Braghetta with a Matrinxa, which has an adipose fin like a trout.

The sport of fly fishing is practiced all over the world. With the global reach of our web site we have developed customers and friends in far away places, even South America. Here is what one of those customers, André Braghetta says, "I’m sending photographs of my last fishing at my family farm (I landed this fish, named Matrinxa, about 4 pounds, using the # 5 Winston LT rod, that you sold to me).  Also the trip to Argentina was amazing, beautiful landscape, a lot of trout. I really enjoy it, and besides the rod, all the equipment that you sold to me, worked perfectly. You should visit Patagonia in Argentina some time, it is wonderful." Thanks André. MB

# 5 Winston LT rod bought from The Fly Fishing Shop
a net full Argentina looks like Central Oregon.
South American Rainbow. The sport of fly fishing is practiced all over the world.

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