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Echo Rods
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Echo Rods
Timmy (Tim Rajeff) likes to torture Echo Fly Rods to see how much abuse they will take !!!
Echo3 Series Rods  $349.99 - $379.99

Echo Shadow PE Series Rods  $329.99

Echo Carbon Series Rods  $169.99

 Echo Solo Series Rods  $99.99

Echo Edge Series Rods  $229-99 - $249.99 Echo Trip Series Rods  $279.99-$299.99
Echo Extreme Distance Series  $189.95 SPEY & SWITCH RODS
Echo Gecko Kids Rod  $99.99 Echo Dec Hogan Spey Rods  $349.95
Echo Ion Series Rods  $189.99 Echo Tim Rajeff Spey Rods  $349.95
Echo Micro Practice Rod Echo Solo Spey Rods  $229.00
Tim Rajeff Echo YouTube Videos Echo Switch Rods $329.99

Echo rods are designed by Tim Rajeff . They have been proven by a host of fly fishing addicts around the globe. Everyone of the staff at The Fly Fishing Shop owns and uses at least one Echo rod. Some Echo rods have become personal favorites with our staff of guides.
Tim Rajeff is one of the best fly casters to ever roam this planet. Tim designed Echo Rods to be the best fly rods you can buy. They're not just good starter sticks--they're designed for hardcore anglers from all walks of life, at a price everyone can afford. We hear it every day. "I would have paid twice as much for this rod."
The power and action of each Echo rod is specifically designed for optimal performance in its most widely used application. All Echo rods are delivered with Cordura covered hard cases.
Our selection of Echo rods is the widest available anywhere!

Echo Spey and Switch rods are shipped with the appropriate Airflo Skagit shooting head to take the guess work out of finding the right line to match your new rod.
There is no extra charge for this service.

NEW! Fly Fishing DVD Selection!
Fly fishing videos are great for learning new skills or refreshing old skills. 
Fly fishing videos are also a great source of entertainment.
This selection will grow.
Documentaries Fly Casting Fly Tying Spey Casting
Fly Fishing Basics Knots & Rigging Saltwater Fly Fishing Trout Fly Fishing
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Bass: The Movie 
Eastern Rises
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Eastern Rises

Schools: “SPEY” Casting / Beginning – Intermediate

 Spey Schools Available Now !!!

Spey casting can be learned quite easily with the assistance of a professional instructor. This class starts with the most basic fundamentals so that you will have a solid foundation on which to build your "Spey Casting Skill Set". Our approach allows you to easily understand the scientific principles of how a rod and line work together to propel your fly to the target.
Our crash course starts in a nice warm class room with donuts and coffee. Here rod and line theories are discussed in detail so that before you get to the water, you have an understanding of the principals you are going to use. Then you will ride to the river with your instructors. There your instructors will demonstrate the theories you have already explored. Then you will take a rod into your own hands and be able to practice what you have learned. You will be amazed at how easy it is. All the major Spey Casts will be explored. Both floating and sinking tip lines will be learned.

Time: 8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Lunch is provided).
Meet at: The Fly Fishing Shop - Instructors: Josh Linn and Mark Bachmann
Spey Casting Classes are offered on Thursdays so that they can be taken consecutive with our One Day Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Schools, which are offered on Fridays.

Cost (8 hrs.): $150.
You will need the following equipment:  Waders, boots, rain coat, hat and polarized glasses. You may bring your own rod and reel if you want to. Properly balanced Spey Outfits will be provided.
(6) Students total.
First come, first served.
Deposits are payments in full.
Deposits are non-refundable unless water/weather conditions prohibit class. 
Item Description Price To Top
SPEY-CL-011311 Spey Casting Class, January 13, 2011
Only 2-openings left. Sign-up NOW!
SPEY-CL-021711 Spey Casting Class, February 17, 2011
Only 2-openings left. Sign-up NOW!
SPEY-CL-031711 Spey Casting Class, March 17, 2011
Only 4-openings left. Sign-up NOW!

2010 In Review
As the pictures will show, it was a pretty cool year. Happy New Year to each and every one of our readers.
Dr. Steve White 01/12/10
January: Dr. Steve White - Sandy River
Mark Bachmann 02/22/10
February: Mark Bachmann - Rocky Ridge Ranch
March: Bald Eagle Nest - Molalla River
March: Bald Eagle Nest - Molalla River
Josh Linn- Rocky Ridge Ranch - 04/09/10
April: Josh Linn- Rocky Ridge Ranch
Simon Gawesworth- 05/18/10
May: Simon Gawesworth - Sandy River
Bruce Hampton - Loreto, MX - 06/30/10
June: Bruce Hampton - Loreto, Mexico
Rick Hafele - Deschutes River- 07/23/10
July: Rick Hafele - Deschutes River 
Patty Barnes - 08/11/10 - Deschutes River
August: Patty Barnes - Deschutes River 
Jay Beckstead - 09/01/10
September: Jay Beckstead - Deschutes River 
Joe Palanuk - Rocky Ridge Ranch 10/13/10
:October: Joe Palanuk - Rocky Ridge Ranch 
Patty & Josh - Klickitat River - 11/21/10
November: Josh Linn & Patty Barnes - Klickitat River 
River Otter - Sandy river - 12/12/10
December: River Otter - Sandy River 

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