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Jim Teeny T-Series Fly Lines
Developed on our home water,
in the good ol' days...
T-Series  Line Video by Jim Teeny:
Teeny Lines
8 min

Jim Teeny with nice Chinook.

Jim Teeny grew up fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon. He figured out in a hurry that the closer to a fish's mouth you put the fly, the more likely the fish will bight it. Most fish are not holding near the surface. Getting the fly to them often involves the use of a sinking fly line. He developed a series of lines that would effectively cover all situations when encountering fish that were holding in normal moving water.

They are called the "T" Series. Developed in the late seventies, these were the first of the one-piece, fast-sinking, shooting-head-configuration weight-forward fly

 lines. The running lines are color coded for easy identification. These lines gained instant recognition as being the most consistent tool for catching anadromous fish in streams around the world, to the point that even the subsequent copies of these lines are often called Teeny Lines.  They are just as useful as ever.  If you fish for winter steelhead with a single hand fly rod and only have one line, make it a T-300.  If you want to cover all the bases carry T-200, T-300 and T-400 lines.

If you hang out with Jim Teeny, you will see lots of big fish.  Catching salmon and steelhead became the passion of his youth.  Teeny figured out a long time ago that most of the fish stay very close to the river bed most of the time.  Teeny spent his formative years on our home water, the Sandy River. Deep, swift, fluctual, and very, very cold our river was a hostile environment for fly fishers using the conventional fly fishing gear available in the 1970's. Yet, Jim Teeny and his father Fred were catching steelhead from the Slaughter Hole in front of legions of gear slingers who were catching less.  Gregarious by nature, Jim wasn't afraid to join the masses at any of the main staging pools where the numbers of fish brought the hordes.  There were a number of failed attempts before the winning formula began to come together.  Jim figured out that a fish you could see would bite if you repeatedly put the fly very close to its mouth.  It became apparent that a very fast sinking shooting head did the best job.  Jim had 3M manufacture lines to his specifications and started selling them under his name.    The T-Series was born.  Jim next figured out that a fast rod with a particular kind of action worked best for casting and fishing his T-Series lines.  The rods listed below are the products of many years of experience.

Jim Teeny Fly Rods
Jim Teeny Joins The TFO Team
(or maybe TFO joined Jim's team) which ever..., it looks like a perfect fit for all parties concerned, including us...and you too.  Jim Teeny is an innovator.  His flies, his lines and his rods have changed the way many anglers regard the art of fly fishing.  He now has teamed up with TFO to produce a new line of rods.  Like all of Jim's products, they offer the fine tuning of a man who has spent thousands of hours fishing and showing other people how too.    The latest Teeny Rods are built by Temple Fork Outfitters to Jim's exact specifications. 
Add Rod Case
For Your
New Rod
Add Reel, 
Backing & Line

To your #4-#8 Rod
T-Series  Line Video by Jim Teeny:
Teeny Lines
8 min

"A lot of my fishing time is spent going after Steelhead, Salmon and Trout.  Also, Saltwater for Bonefish and Tarpon.  It is important that my fly rods meet the requirements necessary to successfully fight big fish.  In designing a new a new rod series with TFO it was very important that the rod was strong, lightweight, fast action with a powerful lower butt section and sensitive tip.  The Jim Teeny rods by TFO have it all.  They are everything I look for in a quality rod at an affordable price.  They are as good as any rod I've ever fished with."  Jim Teeny.
Comes with a velvet rod sock.  Rod case extra.      NO-FAULT WARRANTY

Item Description Size Price To Top
TF O4 90 4 J Jim Teeny Fly Rod 9 ft - 4 wt $199.95.95

TF O5 90 4 J Jim Teeny Fly Rod 9 ft - 5 wt $199.95

TF O6 90 4 J Jim Teeny Fly Rod 9 ft - 6 wt $199.95

TF O7 90 4 J Jim Teeny Fly Rod 9 ft - 7 wt $199.95

TF O8 90 4 J Jim Teeny Fly Rod 9 ft - 8 wt $199.95

TF O9 90 4 J Jim Teeny Fly Rod 9 ft - 9 wt $199.95

TF 10 90 4 J Jim Teeny Fly Rod 9 ft - 10 wt $199.95

TF 12 90 4 J Jim Teeny Fly Rod 9 ft - 12 wt $199.95


This 40" buck steelhead was caught by Mr. Nobuo Nodera.  Picture from CND Spey Rods.
The popular CND line of spey rods is once again available.  The North American part of the company is now called CND SPEY USA.  It is owned by Lee Davison of Rigby, Idaho. 
CND is dealing with all warrantee issues quickly.  Rods are available for immediate delivery.

We've Got Rods
The Largest Selection of Fly Rods to be found Anywhere!
We Offer Quick, Expert Service, Free Shipping and no sales tax!  …1,000+  Models...


G. Loomis Rods.
G. Loomis


TFO Rods
Temple Fork Outfitters

T&T Rods.
Thomas & Thomas


Burkheimer Rods
C.F. Burkheimer

Cortland Rods.

Echo Rods.

Jim Teeny Rods by TFO
Jim Teeny

CND Spey Rods
CND Spey

Spey Rod Finder

Loop Spey Rods

Most rods are shipped same day as ordered!

Catching Steelhead …top ten secrets to success…
...if you asked the masters, this is what they would tell you.

This 39" buck steelhead was caught by Mr. Nobuo Nodera.  Picture from CND Spey Rods.

1. Be where the fish are
Steelhead runs are very cyclic. One year a river might be loaded with fish and the next year it might be marginal. Use the Internet, but also use the telephone.  Call for information.

2. Choose the right guide.
Take some time to interview your prospective guide. There are a lot of different personalities out there. There are also a lot of different experience levels too. Take time to get acquainted with your guide before you book a trip.

3. Keep your fly in the water.
Practice casting and presentation continually while you are fishing. Every cast counts.  Learn to be efficient. Your fly will only catch fish when it is in the water and has the best chance when presented properly.

4. Check for wind knots & abrasions in your leader.
Keep track of your terminal tackle. Many fish are lost to wind knots and abraded leaders. Remember that you are playing in the fast lane. Anything that can break will break.

5. Keep your hook sharp.
Carry a file. Any time your hook touches the bottom of the river, check the point. Use your file. Many strikes are missed because the hook is dull.

6. Stay on the move.
The more water you cover - the more fish you cover - the more biters you cover - the more fish you put on the beach...simple as that.

7. Be alert.
The more fish you see the more fish you catch.

8. Be prepared.
Do your research. Check your gear before you start your trip. Be organized.

9. Be comfortable.
Have the right clothing for the conditions you might encounter. Nothing ruins a trip quicker than leaky waders, Etc.

10. Be relentless
Be relentless - Be relentless - Be relentless - Be relentless - Be relentless - Be relentless - Be relentless -

Good Luck !!!

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