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The Watery Path To Steelhead Competence
In the end all you get is the understanding that you have lived up to your own expectations. "We are just facilitators in your dream." It is our duty to analyze what your need to become a more efficient steelheader, and to deliver this knowlege to you in an understandable format. Can you become better...always and forever, at everything. We don't know everything, but we do have a ton of experience in teaching fly anglers how to catch more steelhead. You are the center of our attention.
It All Starts With Learning How To Cast Properly: Consider Our Spey Casting Schools!
This school is taught on the Sandy River in Oregon (A Federally designated Wild and Scenic Waterway) (Oregon's oldest).
Everything has a beginning. The path to catching steelhead starts with learning how to cast really well. We know that really good fly casters have a huge advantage over mediocre fly casters. So why not learn to cast well. It will make all your days on the water more enjoyable. We teach casting for catching anadromous fish in moving water.
You can bring your own gear or use ours Get more information...

Learn How To Cover The Water And Find Steelhead: Take One of our Winter Steelhead Spey Schools!
This school is taught on the Sandy River in Oregon (A Federally designated Wild and Scenic Waterway) (Oregon's oldest).
People can tell you about how to catch steelhead (maybe). You can attend PowerPoint presentations (thank you very much). You can watch videos (over and over). All those things help to exchange information to be sifted through. It is all good, but it is not like seeing the process in the real world, and it is not like being the focal point of the process in our world. Come to us.
Get more information...

Two Day Winter Steelhead School = Save 25$
This is one of our most popular schools. Attend the Spey Casting School, spend the night locally, then attend a Winter Spey School the nex day. They are scheduled to work that way. Get more information...

Take a 48-Hour Summer Steelhead School to keep your learning schedule moving.
This school is taught on the Deschutes River in Oregon (A Federally designated Wild and Scenic Waterway).
August 3 -5, 2015 (prime time).
Everything you learned during the Spey Casting School and the Winter Steelhead School will apply to fishing for steelhead during the summer months. But there is more. Summer steelhead often rise to small flies, which requires slight alterations in your tackle and approch to casting. Summer steelhead are often easier to catch than winter steelhead, which is a good reason to start in winter and get the hard stuff out of the way. Then join us for a couple of nights of camping on the river. We use the best boat (lots of power, cush seats), have the best camp (with electricity & cleanest toilet), serve the best food, have the most experience, and your insturctor always loves you.
Get more information...

Take Everything To The Next Level by attending Summer Steelhead PhD Spey School 2015!
This school is taught on the Deschutes River in Oregon (A Federally designated Wild and Scenic Waterway).
This is the icing on the cake!
September 14 – 20, 2015 (prime time).
Reputed to be the Best Steelhead Spey School in the World! That is how we designed it. Since then it has evolved over the past 15-years. This is where you learn to be the best. Up to seven days with Mark Bachmann, Simon Gawesworth, Dec Hogan, Josh Linn and Ron Walp, combined with two giant jet boats and the best camp on the river. You will be pampered, and you will be glad you came.
Get more information...

We will be there for you.

Complete Spey Outfits
Choosing a Spey Outfit for steelhead doesn't have to be confusing!

Echo 7130-4 TR Combo

G. Loomis 1567/8-4 Pro4X Combo

These Spey Combo Outfits are the four most popular that we use, and that we sell.
Each is designed to be a year around outfit that is easily adaptable to all seasons.
Each is offered after many long days of testing on the water.
They are proven to be easy to use, and are productive to fish with.
Each Combo Outfit will save you hours of experimenting, and also save you a little money.
All Combo Outfits come fully set up.
Just string up the rod, tie on a fly and go fishing.
Echo 7130-4 TR Combo
Get all the right stuff: This is a very practical, high performance, proven outfit. During the past couple of years we have sold dozens of these outfits, and have never had a complaint for any reason. The Echo 7130-4 TR rod has a moderately fast progressive action that makes it easy to learn with. Quite frankly it delivers all of the performance that you will need to get started. It is the 30-06 steelhead rod, designed to cover all of the situations you will encounter while fishing for steelhead any time of year when steelhead are available. It is best for moderately large rivers. This rod is built like a tank, with a super hard non-reflective coating on the blank and extra rubberized cork in the main wear spot on the handle. The Ion reel balances perfectly with the rod, holds the perfect amount of line and backing, and has also been proven with dozens of steelhead landed. It will last a conscientious angler several years of hard use. It is however made from cast metal, and you won't be able to drive tent stakes with it. No special maintenance needed. Just keep it clean and dent free. The Skagit line shooting head setup is the same as we regularly use ourselves when we are fishing.
COMBO 1 Rod Reel Line setup Combo Price  
Rod type Species (Run) Description  $ Description  $ Description    Normal Retail: $601.45  
DH, Spey, Two-Hand Steelhead (Winter)
Combo 1
Echo 7130-4TR
13' 7 weight
 $ 349.95 Echo Ion 8/10  $ 99.95 Airflo Skagit Compact 540  $ 54.95  $508.85
You Save: $92.33
Sale Ended
Airflo 30# Ridge Running Line  $ 39.95
11' T-14 Custom InTouch Sinking tip  $ 19.00
30# Micron Backing, 150 yds  $ 11.65
Six (6) Free Flies (Shop choice)  $ 21.00
One (1) Free Fly box  $  5.00
Subtotal Line setup  $151.55
Spey Scandi
Conversion Kit - 1
Ditto  Ditto  Ditto  Ditto  Airflo Scandi Compact 450 $ 54.95 $69.95
You Save: $2.15
Sale Ended
        10' Airflo Floating PolyLeader  $ 12.95
          10# Maxima Green Spool, 27 yds  $  4.20
          Subtotal Line setup $ 72.10
G. Loomis 1567/8-4 Pro4X Combo
Get all the right stuff: I've spent a lot of hours fishing with this exact same outfit under my command. I like it. It relaxes me and makes me look good. The rod was designed with extreme attention of my good friend Josh Linn, who has landed many steelhead. This may be the perfect steelhead rod for our rivers, while using the two most popular styles of casting: Skagit and Scandi. This rod performs both styles equally well. ARX reels are built like they are armor plated. With the extra metal comes extra weight to balance a long Spey rod. The ARX 3.5 balances perfectly with the rod, and holds exactly the right amount of line and backing. The customized line set-up features all the latest and best components from RIO to deliver the most connectivity and feel. And who wouldn't want to cope a feel. ARX Reels feature massive, but with silky smooth conical disc drags, which are protected inside waterproof housings. This outfit handles 11' of T14 with ease and precision, and this is the outfit I turn to when I don't want to experiment, I just want to fish. MB
COMBO 3 Rod Reel Line Setup Combo Price  
Rod type Species (Run) Description  $ Description  $ Description  $ Normal Retail: $1,166.50  
DH, Spey, Two-Hand Steelhead (Winter)
Combo 3
G. Loomis Pro 4 X
13' 7 weight
 $ 525.00 Lamson
Arx 3.5
 $469.95 RIO Skagit Max 525  $54.95 $1073.90
You Save: $92.60
Sale Ended
RIO ConnectCore Shooting Line .032  $ 59.95
11' T-14 Custom InTouch Sinking tip  $ 19.00
30# Micron Backing, 150 yds  $   8.85
Six (6) Free Flies (Shop choice)  $ 21.00
One (1) Free Fly box  $   5.00
Subtotal Line setup $171.55
Spey Scandi
Conversion Kit - 3
Ditto  Ditto  Ditto  Ditto  RIO Scandi 450 $54.95 $69.95
You Save: $2.15
Sale Ended
          10' Airflo Floating PolyLeader  $ 12.95
          10# Maxima Green Spool, 27 yds  $ 4.20
          Subtotal Line setup $72.10
2014 Metal Head Christmas Party Report

This year's annual Metal Head Christmas Party was packed with over a hundred of our best friends, the best industry reps and the helpful staff of The Fly Fishing Shop.  As always, it was a great time with wild stories, reminiscing of the "good ol' days", how the river fished yesterday and how it fished this morning, and of course plenty of laughter and comradery all around.
Projected presentations by Mark Bachmann, Marty Sheppard, Trey Combs, Josh Linn & Chris O'Donnell were met with eager fly fishing fanatics in a standing room only fashion.

The shop was bustling with customers all day who could get dirrect answers from some of the most knowledgable fly fishers on the planet! It was fun meeting new friends, seeing to old aquaintences, and looking at all the toys.

Charles St. Pierre and Hawkeye Hawkins awed the crowd, while showing them how to tie flies for Steelhead and Chinooks. Hawkeye Hawkins is the shops newest addition to our amazing team.

Bruce Berry tied up his favorite tube flies while an eager crowd gathered around to watch and learn.

Tony Barnes, probably one of the most important employees of The Fly Fishing Shop (the guy that ships all your stuff to you), spent his lunch time grilling up burgers for the mid-day feast!

As Tony Barnes slaved over the grill so everyone could fill their bellies with burgers and beans, Patty, Rhawnie, and Joyce helped serve the fixings.

Patty Barnes, makes it happen.

Josh Linn was there to give tips, tricks, and a wealth of fly fishing knowledge. J.C. in the background was running around all day helping customers select the right gear for their next adventure.

Jim and Donna Teeny of Tenny Inc., talked about years of fly fishing high adventure!

Eric Nuefeld & Brian Silvey (caught smiling).

Mike Varga ("Military Mike") serving a customer's needs, while installing a line on a new Hatch reel.

One of our newest staff members Barny Wong, helping customers all day. Mark's in the background.
(You can tell that Barny helps keep the boss in a good mood)

Shane Wootan explaining Loop technology to the Boss.

As another year comes to an end, all of us at The Fly Fishing Shop want to thank you for allowing us to be a part of your fly fishing adventures this year. A lot of things have changed in 2014 and we have plans to do a bunch more in 2015. One thing that will never change is the service we have and always will provide to all of you who shop, learn, and guide with us. We would also like to wish you and yours a very happy and safe holiday season!

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