California Yellowtail

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California Yellowtail
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California Yellowtail, Seriola lalandi dorsalis
California Yellowtail are one of three sub-species of Yellowtail Amberjack, which are most easily identified by their bright yellow caudal fins. The streamlined body has three primary colors: purple/blue on the back, white/sliver belly, and a goldish/yellow stripe that runs from the eye to the tail. The yellowtail's range is circumglobal, in subtropical waters. Yellowtails are found as far north as the southern coast of British Columbia during El Niño years and as far south as Chile. Yellowtails are prominent game fish from Southern California, into the Sea of Cortez and down the Pacific Coast of Mexico. They are most often found around structures, such as offshore islands, rocky reefs or kelp beds. The California Yellowtail is carnivorous and feeds on a variety of fish. Mackerel, sardines, anchovies, squid, and crab are common in the yellowtail's diet. Often, the California Yellowtail are found in schools feeding at the surface of the water, as well as deeper down.
The all tackle record is: 92.1 pounds.
The 10 KG. (22-pound) test fly rod world record is: 31 pounds.
Trout size Yellowtails like the two juveniles pictured above were caught from a school that probably contained about 100 fish. They were no match for the 10-12 weight tackle used for larger specimens of the same specie, but would crush tackle used for similar size trout. At first these fish showed little fear and literally fought over the flies we presented to them. However, after about a dozen were caught they became much wiser and became extremely selective and difficult to catch.
as the water cools in November, steelhead size yellowtails (8-pound average) are prominent over shallow reefs in the Sea of Cortez. They are voracious feeders and very strong fighters. Action can be so furious that a succession of these fish can wear an angler completely out.
As the water surface temperatures rise during the summer months, yellowtails head for deeper water and become unavailable to fly fishers. Larger yellowtails normally stay in deep water except when they spawn in the spring. It is during March/April/May time that the largest yellow tails are caught by fly anglers. Loreto, Mexico is the California Yellowtail fly rod record capitol.
Loreto Area's Fly Fishing Records
Species Tippet Class Weight of fish Date
Yellowtail Men's 3 Kg. 15 lb. 3 oz. January 30, 1973
Yellowtail Men's 6 Kg. 32 lb. 8 oz. March 14, 1972
Yellowtail Men's 8 Kg. 32 lb. 0 oz. March 27, 1973
Yellowtail Men's 10 Kg. 31 lb. April 28, 2006
Yellowtail Women's 8 Kg. 25 lb. March 12, 2008
Dorado Men's 10 Kg. 57 lb. 8 oz. July 23, 1997

Deep Eyed Minnow, Olive and White     Buy
Pattered after the famous Clouser Minnow, this is an indispensible fly for most saltwater destinations. The Olive and White Deep Eyed Minnow is a good imitation of many species of small saltwater fish that larger sport fish feed on. This fly pattern is especially effective when fished deep with a fast sinking line and the heavy eyes help to get it down to a depth where many predatory fish live. These eyes also give the fly an erratic "wounded-baitfish" action when the fly is retrieved.

California Yellowtails find it hard to resist an Olive and White Deep Eyed Minnow.
Troy Bachmann with a Jack Crevelle caught on and olive & white deep eyed minnow...
Many Jack Crevalles have fallen for the Deep Eyed Minnow.

Triggerfish like the one pictured above eat small fish and Deep Eyed Minnows.
In the Sea of Cortez and along the Pacific coast of Mexico, the Olive and White Deep Eyed Minnow is used extensively for many shore-line fish such as all species of jacks, skipjack tuna, cabrilla, pargo, barracuda, yellowtail, triggerfish, and roosterfish. Often schools of smaller size baitfish draw the attention of marauding game fish, even to the point that they will ignore larger specimens of the same specie. Many times we have observed very large yellowtail, jack crevalle and roosterfish targeting bait that averaged less than two inches long when five-inch bait was readily available. This can be very frustrating when all your flies are large and the fish are ignoring them. At first it didn't make sense that fish weighing between ten and fifty pounds would selectively feed on the smaller baitfish, especially when specimens of the same specie were available in larger sizes. It is probably because younger/smaller fish are less experienced and are easier to catch.
Deep Eyed Minnow Deep Eyed Minnow, Olive/White
These flies are tied on strong, saltwater resistant hooks, using the finest materials available. The machined brass eyes are gold plated. Only the finest Eastern Bucktail is used for maximum swimming action.
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Grizzly Fleece Under Wader Wear
#240P Grizzly Fleece ® Pant #720 Grizzly Fleece ® Quarter Zip Shirt
You can certainly pay more for fleece under-wader wear, but we don't think you can get more for your money than the garments that are displayed on this page. The #240P Grizzly Fleece Pant is medium-heavy in weight. It is thicker than any of the competitive brands we have found, but not so thick as to be too bulky. It is about half the price of the logo brands, but when was the last time someone looked inside your waders for a logo? We think probably never! Most anglers that fish for winter steelhead wear two layers of insulation under their breathable waders, and on really cold days, they wish they had even more insulation. The #240P Grizzly Fleece Pant is certainly one answer. They have enough extra thickness to make a difference.
#240P Grizzly Fleece ® Pant
  • High density 300gram fleece is unequaled for its quality and features
  • Generous cut with hemmed bottom for a great fit

Resulting from continual demand, we have found comfortable and durable fleece pants suitable for under-wader insulation against very cold water. These are made from high-density Grizzly Fleece®, which has a peached anti-pill finish on both sides of the fabric for added insulation. They look and feel great, and are made to wear and wear. Other features include a hemmed bottom, and a comfortable drawstring inside the waistband. These pants are an extremely good winter layer, and are very affordable.

Grizzly Pant
Grizzly Fleece
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#720 Fleece ® Quarter Zip Shirt
  • High density 280 gram 2-way stretch micro-fleece
  • Anti-pill peached finish
  • Creative styling
This 100% polyester fine yarn micro-fleece shirt will be a daily favorite. This fabric has a smooth flat woven finish on the inside against the skin for a natural comfort. The outside finish has a dense peached finish with anti-pilling attributes. This fabric is naturally technical with wicking properties that move moisture off the skin to the surface of the fabric. Other features include 2-way stretch, open bottom seam, and YKK® locking zipper.
Drift Creek Quarter Zip Shirt
Grizzly Fleece
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Deer Creek Steelhead Skagit Outfit
Outfit Includes:
TFO 13' 7/8 Deer Creek Rod, with case
TFO Prism 9/11 Reel
Rio 500-grain Skagit Head, Rio PowerFlex Core Shooting Line, 13' T-11 fast sinking tip
This is a smoking hot deal on a great outfit.
Deer Creek Steelhead Skagit Outfit, a very good way to fish for steelhead... 
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TF 7/8 130 4 DC OUTFIT Deer Creek Steelhead Skagit Outfit, Outfit Includes- TFO 13' 7/8 Deer Creek Rod with case, TFO Prism 9/11 Reel, Rio 500-grain Skagit Head, Rio PowerFlex Core Shooting Line, 13' T-11 fast sinking tip $495 SALE ENDED

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