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WE DIDN'T KILL ANY SAILFISH.  The angler here appears to be about 12 years old.

Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo, Mexico Fly Fishing for Sailfish
by Mark Bachmann
The two sister cities of Ixtapa (eeks-TAH-pa) and Zihuatanejo (see-wah-tah-NEH-ho) provide a perfect contrasting view of the Mexican Riviera.  Ixtapa means "Place of White Sand".  It was built in the 1970's by the Mexican Government and is arguably Mexico's most modern resort on the Pacific Coast. Ixtapa boasts a $550 million, 450 acre marina complex; two world-class, 18 hole golf courses; and an impressive collection of high-rise, five star hotels.  We stayed at the Ixtapa Riviera.  But we chose to play in and fish out of  the quaint village of 

Zihuatanejo.  When it was discovered by the Spanish in 1522 it was a sleepy Indian fishing village with a matriarchal society.  It was deemed by the Spanish to have no strategic importance and was left in peace.  It has remained a traditional Mexican coastal town still, but with just enough modernization to add convenience and cleanliness.  What makes Zihuatanejo so appealing to fisherman is the well protected, serene little harbor in close proximity to blue water and miles upon miles of  A hooked sail fish jumps against a back ground of silence.

This 8 1/2' sailfish was released without being removed from the water.

undeveloped, unexploited coast line.  Here pelagic fish such as tuna, sailfish, marlin and dorado are as accessible as coastal fish such as bonito, roosterfish and jacks.  Patty and I met Captain Hiram Verboonen and his First Mate Bernardo at the Zihuatanejo Municipal Dock at 7:00, November 20.  Hiram owns a 25' panga, the Hawaiiana.  Hiram, like many of the native Mexican people, is small and 

dark.  He appears to be in his early thirties, is slim and muscular with short hair and a well groomed mustache.  He is clear eyed and serious with a confidant air.  This was our first meeting and after giving his boat the "white glove" inspection, I was impressed with the state of repair his panga showed.  This boat and its equipment were maintained in first class shape.  His was by far the best boat of the six pangas that our party fished on this trip.  

Used flies being washed out in the hotel.

The Mexican Riviera is a happening place.

The sun was barely coming up as we trolled our way out of Zihuatanejo harbor.  Bernardo who appeared to be in his early twenties rigged a couple of small hoochies for catching bonito.  These would be cut into strips for the teasers. When we got about ten miles out, the crew rigged five teasers with the bonito and big eye bait fish.  These were trolled at moderate speed. We were about 13 miles from shore when the blue/black dorsal fin of a nice sailfish knifed into the teasers from the right.  He was less than twenty feet from the boat.  Sitting low in a panga places you on intimate terms with the action.  I readied my fly, a Frontier 12" FPF Blue Back Marlin Master.  Upon instruction 

from Hiram, I cast the fly in front to the sailfish. The reaction was immediate.  The sailfish struck the fly on the second pull of the retrieve, and I struck back as the line came tight.  A couple of thrashing head shakes from the fish and the fly came loose.  To my consternation the fish came back to the teasers and took my fly again, but this time half heartedly and after a gentle pull on my fly 

The sunset at Arnoldo's.

disappeared into the blue water and was gone. The second sailfish came to the teasers about thirty minutes later.   It took Patty's 11" Frontier Green Mackerel with a rush and was about fifty yards into the backing when it came unhooked.  An hour later another sailfish came to the teasers, but try as we might, it showed no interest in our flies and disappeared.   

The fourth fish came to the teasers about 45 minutes later.  This time everything worked as planned.  The fish ate my Marlin Master fly and I fed it some slack and allowed it to turn away.  I set the hook several times and the silver and blue fish vaulted into the air again and again close to the boat and then took about two hundred yards of backing.  It jumped a couple more times and then took 100 yards more backing.  Hiram showed concern that I might run out of line until I assured him that my Abel #5 held 600 yards of #30 Micron.  Then he shut the motor off, and I played my fish with a back drop of silence that only deep blue water can provide.  Forty five minutes of continual pressure from the Abel 14 weight rod brought the 8 1/2 ' fish to the boat where it was resuscitated and released. Later, two more sailfish were brought to our flies, but none were landed.

That evening we ate dinner with Hiram's family.  They own Arnoldo's a quaint beach front restaurant that serves melt in your mouth sea food on Playa las Gatas.     Playa las Gatas (Cat Beach) is accessible only by small boat.  It is located on the south side of  Zihuatanejo Bay and is protected from ocean waves by a barrier bar of large stones said to have been put in place by an ancient Indian tribe.  We highly recommend watching the sun go down while eating dinner at Arnoldo's, a special service provided only to Hiram's customers.  Normal closing time at Arnoldo's is 6:00 p.m.

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Annual Christmas Party
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PROUD TO BE AMERICAN !!! Limited Edition Patriotic Abel Reels
These reels combine the excellence of Abel engineering and craftsmanship with one of  today's most popular motifs.  The American Flag is beautifully portrayed in hand polish anodizing.  The pictures are in the metal, not on it.  These may be the ultimate Christmas gifts for the angler who has everything.
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Abel Perfect Tool. A great Christmas gift TO BUY FOR YOURSELF !!!
All tools are snap locked into position when in use, thus eliminating the possibility of a cutting edge suddenly collapsing. 

The Abel Perfect Tool
The perfect tool - long sought, but never found by fresh and saltwater spin, fly and blue water anglers - has finally been designed.  The Abel Perfect Tool, matte finished stainless steel, 1.3-ounce, and 2 3/8" long holds virtually everything an angler might need for a day on the water or an extended trip.

 Instruments contained within the Abel Perfect Tool include:
*Nail Knot Tool   *Bodkin   *Precision Leader Nipper  
*Scissors   *Diamond Hook Hone   *Knife Blade  
*Bottle Opener   *Lanyard Ring  
*3/8", 11/16", 5/16" box wrench   *Metric and inch scales  




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DynaKing Barracuda Junior Fly Tying Vise

AWESOME !!! The Barracuda Junior is a full rotary vise. It carries excellent features which will appeal to all fly tiers. The Barracuda Junior has incredible hook-holding power. This vise is offered in either pedestal or clamp base and is complete with a light-weight bobbin hanger and a rotary tying video.
Full Rotary
Smooth Rotation
Tool Steel Jaws
Hardened cam
Rotational lock
Rotational Drag Adjustment
Forcing Cone Adjusts Tension
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