Winter Steelhead Flies

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Winter Steelhead Flies
Spey Plumes
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Winter Steelhead Flies (Directory)

Flies are constantly evolving as our understanding of game fish and the prey they eat, progresses. The sport of fly fishing really is a search for knowledge of the natural world around us, especially the aquatic components. The evolution of this knowledge can be traced in the history of fly tying skills and the progression of fly patterns over the past 500 years.  The rise of industrial technology has played a role. Most modern flies still contain natural materials that were available in the beginning.  But, many key components used in the latest winter steelhead flies have only been

available in the last few years.  On the average, winter steelhead flies are getting larger.  This is not only because we are learning how to tie larger flies, but more importantly we are developing the tackle and skills to fish larger flies more comfortably. Certain strains of steelhead prefer large flies. Many of them return to our rivers during the winter months.
Development of the most important new patterns, is most naturally by the hardest working professional fly fishing guides.  If you are a guide, your career is dependent on your ability to be able to get your clients hooked up. It stands to reason if you spend 100-200 days a year fishing for steelhead, you are going to learn a lot about how to catch them.  
Pictured below is a selection of flies that is on the cutting edge of winter steelhead fly development.  These patterns were developed and proven by the area's best winter steelhead guides: Mark Bachmann, Brian Silvey, Marty Sheppard, Tom Larimer, Brian Kite, Scott Howell and Charles St. Pierre.  Troy Bachmann, Jon Covich and George Cook; past guides and long time steelheaders have added their expertise to the mix.  Our Company roots are in winter steelhead fly fishing.  We have the most complete selection of winter steelhead fly fishing gear in the region, if not the world.  Our aim is to remain the leader and bring you the best winter steelhead fly fishing tackle available, and this includes the best selection of winter steelhead flies.  We also intend to make this collection most convenient to access on the internet.

Winter Steelhead Fly Directory
This may be the most complete selection of winter steelhead flies ever assembled on one page.
All pictures are mouse-over for fly names.  Click flies for more information.

Pick 'Yer Pocket, Black

Pick 'Yer Pocket, Orange

Pick 'Yer Pocket, Pink

Pick 'Yer Pocket, Purple

Cone Head String Leech, Black

Cone Head String Leech, Olive

Cone Head String Leech, Purple

Cone Head String Leech, Chartreuse

Cone Head String Leech, Pink

Cone Head String Leech, Red

Marabou, Tube Fly, Sandy Blue

Marabou Tube Fly, Red Rocket

Marabou Tube Fly, Purple & Pink

Marabou Tube Fly, Sandy Candy

Metal Detector, Black & Blue

Metal Detector, Black & Chartreuse

Metal Detector, Red & Orange

Cook's Alaskabou, Volcano

Cook's Alaskabou, Blue Moon

Cook's Alaskabou, Popsicle

Agitator, Black & Red

Agitator, Purple & Flame

Agitator, Pink & Orange

Deep Eyed Wog

Articulated Leech, Black

Articulated Leech, Purple

Big Purple

Big Red

Egg Sucking Leech, Black & Red

Egg Sucking Leech, Purple & Pink

General Practitioner, Black

General Practitioner, Original Orange

General Practitioner, Purple

Super Prawn, Orange

Sand Shrimp

Green Butt Spey

Jack O'Lantern Spey

SunKissed Spey

Expression Spey

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Black & Blue

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Egg Sucker

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Fleshy Red

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Orange & Pink

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Purple

Silvey's Tandem Tube Fly, Red & Orange

Foxee Prawn, Purple

Foxee Prawn, Orange

Foxee Prawn, Black & Blue

Foxee Prawn, Popsicle

Signature Intruder, Red & Black

Signature Intruder, Purple

Signature Intruder, Pink & Orange

Signature Intruder, Olive

Signature Intruder, Black & Orange

Signature Intruder, Black & Blue

Signature Intruder, Black Green Butt

Signature Intruder, White

Sandy Spider

Eyed Shrimp

Larimer Loop Leech, Black

Larimer Loop Leech, Pink

Larimer Loop Leech, Red

Larimer Loop Leech, Purple

Jumbo Critter, Black & Blue

Jumbo Critter, Pink & Orange

River Rat Squid, Black & Blue

River Rat Squid, Black & Wine

Ostrich Mini Spey Plumes

Ostrich Mini Spey Hackle is unique.  These ostrich body feathers tiny replicas of the giant tail plumes that are used to decorate hats, Intruders and Alec Jackson Ostrich Chenille fly bodies.  But, they average 3 1/2" - 4" in total length and have fluffy, water absorbent barbuals that average slightly over an inch long.  Barbuals have strong tapered shafts as do the feathers themselves.  Feather stems are strong and pliable and can be wound as collar hackle or palmered as spey type hackle.  Feathers can be wound from the tip or butt and can be wound whole or with one side stripped off.  Having this versatility gives tiers a wide range of applications for widely varied effects from densely packed to thin and wispy. Barbuals can be trimmed from the feather and applied like hair wings on standard size summer flies and the effect is like a cross between calf tail and marabou. Colors can be mixed for striking effects.  Colors are strong and vibrant.  Approximately eight feathers per package.

Item Description Color Price To Top
SP54 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Chartreuse   $3.00

SP11 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Black   $3.00

SP187 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Hot Orange   $3.00

SP188 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Hot Pink   $3.00

SP199 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Kingfisher Blue   $3.00

SP298 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Purple   $3.00

SP310 Ostrich-Mini-Spey-Plumes, Red   $3.00


Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise

Buy Now
  • True 360 degree rotation

  • Adjustable rotary tension and lock

  • Anticorrosion coated jaws

  • Lever operated jaws

  • Rotary actuator

  • Material clip

  • Adjustable bobbin cradle

    FOR HOOKS 28 TO 4/0

The Presentation 2000 is the latest addition to the Renzetti line. It won the Ka-Ching Award at the 2006 Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo.

The Presentation 2000 features the jaw assembly of a Presentation 4000 Vise and the patented hinged rotary head shaft of the Mater Vise.  This gives it extreme versatility.  It will hold hooks from size-28 to size-4/0. This covers 99% of most freshwater and saltwater fly tying applications.  Military spec anticorrosion finish protects the steel jaws. All aluminum parts are protected with non-glare industrial grade anodizing.  The Presentation 2000 comes with a standard heavy pedestal base or C-Clamp.  Like all true rotary Renzetti vises a bobbin cradle is included.  But, the Presentation also has features found only on their most expensive Master Vise, such as a ratchet rotary actuator and hinged head shaft.
I have owned and tied with a Master Vise for about 20-years.  It has tied thousands of flies, is all original and has functioned perfectly.  Current price on a Master Vise is $649.95.  Current suggested retail price for the Presentation 2000 is $279.95, less than half the cost of a Master.  I decided to try a Presentation 2000 and see if it was equal in delivering practical fly ting performance.
Visual comparison reveals that the Master Vise is much heavier built than the Presentation 2000.  It will accept hooks to size-10/0; a feature that is of interest only to tiers of massive blue-water flies. The Mater Vise does give the feeling of more rigidity, because it is constructed of larger parts, yet the 2000 Vise holds a hook just as securely.  As long as all the screws were tightened properly in the 2000, it seemed to be as good at holding a fly steady as the Master.  Rotary functions are exactly the same.  Will your new Presentation 2000 Vise be as functional over the next 20-years as my Master Vise has proven to be? Only time will tell.  If I needed a new vise, I might be temped to find out.

My initial test was a winter steelhead fly tied on a 25mm Waddington Shank. 

Waddington Shanks are a good test for a fly tying vise because the are difficult to hold.

Waddington Shanks are clamped in horizontal rather than vertical vise jaws.

True rotary tying is easily accomplished with the Renzetti Presentation Vise.

The Presentation 2000 Vise is a graceful, agile tool, which gives you access to all parts of the fly.

Made in the USA

Item Description Price To Top
P2002R Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise with C-Clamp, RIGHT HAND $264.95

P2002L Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise with C-Clamp, LEFT HAND $264.95

P2004R Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise with standard pedestal base, RIGHT HAND $264.95

P2002L Renzetti Presentation 2000 Vise with standard pedestal base, LEFT HAND $264.95


Free $25 Gift Certificate With Every Spey Rod !!!

Ron Lauzon is one of our areas best fly casting instructors.  He is especially gifted at teaching spey casting.  He schedules regular casting classes with The Fly Fishing Shop. He has generously contributed a free $25 gift certificate with every purchase of any Spey rod from The Fly Fishing Shop, between 12/04/07 and 12/25/07! 

AFS Turns Orange
Rio has added an orange hi-vis version along with its stealthy olive introductory series of their popular AFS Spey Shooting Head.  This will be the ticket for anglers who want to be able to see what their line is doing at long range, and is a super neat line for casting demonstrations, as well.

Item 2 Description Size Price To Top
21552 Rio Advanced Flight Spey, Full Floating Shooting Head,  ORANGE AND YELLOW 4/5, 300 gr. $44.95

21553 Rio Advanced Flight Spey, Full Floating Shooting Head, ORANGE AND YELLOW 5/6, 340 gr. $44.95

21554 Rio Advanced Flight Spey, Full Floating Shooting Head, ORANGE AND YELLOW 6/7, 400 gr. $44.95

21555 Rio Advanced Flight Spey, Full Floating Shooting Head, ORANGE AND YELLOW 7/8, 460 gr. $44.95

21556 Rio Advanced Flight Spey, Full Floating Shooting Head, ORANGE AND YELLOW 8/9, 520 gr. $44.95

21557 Rio Advanced Flight Spey, Full Floating Shooting Head, ORANGE AND YELLOW 9/10, 580 gr. $44.95

21558 Rio Advanced Flight Spey, Full Floating Shooting Head, ORANGE AND YELLOW 10/11, 640 gr. $44.95

AFS Shooting Head Specifications
Rear Taper
Front Taper
Total Head
4/5 F 1 6 0.077 24.5 0.5 0.044 31.5 300 25
5/6 F 1 6 0.082 26.5 0.5 0.044 33.5 340 25
6/7 F 1 6 0.084 29.5 0.5 0.046 36.5 400 25
7/8 F 1 6 0.088 30.5 0.5 0.047 37.5 460 25
8/9 F 1 6 0.093 31.5 0.5 0.049 38.5 520 25
9/10 F 1 6 0.096 32.5 0.5 0.05 39.5 580 30
10/11 F 1 6 0.1 33.5 0.5 0.051 40.5 640 30

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