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Especially YOU Are Invited !!!
December 10, Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm
metal Head Christmas Party
and Annual Winter Steelhead Clinic

A new winter steelhead season is here for celebration!
Free Food, Prizes, Programs, & Demonstrations!
Factory reps and fly fishing experts will share their knowledge.

Please Share The Day With Us:

Mark Bachmann

Patty Barnes

Hawkeye Hawkins

Tony Barnes

Eric Neufeld

Bruce Berry

Garry Sandstrom

Brian Silvey

Dick Sagara

Marty Sheppard

Charles St. Pierre

Nick Rowell

Matt Callies

Tim Rajeff@7mo

Tim Rajeff

Tom Larimer


Projected Presentations & Demonstrations:

9:00am - 9:45am - Mark Bachmann - Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing From The Beginning
10:00am - 10:45am - Rajeff Sports - Why Fly Rods Break
11:00am - 11:45am - Marty Sheppard - Steelhead On The John Day River

BBQ Lunch (free) 11:45 - 1:00pm

1:00pm - 1:45pm - Tom Larimer - Summer Steelhead, Breaking Traditions
2:00pm - 2:45pm - Matt Callies - Innovative Fly Creations With Loon Products
3:00pm - 3:45pm - Fly Fishing Collaborative - Fly Fishers Saving Children

Fly Tying Demonstrations (all day): 

Featuring: the region's most experienced steelhead guides tying
their favorite winter steelhead flies.

Brian Silvey, Bruce Berry, Charles St. Pierre, Hawkeye Hawkins, Nick Rowell

15% OFF on Everything in the Store, except items already on sale!

At: The Fly Fishing Shop - Welches, OR
This will be the best party in Welches, Oregon: December 12, 2015 !!!

Special Guest: Tim Rajeff, owner of Rajeff Sports; Echo Rods & Airflo, etc. Tim performing for video (below) demonstrates casting two lines with the same rod at the Sandy River Spey Clave. Don't miss his "Why Rods Break" program at metal Head Christmas. Tim's programs are always informative, and wildly funny.
Olympic Peninsula Skagit Tactics Commando Heads
OPST's Commando Heads represent the culmination of decades of innovation in Skagit casting by Ed Ward and Jerry French. Ed and Jerry were at the forefront of the "Skagit Revolution", and they have been refining Skagit fishing techniques ever since. These are remarkably efficient, easily casted and enjoyable, for the simple reason that they are specifically designed for SAS (Sustained Anchor Systemology). The philosophy behind SAS is simple: the Skagit cast is a water-based cast, with the rod load coming from the tension between the water's surface and the line. As such, a sustained anchor cast, where the fly remains stationary until the final power stroke, is the most efficient form of casting. Commando lines are shorter than traditional Skagit lines, and perform exceedingly well with a continuous, "out and around" casting stroke. There is no pause before the final stroke; the cast is one continuous motion. Pure Skagit lines take beginning casters and make them effective very quickly. They take experienced casters to a whole new universe of casting pleasure. Commando Heads excel on conventional two handed "Spey" rods but are optimized for shorter switch rods from 10 to 12 feet. But where these lines really get interesting is in single handed casting. We have taken two handed casting theory, traditionally associated with steelhead and salmon, and applied it to the micro end of the spectrum. Now you can Skagit cast and swing flies for everything from sea run cutthroat trout to smallmouth bass to panfish, with rods as light as a 3 weight; and on rods as short as 6 feet. The same principles of sustained anchor and a water load apply. You can haul, or not. You can back cast, or not. Roll cast, Skagit cast, just about whatever you want to do, these lines will do it, and they will fly off your rod tip. See the line recommendation chart below or give us a call for line recommendations for your specific rod. Color: Sauk Blue
Grain Weight Switch Spey Single 10' MOW Tip Poly/Versi Leader
150      3 2/3 3   5'/7'
175      3/4 3 3/4   5'/7'
200      4 4 4/5   5'/7'
225      4/5 4/5 5   5'/7'
250      5 5 6 T-8 5'/7'
275      6 5/6 7 T-8 5'/7'
300      6/7 5/6 8 T-8/T-11 10'/12'
325      7 6 8 T-8/T-11 10'/12'
350      7/8 6/7 9 T-11/T-14 10'/12'
375      8 7 9 T-11/T-14 10'/12'
400      8/9 7/8 10 T-11/T-14 10'/12'
425      8/9 8 10 T-11/T-14 10'/12'
450      9/10 8/9 11 T-11/T-14 10'/12'
475      9/10 8/9 12 T-11/T-14 10'/12'
Item Description Size Length Color Price To Top
PS-150 OPST Commando Head 150-grains 12' Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-175 OPST Commando Head 175-grains 12' Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-200 OPST Commando Head 200-grains 13' 6" Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-225 OPST Commando Head 225-grains 13' 6" Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-250 OPST Commando Head 250-grains 13' 6" Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-275 OPST Commando Head 275-grains 13' 6" Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-300 OPST Commando Head 300-grains 15' Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-325 OPST Commando Head 325-grains 15' Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-350 OPST Commando Head 350-grains 15' Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-375 OPST Commando Head 375-grains 15' Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-400 OPST Commando Head 400-grains 16' 6" Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-425 OPST Commando Head 425-grains 16' 6" Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-450 OPST Commando Head 450-grains 18' Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
PS-475 OPST Commando Head 475-grains 18' Sauk Blue $54.95 Sale Ended
Christmas Gifts For Anglers
Steelheader's Journal Seal Line Seal Pak
Published annually, the Steelheader's Journal is great reading for anyone who fly fishes for steelhead.
More information...
The SealLine Seal Pak has everything you need to keep a camera and lunch dry; maybe some TP and lip balm too. This is the perfect steelheader fanny pack. If the top is rolled and snapped according to directions, this pack will stay dry inside, even if your waders don't. Seal Packs are complete with a web belt and two attachment rings. More colors & Info...
Item Description Price To Top Item Description Price To Top
ISSN 1547-8173 Steelheader's Journal, 2015 Issue, published once annually.
$8.99 Sale Ended 08462 Seal Line Seal Pak, orange and gray
Regularly $47.95
NOW $39.95
Sale Ended
All Around Trout Fly Set In A Logo Box Winter Steelhead Prom Dress Set In A Logo Box
The All-Around Trout Fishing Fly Set: This fly set is designed to catch trout from most lakes and any stream in the USA, because it contains the 12 most proven patterns (24 flies in all). Adams, Elk Hair Caddis, PMD Sparkle Dun, Hi-Vis Parachute Adams, Yellow Humpy, K's Better Foam Caddis, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Submerger Caddis, Psycho Prince, Barr's Tung Teaser, Yellow Brown Sparkle Pupa. Organized in a 6-comp Logo 3587-10-10 One of the most innovative and productive fly series ever designed for steelhead during any time of year on any river where steelhead are in season. Any fly that wiggles & flashes is attractive to steelhead under most conditions. The Prom Dress Series are the ultimate "wiggle & flash" flies. These flies are a full 3-inches long, and may be trimmed and tuned to sizes down to 1 1/2-inches, to adapt to any fishing situation. (15) Flies in all. Includes 5-comp Logo Box 790-10-10
Item Description Price To Top Item Description Price To Top
TROUT-SET The All-Around Trout Fishing Fly Set, 24 flies in a 6-comp, logo fly box Regularly $64.95
NOW $42.95
Sale Ended PROMSET-2 Prom Dress Flies Complete Set, 15 flies in all, in a logo box.
$39.95 Sale Ended
Simms G-3 Waders Winter Steelhead Float Trip
The most popular breathable stockingfoot waders, made in the USA. IFTD Award Winning Best Product 2014. Most sizes in stock. Order Now! Or purchase the Gift Certificate below for your very special friend.

The Sandy River is one of Oregon's premier winter steelhead rivers. It boasts Oregon's oldest designated "Wild and Scenic" section, which is our normal 12-mile float. We have been fly fishing for winter steelhead longer than anyone else and can show you a great time. Winter Steelhead Trips

Item Description Price To Top Item Description Price To Top
G3W-GIFT Gift Certificate For Simms G-3 Waders>, includes free logo wader bag $499.00 Sale Ended WSF-GIFT Gift Certificate For A Guided Winter Steelhead Float Trip For Two Anglers $500.00 Sale Ended
Simms G-3 Jacket Winter Steelhead School
Up-dated in 2014, this is the third generation of G-3 wading jacket; waterproof, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, fashionable. Simms G3 Jacket SIMPLY THE BEST WAY TO IMPROVE YOUR SKILLS!!!
By Popular Demand! Entry Level Classes ARE Extended Through 2016 !!! Take the schools again to re-enforce skills you learned in past years, or start from scratch! Buy a gift certificate for a friend, or sign up for yourself: Winter Steelhead Schools
Item Description Price To Top Item Description Price To Top
G-3J-GIFT Gift Certificate For Simms G-3 Jacket
$399.00 Sale Ended WSS-Gift Gift Certificate For A Two-Day Winter Steelhead School For One Student. $375.00 Sale Ended
Tie-Fast Combo Tool Mike-Rite Leader Gage
The Tie-Fast Combo Tool features a precision sharp clipper that will easily sever all sizes of leader and fly line, a knot-tying tool, a hook hone and needle that is cleverly hid inside the "D" ring attachment loop. One look will tell you that this is a heavy-duty no-nonsense tool that you can depend on. Made in USA. This handy tool measures leader diameters accurately to one ten thousands of and inch. The gage will measure every diameter from .004" though .031" (which is approximately 2 lb. to nearly 100 lb. test). The Mike-Rite eliminates the guess work involving leader diameters and is an essential tool for anyone who wants more than superficial knowledge concerning leader design & consistency.
Made in USA.
Item Description Price To Top Item Description Price To Top
F171 Tie-Fast Combo Tool $18.95 Sale Ended ACCLG1 Mike-Rite Leader Gage
$24.95 Sale Ended
Abel Sportsman's Lube System Dr. Slick Razor Scissors
  • For every brand of fly reel, conventional reel, and spinning reel
  • Included in every Kit:
    • Lite Reel and Gun Oil for all temperature applications.
    • Neat’s-foot oil for all gaskets and seals, cork drags, leather and other fibers.
    • High and low temperature all-purpose grease or heavy duty lubrication: ball bearings, plain bearings, shafts and springs.
    • Cloth for wiping excess oil.
    • Nylon abrasive pad for removing rust.

Directions: Put a scant drop or two of lubricant where you need it – no need to spritz everything on your work table or kitchen with oil under pressure from an aerosol canister.

Razor Scissor
Overall Length 4"
Blade Length 1.25"

These blades are sharp as razors.  They are designed to cut soft materials cleanly.  They are well suited cutting marabou and all types of soft, thin sheeting, hair, or thread.  Adjustable tension. 

These are the favorite all-around fly tying scissors for elite tiers such as Mark Bachmann & Brian Silvey.

More info...

Item Description Price To Top Item Description Price To Top
04-000-300-70 Abel Sportsman's Lube System
$35.00 Sale Ended SR4G Dr. Slick Razor Scissors, 4-inch
$30.00 Sale Ended
Simms Stone Cold Long Sleeve Shirts


This is a perfect garment for anglers who are fishing in the tropics, or during the hottest summer weather at home. The cooling system in these shirts really works. I wore these shirts last summer in Florida, Oregon and Mexico. MB


Embrace temperate comfort with this A/C-activated shirt
Enter the oven and fish through the stickiest conditions with the don’t-sweat-it antics of Simms’ Stone Cold LS shirt. Cool Control™ tech beats heat waves to submission by absorbing and dissipating unwanted warmth where and when it counts. Cast all day, unhindered thanks to articulated sleeve engineering and off-shoulder seaming that boosts your ability to move. And extend your sessions with bolstered sun cuffs and two fly-box compatible, zip-secure chest pockets. Traditional Fit and a slightly shaped hem come standard.


  • UPF 30
  • Cool Control™ technology absorbs and dissipates heat to provide a cooler, more comfortable garment in warm weather fishing environments
  • Two fly-box compatible, zip-secure chest pockets
  • Extended sun cuff for protection
  • Articulated sleeve and off shoulder seaming for ease of casting and general comfort
  • Slightly shaped hem
FABRIC TECH: 50% Nylon / 41% Polyester / 9% CD
STYLE FIT: Traditional Fit
  • At Simms, sun protection is a critical component of their sportswear offering.  Through a combination of fabric construction, design and finish, they offer a wide range of clothing that features a minimum UPF of 30 (very good) up to UPF of 50 (excellent).  UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is absorbed.  A fabric with a rating of 30 will allow only 1/30th of the sun's UV rays to pass through.  This means the fabric will reduce your skin's UV radiation exposure significantly.  All of our UPF finishes last the life of the garment, an industry standard of 30 washings.

  • Cool Control™ is a cool touch fabric technology that utilizes recycled Jade stones that are converted into a fine powder and implanted into the yarn. This green technology offers a sustainable solution for cool wearing garments and also provides the wearer with anti-odor, wicking and quick-dry performance. Clothing featuring Cool Control is ideal for warm fishing environments. Combined with Simms' COR3™ fabric technology, shirts are ideal for providing comfort and sun protection for all-day wear on the water.
Item Description Size Color Price To Top
10801-473-30 Simms Stone Cold Shirt M Slate Blue Plaid $79.95 Sale Ended
10801-473-40 Simms Stone Cold Shirt L Slate Blue Plaid $79.95 Sale Ended
10801-473-50 Simms Stone Cold Shirt XL Slate Blue Plaid $79.95 Sale Ended
10801-479-30 Simms Stone Cold Shirt M Mist Plaid $79.95 Sale Ended
10801-479-40 Simms Stone Cold Shirt L Mist Plaid $79.95 Sale Ended
10801-479-50 Simms Stone Cold Shirt XL Mist Plaid $79.95 Sale Ended
Simms Flats Sneakers


These lightweight boots offer great foot support and protection. They have remained relatively unchanged in the 10-years I've had mine. It is probably not possible for the average angler to wear them out. Matter of fact a pair might last a lifetime unless you are a professional flats guide. MB


Many of the most rewarding flats missions involve little more than an ankle-deep stroll on an incoming tide. There you’ll find numerous underwater microenvironments: from white sand to coral, volcanic rock, and lemon shark infested turtle grass. But no matter where your feet land the Flats Sneaker keeps you within casting range, with over-the-ankle coverage and Schoeller®-dynatec panels for unmatched support and puncture resistance.


  • Schoeller®-dynatec panels featuring tight-weave fabric for added durability and puncture resistance
  • Mid-hiker design for over-the-ankle coverage, support and protection
  • Internal puncture-resistant plate in footbed
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • Sized to be worn with a Wet Wading Sock
  • Non-marking boat sole
  • Synthetic upper with Schoeller®-dynatec fabric
  • Approximate pair weight (size 10): 46.4 oz
  • Width EE
Item Description Size Color Price To Top
SFS1100008 Simms Flats Sneakers 8 Light Gray and Tan $119.95 Sale Ended
SFS1100009 Simms Flats Sneakers 9 Light Gray and Tan $119.95 Sale Ended
SFS1100010 Simms Flats Sneakers 10 Light Gray and Tan $119.95 Sale Ended
SFS1100011 Simms Flats Sneakers 11 Light Gray and Tan $119.95 Sale Ended
SFS1100012 Simms Flats Sneakers 12 Light Gray and Tan $119.95 Sale Ended
SFS1100013 Simms Flats Sneakers 13 Light Gray and Tan $119.95 Sale Ended
BC Steelhead Adventure - Skeena River - Episode 3 of 3 (Pt#1) (Pt#2)
By: JC (John Christensen)

We camped on a tributary of the Skeena. It was a quick 15 minute walk down to the main river. It was perfect steelhead weather when we showed up for our first day; 50 degree days with overcast, and lows at night in the mid 40’s. Camping was very comfortable, but things were going to change. Before leaving the Kispiox, we had checked the weather, and knew

that there was a large storm off the north BC coast headed our way.

We tightened up camp and hoped for the best.Our first day of fishing on the Skeena was more exploratory than anything else. It was super exciting to have virgin water that none of us had explored before. The first runs we fished were huge expanses of classic dry fly water. So we decided to go with the scandi lines and dry flies as the water was in the upper 40’s. It paid off big time. Our first day was epic with everyone boiling and landing fish on dry flies. We had at least three miles of beautiful skater water all to ourselves for the next 4 days. The fifth morning we woke up to a very steady rain, made our breakfast and headed down the trail to the Skeena, expecting fishing like the days before.

The first run I started at the top and Eric jumped in below me a hundred yards or so. Within the first 3 casts Eric had a beautiful 8 pound steelhead on, and I had boiled a fish twice. I ran down to help Eric tail his fish and grab a quick photo. This was starting to be a very enjoyable day. Then the rain picked

up, but we finished out the day with each one of us landing  and boiling numerous fish.   That night the rain did not let up, but the waters of the river where camped remained stable. That day we had great fishing. I had caught and landed a few fish and as it was getting late in the day, I decided to head back to camp. 

When I arrived at the camp spot, I was taken back by how much the river had come up. It was to the point where we were going to have to move the two vehicles up the already saturated road to get to higher ground. I had to run down the trail to the Skeena to warn my two companions that this might be getting to the point of loading up camp and getting the hell out of there. I met them about 10 minutes down the trail and explained what was going on. We decided to move camp, then got Darcy’s truck stuck halfway up the steep, water drenched muddy road, and spent the next 5 hours building up the road with logs, gravel and pretty much anything we could get our hands on. Thank God for GoreTex rain gear, and some good old hard work we got Darcy’s truck to a point where we could leave it for the night and pick up where we left off in the morning. That was a long night as we were woken up at about 2 a.m. in the morning to the river at the door step of the tent.

As day break came, it became clear we had some serious work to get the rest of our vehicles and gear out of there. We were lucky enough to spot a couple trucks cross the bridge above our camp. I ran them down and asked if they could lend a hand or if they had a come-along or winch to get our two vehicles out. We were out of luck on the winch and come-along, but they were nice enough to give us man power and that was all we needed. We ended up getting Darcy’s truck out in the morning, and spent the afternoon building up the road again for Eric’s truck. We had man power and a lot more weight in the back of Eric’s truck, as he had a pop up camper. He threw it in four-wheel drive while we all pushed our hardest and we made it out, we dodged a big bullet on that one. We all enjoyed a few beers and thanked the friendly Canadians sincerely and went our separate ways. This is what an adventure is all about. Overcoming obstacles and succeeding. 

We still had one more day of fishing. We decided to grab our rods and back packs with our sleeping bags and some food, and hike down the trail to the Skeena and stay for a night at the outfitters cabin, that we had been fishing in front of the last couple days on the Skeena. While I was talking to one of the gentleman who had helped get our trucks unstuck, he had mentioned that he was a fly fisherman, and that we should have just stayed at the cabin on the Skeena where we had been fishing the last day prior to getting stuck. He said he knew the owners and it would not be a problem for us to crash out a night there. So we headed to the cabin for our last night, and what a great night it was!

By the time we had reached the cabin, the Skeena had completely blown out from the rain. It did not faze us one bit. We had cold beers, whiskey, beautiful surroundings, and good friends. That night we played cards and dried our wet gear out by the huge pot belly stove inside the cabin, and life was perfect.
  If you have never experienced northern British Columbia, I highly recommend taking the time to come up and experience some of the finest steelhead fishing the world has to offer. Beautiful scenery, great people and amazing fishing ranks this trip as one of the most enjoyable, and cost effective trips I have ever been on. BC I will be seeing you next year!

Buccaneers & Bones

Buccaneers and Bones Trailer from Far Bank on Vimeo.

Michael Keaton in Belize using Sage Tackle

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