Black Barred Rabbit Strips

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Black Barred Rabbit Strips
Tying The Tube Snake
Amherst's Heads
Marco Polo Traveler
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Black Barred Rabbit Strips
These strips have black dyed bars across them. This new pattern has been variously called Black Barred, Grizzly Barred or Tiger Barred. They mimic the barring found in nature on such fish prey items as, sculpins, crayfish, squid, shrimp and lots more. They are used to tie Brian Silvey's deadly new Tube Snake patterns, such as the ones shown below. The standard strips are 1/8" wide and include 4 strips per package, approximately four feet total.         
Underwater photo & fly tying photos by: Josh Linn
Black Barred Rabbit Strips
Brian Silvey Tube Snake uses Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Baby BlueBrian Silvey Tube Snake tied with Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Hot Orange
Item Description   Price To Top
BRS6 Packaged Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Baby Blue Black Barred/Baby Blue $4.25 SALE ENDED
BRS35 Packaged Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Bright Purple Black Barred/Purple $4.25 SALE ENDED
BRS54 Packaged Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Chartreuse Black Barred/Chartreuse $4.25 SALE ENDED
BRS71 Packaged Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Crawfish Orange Black Barred/Crawfish Orange $4.25 SALE ENDED
BRS187 Packaged Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Hot Orange Black Barred/Hot Orange $4.25 SALE ENDED
BRS270 Packaged Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Olive Variant Black Barred/Olive Variant $4.25 SALE ENDED
BRS310 Packaged Black Barred Rabbit Strips, Red Black Barred/Red $4.25 SALE ENDED

Tying The Silvey Tube Snake
Photography: Josh Linn, Brian Silvey
Writing, editing, cropping, sizing, conceptualizing and assorted other grunt work: Mark Bachmann

A couple of things became clearer during the process of bringing this article to you. It's fun working with bright colors. We hope that the bright colors in the fly panels elevate your mood. They have already brightened mine. Another thing that dawned on me a while back was that a couple of my friends have some pretty incredible fly tying and camera skills. It is fun working with such rich material. 

Brian Silvey describes the Tube Snake as an extra lively Super Intruder. It is an enlarged version of Brian's popular Tandem Tube Fly which is the latest in improvement to the popular "string leech format". The "Tandem Tube", a revolutionary type of fly, is actually strung on a loop tied in the end of the leader tippet.  The design places a short shank beaked hook where it is most effective. The front of the fly rests against the leading edge of the knot that secures the loop. A weight, which is incorporated into the fly design rides at the extreme head of the fly. The resulting balance creates a fly which swims and ducks and dives. If you want to see how this fly is tied and rigged, catch Brian in person at Metal Head Christmas, December 13 at The Fly Fishing Shop.

Guide: Brian Silvey with a winter chromer...
 Here's Brian with a nice winter native from the Sandy River that ate a Tandem Tube Fly. Josh Linn put the Tube Snake to good use on the Klickitat this fall and was able to take a series of pictures, including the one above. Josh used an Olympus Stylus camera. More pictures here...
Black Barred Rabbit Strip is used in the Silvey Tube Snake. Underwater Photo below by: Josh Linn
This steelhead fell for a Red Silvey's Tube Snake. The Gamakatsu Octopus hook is firmly stuck.

Pattern: Silvey Tube Snake
Tubing: Frödin Tubing, Extra Small and Medium
Hook: #2 Gamakatsu Octopus
Tying Cement: Hard As Hull Zap-A-Gap
Thread: 6/0 Uni
Tail and Wing: Black Barred Rabbit Strip
Collar Hackle: Marabou
Flash: Fluorescent Pearl Krystal Flash
Tenticles: two Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackles
Eyes: Dazl-Eyes
Head Cement: Hard As Hull

The construction of this fly is possible because Frödin F.I.T.S Tubing comes in a wide selection of diameters.

Cut a piece of extra small Frödin Tubing about 1" long. Slide it on a small mandrel and chuck it up in your tube tying vise.

Attach your thread to the rear of the tube and saturate the thread wraps with Zap-A-Gap Super Glue. Then attach a 4-inch strip of Barred Rabbit. In this fly we are using black barred orange.

Attach a marabou feather, tip first.

Wind on the marabou feather as a hackle, secure and trim.

Wind on a pink marabou feather for a second layer of hackle.

Secure the second hackle. At this point your proportions should look like the picture.

Tie in a lady Amherst's Pheasant Tippet feather by the tip

Wind on the lady Amherst's Pheasant Tippet as a hackle. Train it back. Trim the stem close.

Tie in two red dyed grizzly saddle hackles to that they are approximately the same length as the rabbit strip.

Add six strands of hot pink ostrich herl. They should be a little shorter than the rabbit strip. Add black dots with a marking pen.

This shows proportions of materials. The fly as shown is in the up side down position in preparation for adding the Dazl Eyes. Dazl Eyes are machined from solid brass, then polished and plated.

Place the Dazl Eye on top the tubing and then figure eight lash it to the tube. Do not hesitate to use Zap-A-Gap when installing the Dazl Eye.

A whip finish finishes the tie. Hard As Hull is a very good finish for the final coat. Apply this after the tubing has been trimmed and flamed.

Trim the tubing. You can leave it a little long.

Barely melt the end of the tube. This will polish the tube and slightly thicken the wall at the opening.

Cut a piece of medium diameter Frödin Tubing amd secure it on your 1/16" mandrel. This will form the hook holder at the rear of the rabbit strip.  Attach your tying thread and lay down a 1/8" band of wraps. Saturate with Zap-A-Gap super glue.

Moisten and part the hair on the rabbit strip about 3/8" from the end of the leather.

Position the leather back of the rabbit strip on the Zap-A-Gap coated thread wraps and secure the rabbit strip to the tubing with about ten wraps.

Whip finish the thread twice. Touch the underside of the thread wraps with Zap-A-Gap. Let hang until dry.

Comb out finished fly so that all the fibers are separated for maximum movement when wet. Now you are ready to rig your fly.

Lady Amherst's Pheasant Heads
Complete Heads With Tippets & Crests Tail Feathers
In the wild, Lady Amherst's Pheasants occurs in Tibet, Southwestern China, and northern Burma, but it has also been introduced in Britain, Hawaii and New Zealand. It is named after Sarah, Countess of Amherst (1762-1838). Her husband, William Pitt Amherst, Governor General of India, was responsible for sending the first birds to London in the early 1800's. They are highly secretive and rarely emerge into the open.
Complete Heads With Tippets & Crests
The head of the male Lady Amherst’s Pheasant is similar to Golden Pheasant but  the tippet section is stunning silver with black barring and the crest feathers are translucent dark red. Crests are used as topping or tails. Tippets are used as tailing material, applied back to back in matched pairs as wings on salmon/steelhead flies or wound as hackle for spider or Spey type flies.
Item Description Color Price To Top
LA001 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color natural   $10.00 SALE ENDED
LA054 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color dyed chartreuse   $10.00 SALE ENDED
LA184 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color dyed highlander green   $10.00 SALE ENDED
LA187 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color dyed hot orange   $10.00 SALE ENDED
LA188 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color dyed hot pink   $10.00 SALE ENDED
LA199 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color dyed kingfisher blue   $10.00 SALE ENDED
LA289 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color dyed purple   $10.00 SALE ENDED
LA310 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color dyed red   $10.00 SALE ENDED
LA383 Lady Amherst Pheasant, Complete Head with crest and tippets, color dyed yellow   $10.00 SALE ENDED

CF Design Marco Polo Fly Tying Travel Kit                                    Buy Now!
The first time I saw this product, I thought, "Wow that's really neat, a complete fly tying tool kit contained in a waterproof fly box!"  The tools contained in this kit are of the finest quality you can buy for the serious fly tier who travels. This kit is seriously complete, and seriously organized. The vice has plenty of grip for tying every size fly to large winter steelhead flies. It has plenty of hook holding power for bonefish flies.  The vise is very sturdy. It is lightweight, but is designed so that a heavy book can be place on the stand to give the vise more stability. 
                                                                                                                         More Info...
C&F Design Marco Polo Fly Tying Travel Kit is protected by a waterproof case...
This vise holds a hook very securely... This is a complet tool kit...
There are two sizes of hair stackers...
The ultimate in design and portability the Marco Polo Tying System by C&F Design sets a new standard.

Winner of "Best In Show" at the 2002 Fly Fishing Retailers Show, this is one of the coolest fly tying systems you'll ever find. Self-contained in the waterproof CF fly box, it is one of the most functional kits for the traveling tyer. Artistically designed, the tools are also ergonomic and feel very comfortable in your hand.

The perfect Tying System for traveling fly fishers.
The tying tools fit securely packed in a compact waterproof case, and the System Hook Pallet and 3-in-1 Bobbin Kit were exclusively designed for the Marco Polo Fly Tying System. Retainer foam is custom-cut to accommodate the included CF Design tools.

This Fly Tying System Includes:
* Marco Polo Fly Tying Vice
* Bobbin Holder with Threader
* 3-in-1 Bobbin Kit
* 3-in-1 Dubbing Brush
* 2-in-1 Hair Stacker
* Dubbing Comb
* 3-in-1 Half Hitcher
* Dubbing Twister Plus
* 2-in-1 Whip Finisher
* Hackle Pliers
* Stainless Steel Tying Scissors
* Custom Magnetic Hook Pallet
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MARCOPOLO CF Design Marco Polo Fly Tying Travel Kit $599.95 SALE ENDED

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