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Annual Christmas Party

How to Dress for Winter Fly Fishing

Metal Head Christmas Party and Annual Winter Steelhead Clinic

Please share the day with us at The Fly Fishing Shop
Saturday, December 08, 2018 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
A new winter steelhead season is here for celebration!
Free Food, Prizes, Programs, & Demonstrations, Factory reps and fly fishing experts will share their knowledge....

TFO Drift Fly Rod

Make it a Metalhead Weekend

Take our 2-day Steelhead Spey School December 6-7, then attend our Christmas Party December 8..

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TFO Drift Fly Rod

The Hardy Ultralite SDSL Fly Reel

The first thing that caught our attention was the outstanding good look of this series of reels. Fishing tackle doesn't have to be pretty, but it doesn't hurt if it is. Many anglers who live in the Pacific Northwest (and other parts of the world) use the same reels for both Spey fishing and for medium to heavy saltwater fly fishing...

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Pro Sportfisher Tube Fly Systems

Pro Sportfisher Tube Fly Systems

Pro Sportfisher Tube Fly Systems equips the fly tier with a wide range of unique, exceptionally high quality parts for the construction of premium grade flies...

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Twistons Twist on Lead

Amnesia Shooting Line / Leader

After being stretched, Amnesia is memory free shooting line or leader...

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