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Intermediate Skagit
Fish Skulls
Rhea Intruder Feathers
Silicone Legs
Mastery Spey Skagit Extreme Intermediate Heads

Visit with Garry Sandstrom at the Metalhead Christmas Party
Saturday, December 10

The popular Skagit Extreme Heads are now available in a unique Intermediate, slow sinking configuration. Conceptualized and tested extensively by Scientific Anglers Company rep, and anadromous fish wizard Garry Sandstrom, these heads provide some extreme tactical advantages over their floating counterparts, especially when the water is very warm or very cold. Since the whole head of the fly line rides below the fast skin of the river's surface, your line will fish deeper, and move much more slowly across the river, allowing your fly to stay in the strike zone of every fish much longer than when fishing with a floating head and a sinking tip of the same size. As the video above discloses, we were aware of this new line for many months before it became available to the public in August, 2011. They work, and under certain conditions will increase your hook-ups.
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339801 Scientific Anglers Mastery Skagit Extreme, INTERMEDIATE, 21-feet, 400-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
339795 Scientific Anglers Mastery Skagit Extreme, INTERMEDIATE, 22-feet, 440-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
339788 Scientific Anglers Mastery Skagit Extreme, INTERMEDIATE, 22-feet, 480-grains $54.95 -->SALE ENDED
339771 Scientific Anglers Mastery Skagit Extreme, INTERMEDIATE, 23-feet, 520-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
339764 Scientific Anglers Mastery Skagit Extreme, INTERMEDIATE, 23-feet, 560-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
339757 Scientific Anglers Mastery Skagit Extreme, INTERMEDIATE, 25-feet, 600-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
339740 Scientific Anglers Mastery Skagit Extreme, INTERMEDIATE, 25-feet, 640-grains $54.95 -->SALE ENDED
339818 Scientific Anglers Mastery Skagit Extreme, INTERMEDIATE, 27-feet, 680-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
Fish Skulls          BUY NOW!     Articulated Shanks     Sculpin Heads
The Fish-Skull™ is a weighted head that has a realistic baitfish profile and is specifically designed for tying freshwater and saltwater streamer fly patterns.
More about Fish Skulls...
Sometimes referred to as a Sculpin Head, the Sculpin Helmet is an exciting, new style of Fish-Skull™ with a realistic, flat and broad profile that imitates common bottom-dwelling fish species such as sculpins, gobies and baby catfish. Designed for use on both hook and tube flies it allows anglers to easily tie weighted streamers that fish deep and imitate these popular predator food sources. More about Sculpin Heads...
Rhea Intruder Feathers

The following was taken from April Vokey's Fly Gal web site: "To peel rhea, pinch the strands at the tip of the feather and carefully pull down. The membrane should separate from the stem with all its fibers intact.  This gets  easier with practice, but is well worth a few casualties to be able to have such a remarkable hackle, free of the bulky stem. When tying the peeled rhea onto a shank, wrap the membrane as though it were the stem of a regular feather.” Some say the technique works even better if the feather is soaked in warm water prior to splitting. The first feather split easily dry following Aprils advice.

Visit with Mark Bachmann
at the Metal Head Christmas Party
Rheas are large flightless birds that are native to South America. Many tiers liken the rhea feather fibers to small ostrich plume barbules. We think that Rea Intruder Feathers are much like giant chicken hackle. If your average barn yard rooster stood six feet tall he would have neck hackles that would be similar to these rhea feathers.
Silicone Legs
Hot Tipped Crazy Legs Daddy Long Legs Fly Enhancer Legs
Silicon legs are common on bass flies and bass lures. Lately silicone legs have found favor as replacement for hard to find natural materials used in tying large Intruder style steelhead flies. Smaller diameter silicone legs are now being used on some of the smallest trout flies.
Hot Tipped Crazy Legs
Adds movement, color, and dimension to any wet fly pattern. Use these fly tying legs for streamers, bass poppers, or bunny patterns for steelhead, salmon and saltwater. Better for large flies. Colors are translucent and vibrant. This material contains flecks of reflective glitter
Item Description Color Price To Top
CLT11 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black/Yellow Chartreuse Tipped     $3.00 SALE ENDED
CLT16 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black/
Red Tipped
    $3.00 SALE ENDED
CLT131 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Fluorescent Fuchsia/Purple Tipped     $3.00 SALE ENDED
CLT298 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Black/ Purple Tipped     $3.00 SALE ENDED
CLT320 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Root Beer, Orange Tipped     $3.00 SALE ENDED
CLT385 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Yellow Chartreuse/Green Tipped     $3.00 SALE ENDED
CLT386 Hot Tipped Crazy Legs, Yellow Chartreuse/Fluorescent Orange Tipped     $3.00 SALE ENDED

Daddy Long Legs
Fine, stretchy, durable, translucent, oval, wiggly strands bundled for easy use as legs, antenna, feelers, whiskers, etc. Can be tied in individually, or in clumps, or spun. Has many uses for small, medium and large flies. Equally useful in fresh water and saltwater flies. Is easily colored with waterproof markers.
Item Description Color Price To Top
DDL11 Daddy Long Legs, Black   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL40 Daddy Long Legs, Brown   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL54 Daddy Long Legs, Chartreuse   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL131 Daddy Long Legs, Fuchsia   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL187 Daddy Long Legs, Hot Orange   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL263 Daddy Long Legs, Olive   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL298 Daddy Long Legs, Purple   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL310 Daddy Long Legs, Red   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL369 Daddy Long Legs, Tan   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL377 Daddy Long Legs, White   $4.75 SALE ENDED
DDL383 Daddy Long Legs, Yellow   $4.75 SALE ENDED

Fly Enhancer Legs
Fly Enhancer Legs are a very unique mix of colors that can be incorporated into an array of fly patterns, from streamers to popping bugs. These flexible silicone legs move very nicely in the water. Makes great legs, claws and antennae for all kinds of flies. Popular materials for the newest steelhead flies.
Item Description Color Price To Top
FE23 Fly Enhancer Legs, Blue/Black       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE40 Fly Enhancer Legs, Brown/Pumpkin       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE54 Fly Enhancer Legs, Chartreuse/Olive/Black       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE153 Fly Enhancer Legs, Gold/Amber/Black       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE203 Fly Enhancer Legs, Light Blue/Pumpkin       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE263 Fly Enhancer Legs, Olive/Light Olive       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE271 Fly Enhancer Legs, Orange/Pumpkin/Yellow       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE289 Fly Enhancer Legs, Pink/Olive/Fluorescent Yellow       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE298 Fly Enhancer Legs, Purple/Pumpkin       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE377 Fly Enhancer Legs, White/Chartreuse       $3.55 SALE ENDED
FE383 Fly Enhancer Legs, Yellow/White Black Spot   :
  $3.55 SALE ENDED


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