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Loop Rods - Definitely Worth a Look!
Loop has been one of the pioneers in cutting edge graphite rods. We drop-ship Loop Rods out of a giant warehouse. Having rods in stock for shipment is rarely an issue. Rod repair parts are also in stock and repairs are done quickly. The Loop rods we have tried (mostly S1) will compete performance wise with any rods that we have tested (and we have tested most of the good stuff).
Series Price Description
Cross S1 $795-$895 The Game Changer - Amazing Action- Power and Versatility!
Cross S1 DH $895-$1245 If you are in the market for the best Spey rod, these should be in your arsenal!
Goran Andersson $932 Designed with a deep flex, and a very quick tip recovery make this rod enjoyable for all double hand anglers, regardless of experience.
OPTi $532-$865 Finely tuned rods for just about every species out there!
Evotec SH $425-$519
DH $705-$825
Made with the latest technology, Cross Weave, the Evotec series have a sweet, precise and wonderfully balanced action!
Xact SH $359-$372
DH $492-$545
Smooth, deep, medium-fast action that is both forgiving and precise.
Booster Predator $332 If big toothy critters is the name of your game, the Booster is the rod for you.
Incite Rod Kits $332 This easy to cast fly rod set provides everything required to catch fish!
RIO M.O.W Tips 10' & 12.5' - Are Now Non-stretch

Increase your feel!!! Catch more fish!!!

Did you know that in the length of your average cast, there may be nearly two-feet of stretch interfering with your ability to feel bites, or to set your hook. There is about 3" of stretch in a 10' sinking tip which was built on a monofillament core. There are similar amounts of stretch in monofillament shooting lines. That means there is a foot of slack in 40' of shooting line. Counting the Skagit head (24') and a 12.5' tip add another 11" of stretch. This all adds up to 23' of stretch in a 76' cast. That is like casting and fishing with a rubber band.
RIO's NEW In-Touch, and ConnectCore "No-Stretch" Fly Lines Solve This Problem, and take a lot of the guess work out of fishing.

Item Description Price To Top
21889 MOW Tip, T-8, 10’ Double-Looped Sinking Tip, Dark Red $19.95 Sale Ended
21890 MOW Tip, T-8, 12.5’ Double-Looped Sinking Tip, Dark Red $19.95 Sale Ended
21882 MOW Tip, T-11, 10’ Double-Looped Sinking Tip, Dark Green $19.95 Sale Ended
21883 MOW Tip, T-11, 12.5’ Double-Looped Sinking Tip, Dark Green $19.95 Sale Ended
21875 MOW Tip, T-14, 10’ Double-Looped Sinking Tip, Dark Blue $19.95 Sale Ended
21876 MOW Tip, T-14, 12.5’ Double-Looped Sinking Tip, Dark Blue $19.95 Sale Ended
Rio ConnectCore Shooting Lines

Ultra Low Stretch Lets You Feel Everything!

Things to keep in mind when purchasing a new shooting line for winter steelhead fishing is that cold water makes fish move slower, and bite softer. The line with the least amount of stretch lets you feel what is happening to your fly better. The RIO ConnectCore series of shooting lines come with a thicker, highly visible, bright orange handling section which is seamlessly integrated for durability and ease of casting. This thicker "handling" portion of the line is even more important during winter months when your hands are liable to be operating at low temperatures. Being able to hang onto your line during the "load-and-shoot" portion of the cast can be more difficult when your hands are cold, but the timing of the release is very important for making good casts. Premature release during casting is a great creator of tailing loops and other casting problems. The thicker "handling" portion of the ConnectCore lines help alleviate those problems. Incorporated into the construction is "RIO's Extream Slickness" coating, which allows less friction for longer, smoother casts. Each line is "looped" for easy changing of shooting heads. For these reasons, ConnectCore is replacing many of the monofilament shooting lines during the winter months. They are just easier to handle.
Length: 100 ft (30.5 m)
Item Description Color Price To Top
6-19045 RIO ConnectCore Shooting Line, Light Gray/Hot Orange .026" $59.95 Sale Ended
6-19046 RIO ConnectCore Shooting Line, Pale Green/Hot Orange .032" $59.95 Sale Ended
6-19047 RIO ConnectCore Shooting Line, Pale Blue/Hot Orange .037" $59.95 Sale Ended
6-19048 RIO ConnectCore Shooting Line, Straw/Hot Orange .042" $59.95 Sale Ended
Metolius River, great winter fly fishing, Huge Bull Trout are only part of the story.

Do you have cabin fever. If you are a steelheader, November can be the between time, getting too late for summer steelhead and too early for winter steelhead. We have a solution so you can get your fish fix. Head for the Metolius River and use your steelhead Spey/Skagit outfit to hunt for Bull Trout. Most of the year Metolius River Bull Trout are feeding and growing in Lake Billy Chinook. These large fish are actually in the char family, and as such they spawn in the late fall and early winter. The urge to reproduce brings them back to the Metolius (and tributaries). It is while they are in the river that they are easiest to catch with flies. Bull Trout eat other fish, so the best flies are large and wiggly. You will need to fish your fly deep within the flows, so a two-hand fly rod equipped with a Skagit Head and a fast sinking tip are ideal for most areas.

Flies that are known Bull Trout Candy are: Dolly Llama streamers in Olive & White, and Black & White. Bull Trout munch Sculpins. Sculpzilla flies in Black, Olive, Brown are essential ammunition for a Bull Trout hunt.

Besides your two-hand rod, you will also want to bring your four or five weight for fishing dry flies and nymphs for the abundant native rainbows. The Metolius is a spring creek, that stays nearly the same level and temperature year around. Hatches of mayflies, caddis and midges can be as prolific during the winter as during the summer. The best hatches are during the middle of the day.

Hatches include tiny #18 mayflies, Blue Olive (baetis), which actually range from gray to tan to olive on the belly. There are also hatches of Cinygmula. They are light yellow, and look very much like PMDs. Hatches start around 11:00 a.m. and can last until 3:00 p.m. Overcast, calm days are best.

October Caddis hatch all winter on the Metolius River. Fish weighted orange caddis pupa patterns, under a strike indicator or sling them with a sinking tip line. Lightweight Switch Rods are great for either approach. A #8 Improved Sofa Pillow is a very good dry fly pattern to try for the egg laying adults.

Bring your nymph rod for fishing mayfly nymphs and midge pupae in the mornings before the hatches start. Sometimes spinner falls can create rises. Be aware that there are a couple of small caddis that hatch during winter also. Gray or tan #16 Caddis Pupae can pay off.

At the start of a new year, the eggs deposited by the huge runs of Kokanee Salmon that ascend the Metolius start to hatch and alevin pattern fished with a heavy stonefly nymph on a dropper can be a deadly combination. Expect that there will be behavioral drift cycles during low light hours every day through the winter. Toward February, Kokanee fry become an important food source for both rainbows and Bull Trout. Small shiny streamers can be deadly.

Oregon River Maps
(The Metolius River Map Above Was Copied From This Book)

  • River Access
  • Boat Launches
  • Salmon and Steelhead Run Times
  • Insect hatches
  • Fishing Techniques
  • Knots & Tackle Guide
  • Services & Accommodations for Anglers and much more...

The ultimate book for Oregon anglers!

Oregon River Maps & Fishing Guide features Oregon detailed maps— and that’s only the beginning.

Whether you’re casting from the bank or fishing from a boat, Oregon River Maps & Fishing Guide tells you where to be and when to be there. Learn the secrets of Oregon’s best rivers, including the “insider” information you need, to experience the very best fishing Oregon has to offer. We’ve even included phone and email information for the essential services and accommodations specific to the needs of fishermen. Keep one Oregon River Maps & Fishing Guide in your car and another in your office, so you can always access the information you need, when you need it.

8 1/2 x 11 Inches, 88 Pages, 37 Maps, Illustrations, All-Color
Item Description Price To Top
1-57188-514-5 Book: Oregon River Maps $24.95 Sale Ended

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