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How To Choose A Spey Rod

How To Choose A Spey Rod: Regarding Rod-Length and Line Weight

Regarding Rod-Length and Line Weight

This article is for rods that are to be used in rivers with traditional and modern Spey casts. These choices can be but are not meant to be for over-head or beach casting. These casts come under the headings of Spey Casts, Scandi Casts and Skagit Casts. During the 150-year development of this equipment there have been rods designed for each of these three types of casts, but most rods designed recently have tried to accommodate all three styles. There has been considerable dogma about what sizes of rods are appropriate for what sizes and kinds of fish. General guidelines still apply, but the lines between the use of rod lengths and weights are becoming blurred...

Beaulah G2 7133 Platinum Spey Rod

Beaulah G2 7132 Platinum Spey Rod

This is, bar none, my favorite Spey rod now. It's light in hand, and casts more easily than anything else I've tried, and I've tried (and own) a lot of Spey rods. Precise and effortless anchor placement and long, straight tight-looped casts--what's not to like? ~ Henry C

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RIO Skagit Max Shooting Head

RIO Skagit Max Shooting Head

These lines are built on RIO's ConnectCore with a more sensitive feel for detection of those cold water pluckers. The RIO Skagit Max is all about ease. RIO Skagit Max Heads range from 23' to 25' in length, depending on grain-weight...

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Extra Select Blood Quill Spey Marabou

Extra Select Blood Quill Spey Marabou

Nearly every feather is at least 6' long and has over 2"-3" of fine stemmed Spey Hackle. The feathers have thick stems at the base, but very fine, pliable, strong stems for about half the length of the feather...

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Protective Face Masks with fishing motifs

Fishing Motif Protective Face Masks

If you have to wear a mask, you might as well wear it in style! Protect your loved ones from Covid-19. Not all protective face masks are made off-shore. Some are made in Oregon. Check out our selection!..

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