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Fly Fishing Bargains Of The Week
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Fishing For Trout in Flooding Rivers
This trout ate a stonefly nymph.

Recent warm Pacific storms have put most Oregon rivers over their banks.  While many are unfishable at the moment there have been windows of opportunity when the rivers drop to certain levels.  Obviously if a river is running swiftly through the streamside vegetation it is going to be very difficult to find a place to fish.  But if the river is at a level where calmer water is reachable beyond the vegetation, fishing is not only possible, but can be extremely productive.  High, fast water tends to condense fish populations because there is less water flowing  at comfortable speeds.  Often the best

water speeds occur right against the shore line where the fish are easiest to cast to.  During periods of high water there is a lot of bed-load-shift on the bottom and sides of the river channel.  Along

with the movement of gravels and soils many aquatic trout food organisms are washed down the river. This is called catastrophic drift. The superabundance of food can put trout on the bite. As a river rises the soft parts of the bottom sift first.  Weed beds and the soft silts that support them tear loose from the stream bed.  This is the prime habitat for leeches and aquatic worms.  As the water continues to rise and the velocity increases the smaller gravels start to move.  Some of these gravel can contain the eggs of salmon that spawned when the river was at its lowest.  These gravels also

Often the best fishing is close to the bank.

contain many aquatic invertebrates such as mayfly and stone fly nymphs, caddis and crane fly larvae.  Large stonefly nymphs are a good bite for even the largest river trout.  Try fishing a heavily weighted stonefly nymph on a dropper with an egg fly.  This kind of rig is often referred to as "steak & eggs".  Or replace the egg with a worm...sounds pretty basic.  Who can deny that both worms and eggs catch trout in high water.  Now you can use your fly rod, avoiding the mess and turn your catch loose unharmed, if you wish.

Red Tan Pink

Worms occur in dense populations in many silty stream and lake beds. Worms also occur in the bottoms of fast moving gravel bed rivers. During times of floods, catastrophic drift can expose many worms to waiting trout. During these high water periods a San Juan Worm drifted along the bottom can be deadly. On local rivers "the worm" is a very productive fly during winter months or any time the river rises due to flash floods.  Aquatic worms com in a variety of colors ranging from tan to red.  Often a fake worm fly that is brighter colored than real ones
will produce strikes, especially when the water is turbid.  Be sure to have several colors of worms in your fly box.

San Juan Worm, Red
Some aquatic worms are reddish.  We have never seen any worms as bright as these flies, but don't let that fool you.  There have been lots of trout caught on this pattern.
Item Description Size Price To Top
12280-12 San Juan Worm, Red 12 3 for $2.95 SALE ENDED

San Juan Worm, Tan
Many Aquatic worms are tan in color.  This pattern seems to work best in streams and lake that have very clear water.
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12290-12 San Juan Worm, Tan 12 3 for $2.95 SALE ENDED

Deschutes Worm, Pink
We spent a lot of time screening the Deschutes River, looking at the aquatic invertebrates that live there.  The majority of worm that live in the substrate are pinkish.  The first time we fished this pattern during spring run-off the trout gave it two thumbs up.  (Well they would have if they had thumbs.)
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12291-12 Deschutes Worm, Pink 12 3 for $2.95 SALE ENDED

Egg Flies
Millions of salmon spawn in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest, British Columbia, Alaska and the Great Lakes Region.  These eggs become the food for many species of game fish. 
Egg flies are very important for catching fish on many rivers. 

Hot Glue Egg, Natural Salmon Glo Bug, Peachy King
Hot Glue Egg, Natural Steelhead Glo Bug, Pink Lady
Bead Head Hot Egg McGlo-Bug, Iliamna Pink
Eggo, Pink McGlo-Bug, Late McRoe
Eggo, Red McGlo-Bug, Orange
Glo Bug, Champagne McGlo-Bug, Tangerine
Glo Bug, Golden Nugget New lower prices !!!

Spawning Steelhead, Sandy River tributary.

Eggs from spawning fish make up a substantial percentage of the seasonal biological drift in most streams.  Eggs may be liberated into the natural flow of the stream either by errant currents during the spawning process or by

catastrophes such as floods.  In areas where fish are spawning, eggs are often more prevalent than aquatic insects in a foraging trout's diet. 
   Deschutes Redsides dine all winter on white fish eggs.  Alaskan rainbows get a seasonal boost from the roe of spawning salmon.  Trout and steelhead often congregate down stream of the redds of spawners of their own race.  All salmonids, especially Rainbows, Cutthroats, Dolly Varden and Rocky Mountain white fish are egg eaters.
    Fish eggs come in many sizes and colors.  White fish eggs are 1/8" diameter and are transparent yellowish pink.  Eggs from spawning resident

Eyes Steelhead Eggs.

rainbows are usually 3/16" in diameter and are translucent yellowish orange.  Steelhead eggs are about 1/4" in diameter and exhibit the same coloration as their land locked cousins.  Coho salmon eggs are nearly identical to steelhead eggs.  Chinook salmon eggs are the same color but range to nearly 3/8" in diameter.  Chum salmon eggs are slightly larger but lighter in color.

   All eggs change color as the embryo inside them develops.  Trout and salmon eggs go through a similar metamorphosis.  First the tiny eyes of the fish inside the egg forms a dark spot.  Then the darker reddish-orange yoke sack starts to form.  In later stages the silvery form of the fish is seen through the outer membrane of the egg.

   If the egg is unfertilized it dies quickly and turns an opaque whitish-pink.  Silt collecting on the outer skin of the egg can give it a grayish cast.  If the egg is allowed to drift long enough, it will be attacked by fungus and algae and become greenish.  Trout and steelhead may become selective to these different egg nuances.  

  Hot Glue Eggs are formed by applying colored hot glue to the hook shank and turning the hook to form a bead.  A marabou tail is added to make the fly legal as a fly.  The tail can be easily removed.

  "Glo Bugs" (and McGlo-Bugs)  have been proven as the fly fisher's premier egg imitation from California to Alaska.  They are tied from a special high loft yarn.  This yarn is placed on top of a short hook, parallel to the shank and secured with several wraps of strong thread.  The yarn is compressed under the wraps of thread.  The two ends are pulled up tight and clipped close to the hook.  The resulting release of compression forms a spherical ball with all of the yarn fibers radiating from the hook.  When soaked in water, many colors become translucent.  

Hot Glue Egg, Natural Salmon
These eggs are very natural in the water and have accounted for many trout and steelhead.  The whippy marabou tail adds movement and might simulate an egg that is coming apart or has membrane attached to it.  This color simulates a dead egg that has been rolling down the river for awhile.
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20462-06 Hot Glue Egg, Natural Salmon 6 3 for $4.50 SALE ENDED
20462-10 Hot Glue Egg, Natural Salmon 10 3 for $4.50 SALE ENDED

Hot Glue Egg, Natural Steelhead
This is an egg and sperm fly.  Who knows if such a thing occurs in nature.  Regardless this is a very effective fly that seems to work best when the water is very clear.
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20470-10 Hot Glue Egg, Natural Steelhead 10 3 for $4.50 SALE ENDED

Bead Head Hot Egg
When fishing behind spawning salmon, a single egg that sinks quickly is often an advantage.  Trout can become very selective when egg-drift is dense. Alaska guides found that a transparent plastic bead would often out fish any Glo Bug.  However, in order to get the bead down to the fish, weight often had to be added to the leader.  This weight some times spooked finicky fish.  This transparent egg has a brass bead inside it for weight and will sink rapidly.
Item Description Size Price To Top
070070-04 Bead Head Hot Egg 4 3 for $4.50 SALE ENDED
070070-06 Bead Head Hot Egg 6 3 for $4.50 SALE ENDED
070070-08 Bead Head Hot Egg 8 3 for $4.50 SALE ENDED

Eggo, Pink
Originally tied by Ken Morrish for steelhead on the Rogue River.  Eggos are tied around nickel plated brass dumbbells that have reflective pupil and iris eyed egg.  We have seen nothing in nature that correlates to to this fly.  However it is a very effective pattern in many circumstances. 
Item Description Size Price To Top
20480-04 Eggo, Pink 4 3 for $4.50 SALE ENDED

Eggo, Red
During very low water periods on the Sandy River, both colors of Eggos are deadly steelhead flies.  Try fishing your Eggo suspended under a strike indicator.  Eggos are equally effective as dropper flies when fishing for trout during high water periods on the Deschutes.
Item Description Size Price To Top
20482-04 Eggo, Red 4 3 for $4.50 SALE ENDED

Glo Bug, Champagne with Pink Dot
Glo Bugs evolved on Northern California steelhead rivers. Anglers in Alaska quickly adopted them.  They are made from a special high loft yarn that when tied to the hook with extreme pressure is trimmed to make a little ball. When wet the ball turns translucent and simulates an egg well enough to fool most egg eating fish.  This color simulates a dead egg, and is very effective at times.
Item Description Size Price To Top
20597-06 Glo Bug, Champagne with Pink dot 6 6 for $6.95 > SALE ENDED
20597-10 Glo Bug, Champagne with Pink dot 10 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

Glo Bug, Golden Nugget with Steelhead Orange Dot
This is the most popular color that we sell.  It simulates a fresh egg and is easy for foraging fish to see.
Item Description Size Price To Top
20595-06 Glo Bug, Golden Nugget with Steelhead Orange dot 6 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED
20595-10 Glo Bug, Golden Nugget with Steelhead Orange dot 10 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

Glo Bug, Peachy King
Having a selection of Glo Bugs in different colors is an advantage.  We notice that when drifting the same stretch of river on consecutive days that the fish often have a preference for different colors of glo Bugs each day.
Item Description Size Price To Top
20599-06 Glo Bug, Peachy King 6 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED
20599-10 Glo Bug, Peachy King 10 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

Glo Bug, Pink Lady with Flame Dot

A little darker than Peachy King and a little lighter than Golden Nugget. 

Item Description Size Price To Top
20594-06 Glo Bug, Pink Lady with Flame Dot 6 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED
20594-06 Glo Bug, Pink Lady with Flame Dot 10 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

McGlo-Bug, Iliamna Pink
This fly evolved in the Iliamna Lakes region of Alaska where big rainbows fed behind spawning red salmon.  It started out as two wraps of pink chenille wrapped on a hook.  Anglers quickly found out that a fly tied out of special yarn gave a more natural appearance.
Item Description Size Price To Top
99720-10 McGlo-Bug, Iliamna Pink 10 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

McGlo-Bug, Late McRoe

Eggs turn opaque when they die.  This is also a pretty good white fish egg imitation.
Item Description Size Price To Top
99721-10 McGlo-Bug, Late McRoe 10 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

McGlo-Bug, Orange

This is the natural color of a fresh trout egg.

Item Description Size Price To Top
99722-10 McGlo-Bug, Orange 10 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

McGlo-Bug, Tangerine

This bright color is easy for fish to see.

Item Description Size Price To Top
99723-10 McGlo-Bug, Tangerine 10 6 for $6.95 SALE ENDED

One-Day Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Schools
Take a pontoon boat ride down the Sandy River with: 
Mark Bachmann
and Josh Linn.

Mark Bachmann Winter Steelhead fly fishing is very practical if you know how.  Being able to find fish and being able to present the fly properly are key factors.  Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own. We will show you how. 
This school that will cover a lot of water and fishing knowledge in one day.  Length of the class is 8-hours on the water.  All schools conducted on the Sandy River.  Big, safe, roomy pontoon boats will enable us to cover six miles of river during the class. Two students per boat/instructor format.
Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. Emphasis will be on giving you a solid foundation of skills to build on, with a high priority given to hooking fish during the class. We want to give you maximum advantage by having as many fish hooked during this class as possible.  Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where fish are being hooked and landed.  Emphasis will be on spey rod use and sinking-tip line fishing. Students should at least have moderate casting skills. This is a fishing class. Josh Linn
If you need basic knowledge or a brush-up on Spey Casting skills, we suggest signing up for the
December 14 Spey Casting Class and be ready to use these skills to catch winter steelhead.
Catch winter steelhead with flies... What you need to bring:
Bring your own waders and rain gear.  Bring your own rod/reel set up if you want to.  
A variety of premium quality 2-hand rod/reel set-ups will be available for you to use at no extra charge. Flies are supplied.
A hot lunch will be served on the river.  
There will be a very short rest period after lunch.  
Meet at The Fly Fishing Shop at 6:30am for half-hour orientation.  Coffee and donuts will be served.

Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets and proven methods that put fish on the beach. Get a lot of hands-on help so that you too can be productive.
Arrive back at The Fly Fishing Shop at 6:00pm.

What our customers say.  
A report on a Steelhead School.

First come, first served.
Deposits are payments in full.
Deposits are non-refundable unless water/weather conditions prohibit class. 

Catch winter steelhead with your Spey Rod... 

WST-CLASS-121908 Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing School
December 19, 2008, Sandy River, 2-students per boat, 4-students maximum
Per Person

Loreto, Mexico Bluewater Fly Fishing 2009

June 25 - July 2, Timing is for prime dorado fishing!

Pargo Video for Windows Pargo Video for Mac Pargo Video
Review the trip report from the same period 2008   2007   2006 Billfish Video for Windows Billfish Video for Mac Billfish Video
Book Now !   No Price Increase for 2009 !!!                 Dorado Video for Windows Dorado Video for Mac Dorado Video
Join Mark Bachmann and Patty Barnes for an adventure in bluewater fly fishing.  Loreto, Mexico has long been regarded as one of the best Dorado ports in the world. Striped Marlin and Pacific Sailfish compliment your fly fishing menu along with Pacific Bonito and highly prized Rooster Fish.  The scenery is spectacular, featuring a starkly rugged desert contrasting with dark blue water.  The weather will be hot and and your clothing will be skimpy.  Fishing periods start at daylight and end in the early afternoon, allowing for lots of leisure time around the pool or walks into town.  There is also plenty of time for what may be the best of all Mexican traditions, the siesta. 
This is our fifth consecutive year. 
More Info

Loreto Survival Kit
Don't travel on dorado water without it!
Kit Includes:
(6) Mark's Sardina Fly #2/0
(1) Custom tied Dorado Leader (for a pattern).
(3) Spools of Frog Hair FC Fluorocarbon Tippet Material (to tie your own leaders)
$105 Value - Free To Every Angler Who Signs Up For The June 25-July 2 Trip

PowerPoint Presentation On This Loreto Trip - 01/10/09 - 10:00am - At The Fly Fishing Shop
Call for reservations: 1(800) 266-3971 or (503) 622-4607

Metal Head Christmas Party &
Annual Winter Steelhead Clinic

Especially YOU Are Invited !!!
December 13, Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm
Metal Head Christmas Party &
Annual Winter Steelhead Clinic
A new winter steelhead season is here for celebration!

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark & Patty