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Polarized Fishing Glasses

A man holdinng a large steelhead

Why Protective Eyewear is Important!

The teen-ager almost hit me with a blown D-loop. I said, "Where are your polarized glasses, son?" His reply was, "What are polarized glasses?" Without answering the question, I asked, "Do you have any protective eyewear? No...well you better be very careful with your casting."

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Skagit Max Shooting Head

RIO was the first to introduce the world to commercially made Skagit lines. Several generations with incremental improvements followed. Their latest, the Skagit Max combines all of RIO's vast experience into a line for casting heavy sinking tips and large flies comfortably.

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Zephr Economy Fly Tying Vice

Dr. Slick Diamond Hook Sharpener

These hook sharpeners are made from diamond grit embedded in stainless steel. They need no maintenance and seem impervious to salt water. They sharpen by removing metal and work equally well when stroked in any direction.

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Rhea Tail Plumes

Rhea tail plumes add lots of life and movement to your flies. A must-have for Intruder style flies, these feathers are one of the best materials for tails and hackle. They come two in a pack, but are not a matched pair.

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The Fly Fishing Shop's huge selection of fly tying material and tools

Foxee Dog Flies

Charles St. Pierre designed the Foxee Dog anadromous fish fly series using traditional, proven proportions, but used the latest materials and tying techniques. Following the lines of the famous Nordic Atlantic Salmon Temple Dog Series, the Foxee Dog Series is tied on Waddington Shanks rather than tubes.

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