Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing Clinic

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Christmas Party
Pro Tube Party
Hot Winter Steel
Best Christmas Present

Especially YOU Are Invited !!!
All your fishing friends will be there.
Merry Metal Head Christmas !!!
December 8, Saturday, 9:00am-4:00pm
Metal Head Christmas Party &
Annual Winter Steelhead Clinic
A new winter steelhead season is here for celebration!
Please Share A Day With These These Folks:

Mark Bachmann

Patty Barnes

Marcy Stone works at The Fly Fishing Shop
Marcy Stone

Travis Johnson

Eric Neufeld is a factory representative for Sage, Solitude
Eric Neufeld

Josh Linn

George Cook  is a factory representative for Sage, Simms, Rio, Tibor, Action Optics, Solitude
George Cook

Bruce Berry
Bruce Berry

Hawkeye Hawkins

Jon Covich

Garry Sandstrom

Brian Silvey

Come meet the Company Reps:
George Cook: Sage, Rio, Tibor, Solitude
Eric Neufeld: Simms, Echo, Airflo, Idylwide Flies
Garry Sandstrom: Hardy, Scientific Anglers, Royal Wulff
Bruce Berry: Beulah Rods, Hatch Reels, Montana Flies
Dick Sagara: TFO, Teeny, Rainey's Flies
Jon Covich: R. L. Winston, Outcast, Fishpond
Josh Linn: G. Loomis

Come meet the Guides & Instructors:
Mark Bachmann
Marcy Stone
Travis Johnson
Hawkeye Hawkins
Brian Silvey
Ted Neely
Slide Shows & Demonstrations
Mark Bachmann - Winter Steelhead Fly Fishing 101 - 9:00-10:00 a.m.
Marcy Stone - Picking the Perfect Winter Spey Rod - 10:00-11:00 a.m.
Travis Johnson - Winter Steelhead Secrets To Success - 11:00-Noon
Barbeque lunch will be served: Noon-1:30.
Josh Linn - 1:30-2:30 p.m.
 George Cook- Defining Modern Spey Lines - 2:30-3:30 p.m.

Fly Tying Demonstrations (all day): 
Featuring: the region's most experienced steelhead guides tying
their favorite winter steelhead flies.

Hawkeye Hawkins - The Hawkeye Special - 9:00-9:15
Josh Linn - Stinger Flies  - 9:15-9:30
Charles St. Pierre - Hoh Bo Spey - 9:30-9:45
Bruce Berry - Pro Tube Killer - 2:30-2:45
 Brian Silvey - Tube Snake - 2:45-3:00
Marty Sheppard - Metal Detector  - 3:00-3:15
Ted Neely - Tiger Leech - 3:15-3:30

Party At: The Fly Fishing Shop - Welches, OR
This will be the best party in Welches, Oregon: December 8, 2012 !!!

January 6, 2013
The Fly Fishing Shop, Welches, OR
:00 am to 4:00 pm Sunday Afternoon.
Pro Micro Tube Fly

Tying Steelhead Flies With Pro Tube's Revolutionary Systems
Featuring Free Tying Instruction From:
Pro Tube Systems Rep: Bruce Berry

Assisted by: Mark Bachmann and Travis Johnson.

This program is for new tiers and experienced tiers alike.
Instructional demonstrations with big-screen TV and PowerPoint projection.
A custom made fly tying room with perfect lighting
and special teaching aides are provided.
Please bring your own tools & materials or purchase what you need from our extensive selection.
Refreshments will be served. Bring snacks if you want to.

Hot Winter Steel
By: Matt Sherman

While walking down this trail, a trail I have walked down many times before, I am struck by the sights and smells of this old growth forest. Walking along, surrounded by moss and fir, the water drips off of the trees with such consistency that you can’t decide whether or not it is actually raining, or if the trees are still trying to shake themselves free of last night’s rainfall. As I near the river I can see that the recent precipitation has raised the river level and added a slight, glacial tint to the water’s beautiful steelhead green color. After only a short walk, I slide waist deep into one of my favorite rivers on earth and begin to peel line off of my reel…

            It was misty morning, after having landed and released one fish already, I felt pretty good. Having spent several hours casting and fishing in what seemed to be an elfin forest, straight from the pages of a fiction book, shrouded in mist and light rain, my day was already about as good as could be expected. I made my way to the bank to sit on a log and reflect on what had already been a great day, daydreaming about the morning’s fish, a beautiful twelve pound hen which had plenty of aerial acrobatics. I was contemplating on heading for home when a friend of mine walked down the bank and let me know that he was planning to head down river and that I was welcome to come along. I agreed and was promptly heading down river to fish yet another beautiful piece of steelhead water.

            Jon began at the top of the run and I watched and waited until it was my turn to step in and follow along. The water was on the rise and pushed hard against my legs as I waded into position to begin working my way through a long, classic glide. After getting out to an adequate distance I was moving slowly down the run and watching Jon cast after cast as he neared, what I would consider, the bucket. I stood in anticipation, waiting and watching, thinking that at any moment I would hear the Hardy scream and see Jon with a fish on. He worked thoroughly through the bucket, and to the bottom of the run, nothing happened. He made his way back up to where I was standing and said that he was done for the day and was heading home. We parted ways and he wished me luck as I continued through the pool.

            As I neared the aforementioned bucket, a beautiful, boulder strewn piece of water with a giant log that slightly broke the surface, and had claimed plenty of my flies, anticipation grew. Although a very skilled angler had just been through this portion of the pool, I couldn’t help but grow excited as the line swung perfectly through the emerald green water. It was windy and my next cast landed in a bit of a pile and I thought to myself, with some level of sarcasm, “great cast!” Suddenly line was screaming off of the reel at such a rapid pace, maybe the most violent take I have ever experienced, and it was fish on. As the backing knot slid through my fingers I knew this was no ordinary fish. The fish cart wheeled through the tail out and I caught my first glimpse of what looked to be a chrome bright car bumper flying through the air. I was sprinting down the bank trying to gain line as the fish continued on the longest single run I had ever experienced.

            After a few minutes of struggling to retrieve what seemed to be hundreds of yards of backing and running line I caught a glimpse of the mystical creature merely twenty feet from me. The fish held in some heavy current at the top of a pool and seemed, for all intensive purposes, unaffected by my constant pressure from the bank. The rod was doubled and my thoughts turned to broken rods and graphite shrapnel flying in all directions. But, I leaned harder on the leviathan and finally the fish was nearly in reach. She was a magnificent fish, easily twenty pounds, and as chrome as they come. I inspected her for a short time, snapped a photo, and watched the fish of my dreams swim calmly back into the pool from which I had just extracted her seconds before. “Wow”, was about the only thing I could muster.

            I looked around, nobody to be seen. What had just happened, I was at a loss for words, and an even greater loss for someone to listen to what I might have to say. Only the sound of falling rain, and turbid water broke what seemed to be complete silence. As I headed back to the car the only thought that ran through my mind was, now what. I had just reached what many would consider to be the epitome of our sport. So, nearly a year later, with another winter steelhead season upon us, what is there to do? Well, most days, you will find me standing waist deep in some river, swinging flies and daydreaming about what is to come. Can it get any better? You bet, I still swing flies on an almost daily basis. Why, not because I think there is a bigger fish out there, but because fly fishing, and more specifically, chasing steelhead with a fly is what I do. What is fly fishing to me; it’s not a sport, or a hobby. To me, chasing chrome with a fly is just a way of life.

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An easily accessible hook sharpener is one of the most important tools in your arsenal. Sharp hooks land a higher percentage of fish than dull ones. A hook point is a cutting edge. All cutting edges become dull with use. Anglers who regularly inspect and maintain their hook points land more fish. As a matter of efficiency, the sharpening tool must be easy and quick to use. It must also be able to perform a variety of tasks and be able to reach all surfaces of the hook point. These Diamond Hones are the best hook sharpening tools we have found. Each size has flat and grooved abrasive surfaces and a different texture on each side. The 4" Sharpener has fine and medium grit and the 6" Sharpener has medium and heavy grit. The 4" Sharpener is best suited for sharpening hook sizes #20 to #1. The 6" Sharpener is best suited for sharpening hook sizes #4 to #10/0.
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Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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