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Fox River Outdoor Socks  
We have worn these socks in the field and sold them in our store for nearly 30 years. They are still the best boot and under wader socks available. They are a wool/nylon blend with loop pile inside the foot. This gives them tremendous insulation, cushion and absorbency to keep you comfortable all day.

Size Chart

Sock Size Women's Shoe Size Men's Shoe Size
Small 4-6 N/A
Medium 6 1/2 - 10 5 - 8 1/2
Large 10 1/2 - 12 9 - 12
Extra Large N/A 13 - 15
Description Price To Top
FOXSOK-S Fox River Outdoor Socks, size small $14.95 SALE ENDED
FOXSOK-M Fox River Outdoor Socks, size medium $14.95 SALE ENDED
FOXSOK-L Fox River Outdoor Socks, size large $14.95 SALE ENDED
FOXSOK-XL Fox River Outdoor Socks, size x-large $14.95 SALE ENDED
Ross Vexis Reels ON SALE 30% OFF !!!
Metal Head Christmas Party 2011

Fly Line Cleaners and Dressings

AgentX Line Dressing Kit

Glide Line Dressing Kit
   Scientific Anglers Russ Peak's Special Delivery Sink Fast
Free Videos To Watch: How to maintain your fly lines.

Clean fly lines shoot further with less tangles than dirty fly lines.  To maximize your performance, clean your lines each evening after fishing.  Guaranteed you will perform better than if you don't.
Rio's Perspective On fly Line Maintenance:   Video-#1   Video-#2
When fishing in saltwater, cleaning your fly line twice each day will reduce annoying tangles and give you extra casting distance (and accuracy). Spey fishers often complain about the tangles they get when using shooting lines. Fact is that all fly lines tangle less when they are clean. Even mono shooting lines tangle less if they are scrubbed periodically.

AgentX® Line Dressing
The AgentX Line Dressing is specifically formulated to enhance the performance of all modern fly lines. Treated lines will cast farther, remain clean longer and float higher than untreated lines. RIO’s proprietary AgentX formulation features lubricants used in the new AgentX lines that will keep the line slick and clean longer than competitors’ dressings. Easy to apply with a soft cloth. Allow 30 minutes or so to dry before buffing off.
One oz bottle. This kit comes with four Wonder Clothes. Wonder Cloths are specifically designed to scrub and clean fly lines.

Rio's perspective on how to maintain your fly lines.
Item Description Size Price To Top
26075 Rio AgentX Line Dressing Kit With Wonder Cloth 1 oz. $10.95 SALE ENDED

Glide Fly Line Maintenance Kit With Dressing Box

This is a great system. First pull your fly through the folds of a wet soapy rag. Then rinse the soap and grime from the rag and scrub the line thoroughly by pulling the line through the clean rag. Use a clean dry rag to dry the line. Be sur to confine the line in a clean environment while you are cleaning it. Squirt some glide into your pads of your Dressing Box. Lay your fly line in the grooves in the box and close the lid. Strip your line through the box a couple of times. Rewind the line back onto your reel. Let the line dry at least an hour, over night is even better. Your clean fly line will perform noticeably better.
Item Description Size Price To Top
30633 Glide Fly Line Maintenance Kit with Dressing Box and Glide Dressing 1 oz. Reg. $11.95
Save A Buck

Glide Line Dressing
1 oz
Use of Glide Line Dressing will help you to cast your lines with greater ease at all distances. It can be used on all types of fly lines and protects lines so they will last longer. Glide dries with a hard slick finish that will not accumulate unwanted debris and is long lasting. 

Item Model Price To Top
30495 Glide Line Dressing $7.50 SALE ENDED

Glide Line Dressing Dressing Box & Pads
Glide Line Dressing Box has four replaceable felt pads to which you can apply any brand of liquid fly line dressing, run your line through the grooves, close the lid, and pull your line through.  Pull your line through several times for the best results.  Turn pad over or replace them when they are dirty.

Item Model Price To Top
30630 Glide Line Dressing Dressing Box $4.95 SALE ENDED
30631 Replacement Pads for Glide Line Dressing Box, 4pk. $2.75 SALE ENDED

Scientific Anglers
Fly Line Dressing & Cleaning Pad

No one understands fly-line chemistry like Scientific Anglers -- so who better to design a dressing that stays on your line longer. It contains the same lubricants as the latest S.A. fly lines, which decreases friction as it promotes higher flotation for easier casting, pickup and mending.

The cleaning pad, designed to work with all fly lines, uses patented 3M micropolishing technology to remove dirt and line contaminants, which build up during fishing or practice casting. The cleaner the line, the faster it goes.

Item Description Price To Top
543218 Scientific Anglers, Fly Line Dressing with Pad $7.25 SALE ENDED
543232 Scientific Anglers, Fly Line Cleaning Pad $4.25 SALE ENDED

Special Delivery

Special Delivery Fly Line Dressing
"The perfect on the water quick-fix fly line dressing", says Flip Pallot.

To use: Reel up your fly line until it is all on the reel.  Then shake the reel to rid the line of water. Spray "Special Delivery" fly line dressing directly on the fly line while in the reel.  Let dressing set for 30 seconds, shake reel of excess dress.  The fly line will cast like new.

This dressing will improve the casting and shooting performance of any fly line.  Helps prevent tangles.

No in an eco friendly pump spray bottle.

Item Description Price To Top
581014 Special Delivery aerosol fly line dressing, 2 oz. $9.60 SALE ENDED

Russ Peak's Line Dressing
1 oz.
This is one of the most proven fly line dressings out there.  It is the original formula by legendary fly rod maker, Russ Peak.  Russ Peak's Fly Line Dressing will reduce friction and add distance. Made with pure silicone which is highly recommended new  high-tech fly lines. We have used this dressing while saltwater fishing on all the latest mono core lines.

Item Model Price To Top
30499 Russ Peak's Line Dressing $8.95 SALE ENDED

Sink Fast
Sink Fast fly line cleaner designed specifically for sinking and saltwater lines. Sink Fast is a non-toxic water based silicone product that cleans, lubricates and protects fly lines from UV damage. Unlike other cleaners, Sink Fast is not hydrophobic and will actually improve sinking line performance. Simply spray on a clean cloth and wipe the line down. No buffing or time is required to set and the product can be used directly on the water.
2 oz. pump-spray bottle

Item Model Price To Top
00411 Loon Sink Fast Fly Line Cleaner $7.50 SALE ENDED

Rio's Perspective On fly Line Maintenance:
Video #1
Video #2

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