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Pro Flexitube Systems
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A steelhead responds positively to the "camp fly".
The Pro Flexitube System
The lighter weight the fly, the closer to the surface of the water it fishes. Pro Flexitube offer a chance to construct flies that are exceptionally lightweight. Tube flies also offer the advantage that the hook can be replaced if it is damaged without destroying the whole fly. Offered below are some materials and techniques that might make your fall fishing more exciting and productive.

Pro Flexitube
Finally there is a tying tube which comes with the hook holder attached (permanently). No more cutting and fitting different diameters of tubing together with messy, noxious smelly glues. These fly tying

Pro Flexitube

 tubes are stepped with the hook holder built in. The thinner tube at the front will accept Drop Weights and Flexi Weights as well as HMH 3/32" ID Cone Heads. Flexitubes are 80mm (3 1/8") long and can be trimmed and customized into many different configurations.
Item Description Size Price To Top
10100301 Pro Flexitube 40x40mm Clear $4.95 SALE ENDED
10100302 Pro Flexitube 40x40mm Black $4.95 SALE ENDED
10100306 Pro Flexitube 40x40mm Orange $4.95 SALE ENDED

The Adaptable Tube
Pro Flexitubes can be easily trimmed to any length with a razor blade or scissors. Cut ends may be flamed to smooth edges. Pro Flexitubes have 40mm of each diameter, 80mm total (3 1/8" overall).

Practical tying lengths for Pro Flexitubes are from 1/2" to 3".
This simple Fluorescent Red & Orange Bunny Leech was tied in camp in less than five minutes.
The Flexitube that this fly is tied on was trimmed to 1 3/8". A TMC105, #4 hook was added for a perfect fit.
The next morning a couple of steelhead were landed using the "camp fly".

Pro Flexi Weight
These weighted sleeves integrate with both the Pro Flexitube and  Pro Micro Tube systems. A Flexi Weight can be added to a fly near the front middle or rear of the tying tube to change how the fly will ride in the water. Other tying materials can be added behind, in front of, or over the top of these tubes for many effects. Flexi Tubes are very finely finished, and very easy to use. They help add weight to your fly without adding bulk.

Pro Flexi Weight

Item Description Size Price To Top
10200198 Pro Flexi Weight, 5mm Silver $4.95 SALE ENDED
10200298 Pro Flexi Weight
Silver $4.95 SALE ENDED
10200498 Pro Flexi Weight
Silver $4.95 SALE ENDED

You Don't Have To Stop Fishing If The River Turns Off-color...

Steelhead eyes can adapt quickly to changing water conditions. Try a dark fly in dark water.

Pro Drop Weights
These beautifully finished chrome plated brass weights allow a tier to customize both the weight and balance of any fly while they are tying it. These weights can be added at any point in the fly, including in front like a cone head. The blunt large end of each tapered weight is designed to buttress the base of a hackle and/or wing assembly to help it resist the flow of the water. This allows the fly to retain a larger diameter when wet. Drop Weights can be added to flies in single or multiple-weight configurations. Drop Weights can be used in conjunction with Flexiweights and/or Cone Heads.

This ScandiSquid Uses a large Drop Weight between the dubbed body and the wing/hackle assembly. This allows the fly to fish deeper and helps to retain its frontal swell when fishing in strong currents. The wing is a mixture of Finn Coon and Angel Hair. A Daiichi X-Point Saltwater Hook has been added. The opening of the hook holder has been reduced slightly with heat. We don't recommend that you do this in most cases, only when using hooks constructed with very small eyes.
Item Description Size Price To Top
10200798 Pro Drop Weights
Silver $4.95 SALE ENDED
10200898 Pro Drop Weights
Silver $4.95 SALE ENDED
10200898 Pro Drop Weights
Silver $4.95 SALE ENDED

HMH Cone Heads For Pro Tubes

This fly employs a Cone Head and an Owner Fly Liner Hook.
A fly that employs a cone head for weight is streamlined and comparatively easy to cast. Usually these flies will sink slightly faster than the fastest sinking fly line.  This is a distinct advantage when fishing for salmon and steelhead holding deep in cold water.  Cone heads are easy to tie with and can be added to a tube fly either before or after the rest of the fly is constructed. 

Melt the front of a plastic tube so that it swells and  holds the cone in place.  These "large bore" cones fit over several types of tubing.  Temple Dog style flies take on very seductive actions when front weighted with a heavy cone.  Saltwater squid and minnow imitations also assume "duck & dive" actions when tied with these cones. These 1/4" OD brass cone heads fit all Pro Tubes.
Quantity = 10 per package.

Item Description Size Price To Top
70111 HMH Cone Heads, Brass Medium
3/32" ID
70121 HMH Cone Heads, black Medium
3/32" ID
70131 HMH Cone Heads, nickel Medium
3/32" ID

TMC 105 Hooks
These very sharp hooks were designed for egg flies.  They have proven themselves for tube fly hooks.  Straight eye, reversed bend, 2X strong, 5X short bronze. This is a well proven tube fly hook style.

TMC 105 Hooks

Item Description Price To Top
TMC-105 25 pk TMC size 4 Model 105 Hooks $6.15 SALE ENDED

Daiichi  X452 Hooks
These hooks are designed for use in saltwater.   Razor sharp straight x-point, O'Shaughnessy bend, straight eye, forged, heavy wire, Silver colored.  We have used these these hooks extensively in both fresh and saltwater.  They are some of our favorite hooks. This is a well proven tube fly hook style.

Daiichi  X452 Hooks

Item Description Price To Top
DAX452-2 12 pk Daiichi Model X452 Hooks Size 2 $7.50 SALE ENDED
DAX452-4 15 pk Daiichi Model X452 Hooks Size 4 $7.00 SALE ENDED
DAX452-6 15 pk Daiichi Model X452 Hooks Size 6 $7.00 SALE ENDED

Owner Cutting Edge Point Owner Hooks Co. Ltd was established in 1974 and their mission policy was “Perfection In Hooks”, a motto the company still strives for today. CUTTING POINT® HOOKS - Owner's revolutionary triple-edge design is what put the Owner name and its product line on the map. The unique, patented hook design is led by a needle sharp point, and as the hook begins to penetrate, the resistance actually decreases as the three edges cut their way through for an instant, positive hook-set. The machining process that renders this unique point requires extra steps and thus extra expense. Owner hooks are expensive, but give extra
advantages, so they are worth it to many experienced anglers. While other hook manufacturers claim their hooks to be sharp, or sharpest, Owner CUTTING POINT® hooks are the only hooks designed specifically with instant penetration as the primary design feature.
Owner Fly Liner Hooks
No expense has been spared. These hooks are very finely crafted. Designed as a saltwater hook for fishing live bait, this aggressive design features the Owner Cutting Edge Point. The black chrome finish provides a very smooth, abrasion-free finish for the leader connection to the eye. They are reasonably easy to sharpen after contact with a river bottom. Short shank, Standard gap, no off-set, cutting edge point, very sharp, micro barb, forged, ball eye, black chrome finish. This is a well proven tube fly hook style.
Owner Fly Liner Tube Fly Hooks
Item Description Size Price To Top
5106-101 Owner Fly Liner Hooks, Pack-7 1 $5.25 SALE ENDED
5106-91 Owner Fly Liner Hooks, Pack-8 2 $5.25 -->SALE ENDED
5106-71 Owner Fly Liner Hooks, Pack-8 4 $5.25 SALE ENDED
5106-51 Owner Fly Liner Hooks, Pack-9 6 $5.25 SALE ENDED

Pro Tying Needle
Pro Tying Needle
2mm X 110mm tempered steel needle acts as a mandrel on which to tie Pro Tubes, fits any tying vise, and holds tubes securely, well tempered and durable.
Item Description Size Price To Top
10400198 Pro Flexi Tying Needle 2mm X 110mm $14.50 SALE ENDED

Reboot Yourself

Featured here are a pair of Simms Guide Boots after 14-months of use by a hard working professional fly fishing guide.  After this picture was taken all worn cleats & studs were replaced (some for the second time).
Your choice of wading shoes and how you maintain them will determine how you perform as an angle. Traction and foot comfort determines how you cast, how well you wade, and how long you can fish. To be at your best, your wading shoes have to fit snugly for maximum support and protection. If you are sliding around inside your shoes while wading a swift stream, you are in jeopardy. Your shoes are your first line of defense against fatigue. While wading, you need soles that stick to the bottom of the river. Studs and cleats of all kinds wear out. But if you wear Vibram soles they can be replaced easily. Bring your shoes to use. We will be glade to install/replace studs, etc.
Stud Service!
Performed on any Simms StreamTread Wading Shoes.

Simms Guide Boot
Proven in the first season by many hard working guides. Leather makes the Simms Guide Boots burly; a molded midsole makes them light. Simms Guide Boots are tough AND comfortable.

  • Water-repellent full grain Nubuck leather construction for durability
  • CleanStream™ design utilizes Schoeller®-dynatec high abrasion-resistant mesh panels with NanoSphere® treatment for easy cleaning
  • ToughTek® material surrounds ankles for greater support
  • Simms Guide Boot: Features CleanStream™ technology along with the new StreamTread™ traction sole with Vibram® Idrogrip™ 360 traction lug sole

  • Mesh tongue & full neoprene lining
  • Dual-density molded EVA wedge and TPU molded plate for tortional support
  • Molded TPU external heel clip protects ankles and provides support
  • Full-coverage molded rubber toe cap for durability and protection
  • High quality, non-corrosive brass hardware and contoured NATO speed lacing system with high quality nylon laces
  • Features CleanStream™ technology along with the new StreamTread™ traction sole with Vibram® Idrogrip™ 360 traction lug sole
  • Offered in men's sizes 7-14 EEE
  • StreamTread Vibram, Exclusive on Simms Wading Shoes

    The exclusive Simms sole uses the Vibram® patented 360 lug that provides traction in all directions and is easy to clean. All StreamTread™ soles can accept Simms HardBite™ Boot Studs made specifically for rubber soles. The combination of the removable studs and the StreamTread™ sole offers superior traction, even on big steelhead rivers, which are notoriously slick and swift..

    Vibram StreamTread, exclusive with Simms
    Stud Service Available (Hard Bite Studs, AlumiBite and Star Cleats installed)
    Stud Service available at The Fly Fishing Shop
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    SGB1090007 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 7 $199.95 SALE ENDED
    SGB1090008 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 8 $199.95 SALE ENDED
    SGB1090009 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 9 $199.95 SALE ENDED
    SGB1090010 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 10 $199.95 SALE ENDED
    SGB1090011 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 11 $199.95 SALE ENDED
    SGB1090012 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 12 $199.95 SALE ENDED
    SGB1090013 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 13 $199.95 SALE ENDED
    SGB1090014 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 14 $199.95 SALE ENDED
    ECO-CONSCIOUS DESIGN FOR RESPONSIBLE ANGLERS. Invasive species such as mud snails and didymo have become a growing threat to the health of trout populations and aquatic ecosystems throughout the world. And, unfortunately, anglers have played a part in the spread, unintentionally transporting them among different watersheds on their wading boots and other fishing gear. The problem is now well-known in the fishing community and at Simms,
    they've taken the matter to heart.
    That’s why they’ve introduced the new CleanStream™ design. CleanStream™ is a design philosophy that runs through their line of wading boots. It doesn’t refer to any specific product or feature. Rather, it describes a combination of features they employ to assist anglers in doing their part to prevent the spread of invasive species. Products with the CleanStream™ design feature materials that are more resistant to “hitchhiking” organisms and have less exposed stitching, fewer ridges and pockets that could potentially hide stowaways. In addition to making fishing gear easier to clean, Simms encourages all anglers to inspect and clean their gear after every outing to help prevent the spread of invasive species.
  • 100% synthetic construction is lightweight, quick-drying and facilitates easy cleaning
  • Rubber coated ballistic nylon mesh panels
  • Full perimeter rubber rand offers superior durability and ease of cleaning
  • Fully neoprene lined
  • Dual-density EVA midsole
  • Sturdy asymmetrical molded toe box with rubber cap for protection and durability
  • High quality, non-corrosive hardware and high quality, long lasting nylon laces
  • Pull-on heel loop
  • Features the new StreamTread™; traction sole with Vibram® Idrogrip™ 360 traction lug sole
  • Offered in men's whole sizes 7 - 14 EEE
  • Simms Rivershed Boots With Streamtread Soles

    Specifically designed to fit HardBite Boot Studs

    Item Description Size Price To Top
    SRB1090007 Simms Rivershed Boot with Streamtread Soles 7 $179.95 SALE ENDED
    SRB1090008 Simms Rivershed Boot with Streamtread Soles 8 $179.95 SALE ENDED
    SRB1090009 Simms Rivershed Boot with Streamtread Soles 9 $179.95 SALE ENDED
    SRB1090010 Simms Rivershed Boot with Streamtread Soles 10 $179.95 SALE ENDED
    SRB1090011 Simms Rivershed Boot with Streamtread Soles 11 $179.95 SALE ENDED
    SRB1090012 Simms Rivershed Boot with Streamtread Soles 12 $179.95 SALE ENDED
    SRB1090013 Simms Rivershed Boot with Streamtread Soles 13 $179.95 SALE ENDED
    SRB1090014 Simms Rivershed Boot with Streamtread Soles 14 $179.95 SALE ENDED

    Winter Bonefishing on South Andros Island, Bahamas
    A large winter bonefish from Andros Island, photo Louis Cahill
    The only time to go bonefishing in the Bahamas is in April and May, right?  Go in January and you're going to get shut down by a cold front, right?
    Wrong!  One of the most under-rated fisheries around is the winter bonefishing in the Bahamas, particularly if you head just a little further south.
    The months from November through February offer plenty of great weather, a chance to escape the cold further north, and oh by the way, a chance at the biggest bonefish of the season.
    The average high on South Andros Island in December is 79 degrees - a whopping 3 degrees cooler than the average high in April.  Coming from Portland or Denver or Seattle in December, you're not likely to notice that difference, but here's the good news...the big fish do.  For reasons that we're not quite sure of, that few degrees difference in temperature does affect the fish.  The biggest bonefish on Andros - from a true 6 pounds to legitimate double-digit fish - tend to come up on the flats most frequently during the winter.  While you're less likely to see those schools of hundreds of fish in January, if you're looking for shots at big singles and doubles, there's no time like the winter.
    What About Cold Fronts?
    Well, cold fronts happen sometimes.  On South Andros they typically drop the temperature by a few degrees (though rarely below 70), and last for a couple of days.  Look at a satellite image of a cold front sometime during the winter - it's amazing how often that big cloud bank covers the Florida Keys and the northern Bahamas...and peters out right in the middle of Andros Island.  Regardless South Andros has plenty of protected inland creeks, so even in the middle of that 73-degree 'cold front', anglers are still out there catching fish.
    Targeting big bonefish in the winter means fishing big flies.  Your go-to patterns this time of year are #2s.  If you're fishing really skinny water, a small fly would be a #4.  On the West Side where the real bruisers are seen most often, it's not unusual at all to fish a 1/0 bonefish fly.  This is definitely a "big fly for big fish" situation.
    Unless you're a tournament caster, don't make the mistake of bringing only an ultra-fast 8 or 9 weight with a light-presentation fly line.  These fish aren't spooky - your average shot here is between 30 and 40 feet.  Much more important than your '80 foot cast onto a dinner plate' is your '30 feet RIGHT NOW' shot.  4 false casts won't get it done, so a setup that loads quickly and at close range gives a big advantage.  A medium-fast 8 weight paired with shorter, heavier line like a Rio Tropical Clouser is ideal.
    Check Out our trip report from fishing Andros South - Mark & Patty
    Deneki Outdoors owns and operates Andros South, a bonefishing lodge on South Andros Island.  The season runs from October through May, and you should think about a visit in the winter...
    Andrew Bennett
    Deneki Outdoors

    Flats Flies for Bonefish & Permit
    Are you going to the Bahamas or any place where there are expanses of warm shallow saltwater? Go prepared. Having the right flies will make a big difference. We can help you be successful!
    Flats flies are for most fish that live on warm saltwater flats. These species might include bonefish, permit, redfish, and also fish that are on the flats seasonally such as bluefish, sea trout, jacks, lady fish, cobia, etc. These flies imitate shrimp and crabs, and other closely related organisms.
    Baitfish flies can be found in other directories.


    Antron Crab, Brown

    Antron Crab, Green

    Antron Crab, Murkin

    Antron Crab, Sand

    Big Bone Abaco

    Big Bone Altol

    Big Bone Andros

    Big Bone Gal

    Bonafide Crab

    Bone Marley

    Bone Minnow, Gray/White

    Bone Minnow, Olive/White

    Bone Shrimp, Orange

    Bone Shrimp, Pink

    Bone Shrimp, Tan

    Bone Shrimp, Tan/Olive

    Bone Wigglers, Pink

    Bone Wigglers, Tan

    Bone Wigglers, White

    Bonefish Bitters, Amber

    Bonefish Bitters, Olive

    Bonefish Interceptor

    Bonefish Special

    Bottom Bugger

    Bubble Crab, Orange

    Bubble Crab, Tan

    Charley, Gold/Brown

    Charley, Green

    Charley, Pink

    Charley, Rabbit

    Crimp, Tan

    Charley, Tan

    Christmas Is. Sp., Tan

    Christmas Isl. Sp., Orange

    Christmas Isl. Sp., Pink

    Christmas Is. Sp., Tan

    Class 4 Twister, Amber

    Class 4 Twister, White

    Crimp, Chartreuse

    Epoxy Mini Puff, Pink

    Epoxy Mini Puff, White
    Fiddler In The Grass, Brown

    Fiddler In The Grass, Gray

    Fly Tail Shrimp, Pink

    Fly Tail Shrimp, Tan

    Fly Tail Shrimp, White

    Furry Crab, Olive

    Furry Crab, Tan

    Glory Shrimp, Pearl/Tan

    Glow Shrimp

    Gotcha, Green/Pearl

    Gotcha, Pink

    Gotcha, Rootbeer

    Grand Slam Shrimp, Pink

    Hair Shrimp, Tan

    Placencia Crab, Brown/Gray

    Placencia Crab, Green

    Puff Shrimp, Orange

    Puff Shrimp, Tan/Orange

    Redfish Ration, Amber

    Redfish Ration, Bronze

    Sand Crab, Bleached


    Super Gotcha

     Super Shrimp

    Tentacle Shrimp

     The Hoover, Chartreuse

    The Hoover, Pink

    The Hoover, Tan

    Texas Crab/Shrimp, Chart.

    Texas Crab/Shrimp, Olive

    Texas Crab/Shrimp, Tan

    Tic Crab, Olive

    Tic Crab, Tan

    Turd Fly

    Twister Shrimp, Pink

    Twister Shrimp, Tan

    Yucatan Special

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