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Four X7's - Rod Length Matters

A comparison of four Sage X7 fly rods

Everyone wishes they had more magic when fishing for winter steelhead. In the X-Series, Sage builds a complete set of 7-weight, two-hand fly rods in 11, 12, 13, and 14-foot lengths. And lucky us, we have a complete set! Read our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Fly Rod and Reel Combinations by The Fly Fishing Shop

Fly Fishing Combo Outfits

We've eliminated the guesswork and made it easy for you to get out on the water fast. Check out our great combo outfits designed for every price range and skill level.

Fox River Fatigue Fighter and Diabetic Socks

Fox River Fatigue Fighter Socks

These supply graduated compression to the leg, improving blood flow. Made from soft filament nylon with Wick Dry® technology, they will keep your feet dry, give you extra insulation without bulk, and last a long time.


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Swing the Fly Magazine

Swing the Fly Magazine

If you love anadromous fish, you will love this magazine. This unique publication showcases subjects that deal only with the swung fly, and with the pursuit and conservation of anadromous fish.

Plan-D Articulated Fly Box

Plan D Articulated Fly Boxes

Our guide staff uses Plan D boxes every day when fishing for anadromous fish. Because of the two-point holding system, flies are virtually tangle free. See every fly, and access each one instantly. No more mauled or munched flies. Brilliant!

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