Finding Solitude

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Finding Solitude
Camp Star
G4 Jacket
Steelhead School 2008
All pictures are Mouse-over.

Finding Solitude And Fish As The Seasons Change

Mating deer, brawling big horns, frisky curious otters, falling leaves, the sound of the wind, the silence in the calm, the sound of silence in the mind, the off-season surrounds us. The healing process has begun. The fish are few and far between. The  competition is nonexistent.  Fishing in the off-season has rewards. One can explore water that was always too crowded during the peak of the season. So that is what we did in a very relaxed fashion, and that is how the last 10-days of my Deschutes steelhead season ended.  Every picture in this newsletter is from it.

Who owns the fence?
Fall vegetation grows through a broken down
fence & weathered stiles.
Returning to nature...
The rail road grade with rails and ties removed becomes a road that is rarely used except by feet.
Rich Rueb & Dave Lyons at Steelhead School with Rich's fish caught with a riffle hitched fly. 10/28/07
This is how a steelhead moves up the river...
Me & the story board in front of the class
explaining migration & presentation.
There are lots of ways to catch steelhead with flies...
Dean Finnerty added his expertise to Steelhead School with deep sunk flies in the bright sun. 10/27/07
There are lots of flies that catch steelhead...
Paul Franklin's big buck steelhead & the fly that landed him.  10/26/07
There are too few wild steelhead !!!
Paul with the fish of the trip, proving why wild steelhead are so unique.
Life is for laughing...
We are all laughing because of the novel way Paul installed his hat light.
Spend time camping with friends...
Hey, you can't fish all night. Dick & Dave enjoy playing cards in front of the propane heater.
It's a keeper for mamma...
Dick can wade where angels fear to tread & loves to make his guide look good. 10/25/07

Patience, A Dimension Worth Exploring.
This is fun...
You can't buy it by the gallon or even by the ounce.  You can't be successful without it.  Patience combined with relentlessness is a potent combination for finding & catching steelhead.  Being patient with yourself will allow you the time to develop the skills you will need.  Being patient with other anglers will allow you to make new friends & the whole process becomes easier.

Camp Star
Catch what you eat...

Every outing has one.  He's the guy that gets involved in a positive way by helping out in camp.  This week's star is wild fish advocate, Paul Franklin who came with David Lythgoe and Dick Bushnell and spent four days in my camp.  You might remember Paul from last year's Native Fish Society Banquette, where a jar of his pickles sold for $340. He is shown here preparing a hatchery steelhead for dinner. This fish was landed earlier in the same day. He says, "It's easy to get involved in Mark's camp, because it is so comfortable and well equipped."

New G4 Pro, the magic jacket.
Thanks to all my students !!!  Photo by: Dean Finnerty
George Cook, our sly Simms rep, left the jacket lying on the floor as he got up to leave the table.
This is a very good jacket...

"What is that", I demanded pointing at the lump of colorful fabric lying on the floor. George tossed the jacket to me and said, "It's the new Simms G4 Jacket made from Gore-Tex Pro Shell.  It's a size large and it's yours", he added.  "Test this thing out , and let us know how it performs. I bet you will like it."  I thanked George and the following day headed for my last scheduled camp-out fly fishing trip of the year.  For the next 10-days I wore the jacket most sessions, but also shared it with one of my guests; beginning Spey fisher, David Lythgoe.  David caught a steelhead his forth cast after

putting it on. He dubbed it "the magic jacket".  We haven't determined if the jacket is magic or if David was just that quick at learning how to catch steelhead with a fly rod. In order to get to the water, David had to cut through a shoreline alder hedge complete with brambles.  He commented that "the magic jacket" was a great wind-breaker and didn't get marked up by the abrasion of the  

Many proven features from the popular G3 jacket have been retained in the G4, such as: the breast pockets, hand warmers, cuff cinches, collar, etc.  Newer technology fabrics make the G4 much lighter in weight and more supple than the G3. Restriction to arm movement is nearly undetectable in the G4. The hood on this jacket is by far the least obtrusive I have worn. If worn over a baseball cap, it covers you up, but allows full vision and nearly full hearing. My conclusion

Is the jacket magic ???

 is that this is by far the best fishing jacket I have ever worn and I'm mighty happy to wear it. 
Sorry, G4 Pro Jackets are not available until March of 2008. Place an order to reserve your Simms G4 Pro Jacket now! Tested by the professional guides at The Fly Fishing Shop.
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G4JACKET-1 Simms G4 Jacket S $449.00 SALE ENDED
G4JACKET-2 Simms G4 Jacket M $449.00 SALE ENDED
G4JACKET-3 Simms G4 Jacket L $449.00 SALE ENDED
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Two Day Steelhead Fly Fishing School for October 2008

I will be glad to net your fish...  Photo by: Dean Finnerty

Take a jet boat ride on the Deschutes River with: 
Mark Bachmann
These two schools will cover a lot of water and fishing knowledge in two days.
Summer Steelhead will bite any time of day on the Deschutes River, 
however odds go way up during the low light hours of morning and evening.  
That is why we are starting early and are staying late.  
I want to give you maximum advantage 
by having as many fish hooked during these classes as possible.  
Nothing teaches you more about fishing than being where 
fish are being hooked and landed.
Emphasis will be on floating line fishing, 
but will also cover sinking tip fishing during mid-day periods. 
Emphasis will be on two-hand fly rod casting and fishing.
Learn how to locate steelhead water and how to approach it. 
Watch an expert guide as he fishes and discloses the secrets
 and proven methods that put fish on the beach.  
Get a lot of hands on help so that you too can be productive.
Save yourself five years of experimenting on your own. 
Bring your own waders & rain gear.  Dress for cold mornings & evenings.
Bring your own tackle.
Price includes Deschutes Boaters Pass.
Meet at Mack's Canyon at 8:00am arrive back at 5:30pm.
How to get to Mack's Canyon
Deposits (non-refundable) must be received by shopping cart no later than 03/01/08.
Phone orders will not be taken.
4 students per class only!
Dinner and brunch will be served. 
Be sure to bring a sleeping bag, change of clothes & camp shoes.
Tents, cots with pads and full accommodations will be provided.

First come, first served.

Item Description Price To Top
ST-BACH-1011-22 2-day steelhead class with Mark Bachmann, October 11, Stay overnight and fish October 12, cost $695 per student, non-refundable deposit $200, $495 will be rang up on the same card August 1, 2008 $200 deposit
per student

ST-BACH-1025-26 2-day steelhead class with Mark Bachmann, October 25, Stay overnight and fish October 26, cost $695 per student, non-refundable deposit $200, $495 will be rang up on the same card August 1, 2008 $200 deposit
per student


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Fish long & prosper,
Mark & Patty

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