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Wheatley Metal Clip Fly Boxes

English made Richard Wheatley Metal Clip Fly Boxes, are the best you can own for classic salmon and steelhead flies. Metal clips provide the best security and organization for classic wet flies. We are talking about classic hair-wing style flies, such as the sizes and styles most popular on inland summer steelhead streams in Oregon and Washington. In the Wheatley construction, stainless steel clips are riveted to aluminum panels which can be installed inside an aluminum box shell. The anodized aluminum box shells come in six distinctive colors. With the three sizes of clip panels that are available, boxes can be customized to fit wet fly sizes #12 through #1/0. Obviously, large clips fit large flies, medium size clips fit medium size flies, and small clips fit small flies. There is a certain amount of latitude built in, as large clips fit most medium size flies as well, and the smallest clips will hold fairly large flies. However, everything works better if the flies are placed in appropriate size clips. We recommend that boxes be custom made to fit the sizes of flies that you are likely to use. Boxes can also be built for specialized sizes of flies.

Clip Size Appropriate Classic Hair Wing Fly Sizes
5's #1/0 - #6, For Flies Tied On Single or Double Hooks
Large 7's #4 - #8, For Flies Tied On Single or Double Hooks
Small 7's #6 - #12, For Flies Tied On Single or Double Hooks

Pick your aluminum shell color and then pick two of the clip panels to suit your needs.  Peal the backing from each panel insert and stick it into the box.  You may pick two panels that are the same or two that are different.  We will be glad to completely assemble your box for you at no extra charge by telling us to do so in the "Special Instruction" part of the order form. These boxes make great gifts for any steelhead or salmon angler. For trout fishing boxes that hold nymph and dry flies, these same custom boxes can be ordered with foam pad inserts.

The Richard Wheatley Company has been in business since 1860. Their products are very collectible, and antique Wheatley fly boxes can fetch fair sums of money. Metal Clip boxes are the most in demand. There are several reasons why. First they still incorporate a lot of hand-work in the manufacture and assembly. They are exclusive. Having been copied many times by other manufactures, they have never been duplicated or improved upon. That is because no other company was ever willing to focus on the detail and excellence that the Wheatley company did. Wheatley boxes have a feel that no one else has been able to copy. With a Westley Metal Clip box all the right metals are used in all the right places in perfect thicknesses. In essence these are not only the best crafted boxes of their type, but also the most practical design for their intended use.
At the heart of each box are the clips, which are constructed from polished stainless steel to provide the perfect amount of tension to hold each fly securely, and still allow easy access.
Item Description Price To Top
9601SV Wheatley Aluminum Box Shell, Anodized Silver $48.90
9601BK Wheatley Aluminum Box Shell, Anodized Black $48.90
9601BL Wheatley Aluminum Box Shell, Anodized Blue $48.90
9601GD Wheatley Aluminum Box Shell, Anodized Gold $48.90
9601GN Wheatley Aluminum Box Shell, Anodized Green $48.90
9601RD Wheatley Aluminum Box Shell, Anodized Red $48.90
REC5063 Wheatley 5's, Adhesive Backed Insert $21.90
REC5062 Wheatley Large 7's Clip, Adhesive Backed Insert $21.90
REC5061 Wheatley Small 7's Clip, Adhesive Backed Insert $21.90
ASSEMBLE-BOX Please assemble my new Wheatley Fly Box for me at no extra charge. Free
Magazine Review
We all grew up reading magazines. Remarkably, in the age of social media, YouTube, Email, Text, and the general massiveness of the Internet, sportsmen and women still read magazines. Paper magazines are not going away from the fly fishing scene anytime soon. As in all ages since the invention of the printing press, great writing about well thought out subjects gets saved, or passed on, vague superficial use of ink starts the morning fire or clogs the land fills. Good magazines can compete with digital media, and are often found in fishing camps in places unreachable by the Internet or cell phones.
Steelheader's Journal 2015 Issue


  • Modern Day Mesopotamia
  • 6-Weight Two-Handers
  • Modern-Day Spey Reels


  • Dean River
  • Karluk River
  • Anchor River
  • Grande Ronde River
  • Steelhead Alley

Forgotten Techniques:

  • Skating Dry Flies


  • Mid-Belly Fly Line Evolution
  • 11 River Guides
Of Special Interest In This Magazine

By Mark Bachmann

Reading Water:
"Stream Habitat Classification Systems To Steelheading Water" While having the skills is essential to being a successful steelhead angler, having an understanding of the principles of reading the water is critical for increasing your odds at actually catching fish. Mike Lunde lends a scientific analysis on how adult migratory steelhead utilize different types of in-stream habitat. This article is definitely worth double the price of the magazine all by itself, because if you can find them, you have a chance to catch them. If you can't, you don't.

Skating Dry Flies For Steelhead: More and more anglers are becoming interested is surface fishing for steelhead. In this article, Nick Karol gives you the keys.

Evolution Into Fly Line Efficiency: An exploration of modern mid-belly Spey lines for covering more water while fishing. Brian Chou explains why some anglers are migrating from Skagit and Scandi to longer heads.

Steelhead Flies: Pat Hoglund reveals how professional steelhead guide, Brian Silvey has influenced steelhead fly design.

A Reel Problem: Michael Davidchik explains, that if there actually is a problem it would be making a choice between the nearly endless choices in beautifully crafted reels that are available. This is a buyers guide to 14 different brands of Spey reels.

Item Description Price To Top
ISSN 1547-8173 Steelheader's Journal, 2015 Issue, published once annually. $8.99
SealLine Seal Pak® Waterproof Hip Pack not just for flats fishing.
Sometimes things become so common place that we forget about them even though we use them nearly every single day. Such is the story about my Seal Pak, which began with a trip to Belize in November 2012. (Some pictures from that trip are at the bottom of this page). The Seal Pak proved to be totally reliable, and has been on every destination-fishing-trip ever since. To save luggage space, it serves as storage, and protection for much of my moisture-sensitive electronic gear (chargers, and computer transformer) while en-route, and then becomes the day-pack for my personal fishing gear while wading. Since it has no unnecessary compartments, it is easy to clean up.
The SealLine Seal Pak has everything you need to keep a camera and lunch dry; maybe some TP and lip balm too. This is the perfect steelheader fanny pack. If the top is rolled and snapped according to directions, this pack will stay dry inside, even if your waders don't. Seal Packs are complete with a web belt and two attachment rings.
In luggage on an airplane SealLine Paks flatten out or roll up so that they take up very little space and they weigh only 7.3 ounces.
On Sale until: 12/31/15
Item Description Price To Top
08695 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray Regularly $47.95
NOW $39.95
08696 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Green Regularly $47.95
NOW $39.95
08694 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Blue Regularly $47.95
NOW $39.95
08697 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Red Regularly $47.95
NOW $39.95
08462 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Orange Regularly $47.95
NOW $39.95
The Last Deschutes Steelhead Camp of 2015
Yup, the fat lady has sung...good bye, Deschutes Steelhead Camp until next year. Two thousand fifteen brought some new and unusual fishing problems with low, warm, muddy water, and sporadic fish runs. Some key weeks were canceled out completely, for a financial loss. It also seems that resource managers have thrown a few curve balls as well with certain fish populations planned for decline. (Well who knows if it was planned or not? It could seem that way.) It appears that Upper Columbia River stray steelhead are now nearly non-existent in the Deschutes, because it has been warmed on purpose, and no longer attracts them. In the past the Deschutes was much colder than the Columbia, and some years drew an estimated 20,000 to 40,000 stray steelhead from other rivers. This year's run was made up of wild Deschutes steelhead and hatchery steelhead which came from the Deschutes River Hatchery at Pelton Dam, with an estimated total run of 5,000-10,000 steelhead. There are many ways to look at the same river, and also the controversy involving wild vs hatchery steelhead. Personally, I can take it either way. Fewer fish mean fewer anglers and lower revenue for our community, but it also means less competition for fishing water. Toward the end of our season we had the whole river that we wanted to fish to ourselves. All the wild animals got less timid. Big Horn Sheep and Mule Deer were wandering openly in herds. It was kind of like viewing the end of the last ice age through high powered binoculars. As the human commotion diminished with the end of the season, the fishing picked up slightly,.. just enough to stay interesting.

Frank & Yvonne from Florida stayed four nights in camp. Their mornings and evenings were spent wading and Spey casting for steelhead. Mid-days were spent watching the animal and bird-life of The Deschutes Canyon. Eco tours are built into our guided trips. The sciences of the natural world are explored, such as geology, climatology, astronomy, ornithology, zoology, entomology, ichthyology, etc. For instance, we might have a discussion about the fish that live within the Deschutes River, and the insects that they feed on. That has been part of fly fishing for trout since the beginning of the sport. We can also discuss the geology of the Columbia Plateau and each epic that has occurred in the Deschutes Canyon in the last 25M years. Our clientèle is often well educated and interested in such things. Over the years we have learned many things from them as well.
Our camp keeps evolving. One of our clients, David Boxberger, talked about a portable self-cleaning mesh tent floor that now provides a barrier for cleanliness in our kitchen. Sand will fall through it to the ground, but can't come up through it into the kitchen tent. It was designed by our military for helicopter landing pads. This mesh is lightweight, portable and through the first twelve days of hard use it shows no wear.
Our kitchen/dining area has to be totally portable. The longest it can remain in one location is nine nights. Therefore, the whole camp has to be lightweight, and quick to erect and dismantle. The kitchen/dining tent for a normal size party is 12' X 24' with 9' ceilings. Otherwise tall clients might bump their head on the halogen-powered crystal chandeliers (there are two of them). This tent arrangement has been totally secure and weather-proof in substantial winds, summer heat, fall frosts, and protracted rains. Our kitchen has instant hot water on-demand. It also has electricity that powers illumination, and a full charging station for other portable electric devices.
Sleeping accommodations can be single or double occupancy in tents that are advertised to fit up to six persons. These tents have screened cross-ventilation, are tall enough for large people to stand comfortably erect. There is ample storage

under and behind the wide cots are complete with thick pads and covers that are fresh for each client. Clients normally stay two to six nights. We stay in camp the whole nine nights. We've got staying clean and comfortable down to a science.
No matter whether you are staying in a mansion or fancy hotel, it would be hard to come up with better landscaping viewed from your front porch. The afternoons were often calm, clear and bright. Colors were vivid, edges were sharp.
Our garden doesn't have statues of water birds in marble fountains. Here we have a pet heron, mergansers, mallards and wigeons (nearly pets). It is amazing how wild animals come to ignore you, if you treat them right...priceless training in the natural world.
Even though this 7-pound female steelhead has been in freshwater for a lengthly period of time, as indicated by the faded silver rays in her tail, she is still fat and bright, and fought hard, running into the backing several times. Wild steelhead are perfectly programed to stay vigorous until after they spawn. This one ate a tiny fly, which was presented in the surface film. Reliable Reels
The adrenalin rush of a strong, bright silver fish taking line at high speed is what we all dream of. There is nothing better than winning, then letting your trophy live to reproduce, its image recored in mega-pixels to share across the world. You did it!
It helps if you have tackle that will actually get the job done! Pictured: Hatch 7+ Reel...one of two I own.

Brad and I have fished with me during my whole career of guiding. He knows more about me than anyone should, but still puts up with me. In the past thirty plus years, we have felt Deschutes River water glide under the hull of many different boats, and witnessed many different sizes of steelhead runs, and the changes of angling politics that came with them. We have spent at least one night in nearly every camp in the lower one hundred miles of the Deschutes, and have been joined by many different fishing partners. When we started fishing together, we were both young, and inexperienced, but full of vigor. Now we are geezers in the contemplative stage of life, but we are both still looking forward to more adventures fishing adventures filled with rams butting heads on cliffs mirrored in bright water and big silver fish squirming in the mesh of a beautiful wooden net, or finally perfecting the perfect Single Spey Cast after hours and even years of practice. There is nothing like steelhead camp to keep one young and mobile. Wading amongst slick boulders in fast flows to keep the leg muscles hard and the balance true.

The gods do not deduct from man's allotted span the hours spent in fishing.  ~Babylonian Proverb quoted in The Complete Angler, first published by Izaak Walton 1653.

For that we should all live forever if we could stay in steelhead camp until the end of time, MB

Fall has come as I observe Brad through the rain speckled window in the warm dry cabin of my boat.

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