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Metolius River During Fall

A man holdinng a large steelhead

Metolius River During Fall

The Metolius River in Central Oregon is a tributary of the Deschutes drainage. It emerges from under Black Butte as a fairly large spring creek, but this is only the start. Many other springs feed this river from an underground aquifer for the next ten miles. At Bridge 99 (8-miles downstream from the source) it is a full blown river.

A fish with a fly in its mouth

Quigley's Sparkle Flag, PMD

Born out of the Hackle Stacker and Sparkle Stacker, Bob Quigley’s Flag Duns are the next best thing to hit spring creek fishing since polarized sunglasses. The Flag Duns use the “stacker” style wing to float the bugs and insure light delicate presentations without spooking wary fish. The Flag Dun series is constructed with a thread body to create an even slimmer profile than the Hackle Stacker

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Zephr Economy Fly Tying Vice

Teeny Landing Hand

"The Landing Hand is an extremely useful and user-friendly tool. But I think it does the greater favor for fish. By providing more control during the landing process, my Landing Hand helps me protect and release them safely. Everyone who fishes should have one of these, for both fresh and saltwater." JimTeeny

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Men standing in river under a bridge during a Fly Fishing class

Winter Fly Fishing Schools

These classes are designed to teach you more! Mark Bachmann and Hawkeye Hawkins have taught hundreds of men and women how to catch steelhead on a Spey rod. If you are ready to improve your steelhead game, sign up now because these classes fill up fast!

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The Fly Fishing Shop's huge selection of fly tying material and tools

Fly Tying Season is Now!

We have what you need when it comes to fly tying! We stock hundreds of different materials, tools, and hooks. As the days get shorter, many of us take this time to tie the flies we know we will use in the coming spring and summer months.

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