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Preparing for Winter Steelhead

Preparing for winter steelhead

Now's the time to plan your trips and check your gear so you're ready to go when those big, bright winter steelhead start arriving in late November.

Gen-2 Spey Swivels by the Fly Fishing Shop

Gen-2 Spey Swivels

Spey swivels eliminate line twist and make tangles in shooting lines virtually a thing of the past. We've upgraded ours by using new materials and technology to make them work better and last longer.

Skagit fly lines

Skagit Lines

These short, heavy lines facilitate casting the large weighted flies used for anadromous salmonids. We have a large selection of all the best Skagit lines. Read more about the evolution of the Skagit line and buy yours here.


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Sinking line tips for fly fishing

Sinking Tips

Consider a Skagit shooting head with a selection of sinking tips as your first option for much of the season on PNW rivers. The line tip you choose will be as important to your success as the equipment with which you propel it.

EP dubbing brush

EP Dubbing Brushes

Dubbing brushes add speed and precision to tying large fly patterns, such as steelhead and saltwater flies. They are now an intrinsic part of tying many of the newer intruder-type flies.

Chum Whacker Fly video

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