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Fly Tiers Rendezvous
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Fly Tying Party
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Salmon River, NY

Fly Tiers Rendezvous
November 12, 2005
9:00 AM  to  4:30 PM
Glenn Otto Park Troutdale

Celebrity Tyers - Tying Demonstrations
Don Nelson Mark Bachmann
John Hagan Pete Gadd
Jack Hagan Mike Duley
Henry Hoffman Russ Seaton
Harry Gross Rob Russell
Jim Schollmeyer Larry Nichols Marc Williamson
Jim Teeny Scott Richmond --and many more
Big Prizes !!!  Raffles!!!   A chance to buy stuff really cheap!!!
Programs are FREE !!!
Sponsored by: Northwest Flyfishers Club

The Empire Strikes Back (again) !!!
Sage Manufacturing is a fly fishing empire.  Sage rods are legendary.  Sage is also one of the most prestigious names in fly reels and fly lines.  If you are a fly fishing shop getting in good with Sage is like a blessing from the Pope.  That is because they ship quicker, repair faster and generally have their act together better than any other company in the fly fishing industry.  They allow only the best dealers to carry their products.  They control huge market share.  Sage rods are all made in USA on Bainbridge Island, Washington.  In the last couple of years there has been a trend of other U.S. rod makers to take there production "off-shore" to lower production costs and retail prices.  Some consumers like that approach.  Sage even dabbles in that market with there subsidiary company Redington.  All of a sudden Sage finds they are loosing market share.  Consumers feel they are getting a better "deal" on the foreign made rods.  What to do...take the production over seas and reduce costs or strike back with American craftsmanship and ingenuity...offer a higher quality line of rods at competing prices...repel the foreign invaders...take back the market share with superior rods made at home.  They decided to keep the jobs here.   The two new lower priced offerings from sage (FLi Series and Launch Series) offer impeccable workmanship and very smooth, powerful actions at the same price or better price than any of the higher class off-shore made competitors.  
Now Sage is offering their revolutionary new series of medium prices rods, the
VT2 Series.  These new fast action rods have an incredibly smooth power curves that will enable each caster to perform at their best.  The 590-4 VT2 that we tested outperformed every other Sage of the same size except the 590-4 TCR, which costs $225 more.  Cast from 10' to 60' were used as criteria.  VT2's are lightweight.  The 590-4 VT2 weighs the same as the 590-4 XP, but costs $135 less.  The VT2 also performs better at longer ranges than the XP does.   VT2's have a brilliant finish called "Blue Ribbon" that is nearly flawless as you would expect from Sage.  In what we have seen, the Sage VT2 Series is the best new rod series for 2006.  In stock are:
490-4 VT2, 590-4 VT2, 690-4 VT2 and 896-4 VT2.  The rest of the VT2 models are only a day or two away.  We are currently testing the 8139-4 VT2 spey rod.  We will keep you posted.  All available VT2 models will be on display during the
Metal Head Christmas Party.

Sage VT2 Series !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sage Company Web Site.

We are proud to sell Sage products !!!  
We have felt that way since 1982.   

Our Sage inventory is huge! Most orders received Monday through Friday before Noon PST, are shipped the same day.

Click for Sage rods.


Click for Sage fly lines.

Find George Cook, The Sage Rep,  At These Events Sponsored By The Fly Fishing Shop - Welches, OR

Metal Head Christmas Party
December 10, 2005
Sage will be there!

Spey Casting School
Saturday, January 14, 2006!
Sage will be there!

Sandy River 
Spey Clave 2006
May 14 - 15, 2006!
Sage will be there!

A good fly tying bench helps you stay organized.

Getting Organized for Fly Tying
Most fishing is done during the warm months.  Most fly tying is done during the cold months.  The sun is moving south.  The days are getting shorter. The air is cooling.  Fall is here.   Many people are moving inside in preparations for winter.  Already we are seeing renewed interest in fly tying.  Before you start the process of refilling your fly boxes for the next season, remember that planning and organization are keys to the successful completion of any project.
Here is an approach:
1. Acquire a pencil and tablet for taking notes.
2. Collect and assemble your favorite fly boxes (no more than 4).
3. Note all of the flies that you used last season that are depleted and need to be replaced.
4. Choose the most important patterns (no more than 10).
5. Write a recipe for each fly chosen. Try to keep all the recipes on a single side of a single piece 
     of paper.
6. Copy this paper.  Save one copy as original.
7. Use the other copy to extract a "Materials List" from.
8. Cross out each material as you transfer it from the "recipe page" to the "material list page".
9. Some materials will be used in several of your favorite flies (such as black thread or lead wire).
10. Remove all materials and tools from your fly tying work-bench. 
11. Restock only the tools that you will need to tie the flies on your list.
12.  Restock only the materials that appear on your "materials list".
13.  Make a list of the materials that you are out of.

Basic Fly Tying Recipe "Parts List"
This list of parts will cover most commonly used flies.  Not all fly recipes will contain all of the parts.  This list is by no means complete, but is meant only to assist in making out your personal fly recipes.  Every fly recipe starts with a hook (or tube).  Recipes are always written in the order that materials are attached to the hook (or tube).
Hook (or Tube):
Lead Weight:
Body (or Abdomen):
Wing (or Wing Case):
From the book, Flies by J. Edison Leonard, copyright 1950.

At The Fly Fishing Shop,  December 3

Free Fly Tying Party
3:00 pm to 6:00 pm Saturday Afternoon.
Tying Basic Nymphs
(achieving traditional proportions).
This program is for new tiers and experienced tiers alike.
Instructional demonstrations with big-screen TV,
and all tying materials & hooks are free.
A custom made fly tying room with perfect lighting
and special teaching aides are provided.
You get to keep all the flies you tie.  
Please bring your own tools & tying thread if you have them.
If you don't have them, we will provide them.
Refreshments will be served.  Bring snacks if you want to.
Everyone is welcome!

At The Fly Fishing Shop, December 10, 10:00am to 4:00pm

Metal Head Christmas
A new winter steelhead season is here for celebration!
Annual Winter Steelhead Clinic & Christmas Party
Come meet the Company Reps:
George Cook: Sage Tibor, Rio, Simms
Jon Covich: Winston, Patagonia
Mike Perusse: G. Loomis
Kerry Burkheimer: C.F. Burheimer
Come meet the Guides:
Mark Bachmann
Brian Silvey
Pete Gadd
Marty Sheppard
Hawkeye Hawkins
Ron Lauzon
Fly Tying
Fly Casting
On-the-water Demonstrations
Slide Programs

Salmon River, NY
We got this email from: Michael and Nicholas Pacinda

Hey Fly Fishing Shop Guys,
...thanks for the help in finding those 14 year old son Nicholas and myself went to the Salmon River in New York State to try for some chinook, steelhead and coho's.  We were using 8 weight, 9 weight and 10 weight fly rods (Sage RPLXI, Lamiglass IM 700, Berkley and Gallatin ) reels were Tibor riptide, Billy Pate salmon and Scientific Angler 2 and a berkley. Fly lines were Scientific Angler sink tip1-3 inches per sink rate-plus super sinks,  and Cortland saltwater intermediate striper

lines....all lines worked well when used when they should be used....shallow water .....small gun.....big deep water....BIG GUN....12 foot mono ...lead shot....4 foot leader,  fly of your choice...the old wives tale of dark day ...dark fly....bright day .....bright fly...worked most of the day....mixed up choices worked a lot.....most days were dark and moved a lot and were active when there was no sun on the water, we actually stalked them......some we stalked for a

hundred yards till we hooked them....really son loved it.....the fish .moved into side currents in shallow water more when the sun was not up or was covered by clouds....they were easiest to cast to when they were in close to the banks....duh....really.......egg patterns in Oregon cheese color were the best, with or with out blood spots. Pink, red and yellow worked but at just before dark....light blue eztaz eggs worked real good some evenings...leaders were mostly 12 -20 pound test Maxima for salmon

  ...most salmon  were in the 15 to 25 pound range and then there was the freight trains that came by once or twice a day that went 30 nice fish.....Cohos went 8 -15 pounds....we did not get any of them....tried for steelies, they go 3 to 20 mourning in the lower fly zone...0 for 3......the big one I had on for 5 or 6 minutes felt at least 150 to 200 pounds....but my son said more like 15, I said 12...nice fish.......salmon in the river to spawn will hit just have to show them the fly a lot......we were hooking any where from 5 to 50 salmon a day.....PARTY TIME.....we had a blast.....thanks again......
                                           Michael and Nicholas

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark Bachmann, Patty Barnes


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