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Sage 8134-4 Z-AXIS
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Sage 8134-4 Z-AXIS
I go this fish on my second cast...
The eighty-one-thirty-four-dash-four is the newest addition to the Sage two-hand arsenal. We heard that George Cook had been playing around with an 8134-4 Burkheimer while he was fishing the Dean River last summer. This model Burky had captured a market share among elite steelheaders, and the Sage crew who are ever alert were checking out what the competition was up to. We figured there was a new rod in the brew at Sage. We were right. Mine arrived at the Shop Thursday and was immediately stuffed in my jet boat for transport to the Deschutes.  The new Sage proved to be extremely lucky as it landed a steelhead on the second cast I threw with it in full view of everyone in camp. Having long been a fan of the 8134-4 Burkheimer, I was very curious about how the folks at Sage would try to improve it. I was in for some surprises. It soon be came apparent that the new Sage is not an improved version of the Burkheimer, it is an entirely different rod...(one man's opinion). The Sage is heavier in overall weight, but has more weight in the butt end, so it balances well and the extra weight in not immediately apparent. For the first test I took my 3 3/4"W Saracione reel off the Burkheimer. It was loaded with a 550 Skagit shooting head with a 15' floating tip. That is when the big difference between the rods first came to light. The Sage has a much faster action.  Whereas the 550 would load the Burkheimer to the mid-section, it would only load the tip of the Sage. Many European style casers will appreciate this action. Although very tight loops and and respectable distances were easily attained with the 550, having to focus on casting rather than fishing became objectionable to me. John Jones who is a pretty astute casting coach in his own right suggested that I try a 600-grain head. I switched to a 600-grain Skagit and a 9-weight type-6 sinking tip. It was magic. A big fly could be launched to parts of the river that had never seen a fly before. If the Burkheimer influenced the design of this new rod, Sage must have taken a Detroit car maker approach and given their rod a slightly wider track and more horsepower. Or maybe in the end the Burkheimer had no influence on the development of the Sage 8134-4 Z-AXIS rod at all. Maybe it was designed to perfectly complement a Saracione American Classic 3 3/4" W reel. They are perfectly matched to each other.
8134-4 Z-AXIS

Length: 13' 4"     Line: 8     Pieces: 4

Fast action spey rod.  This is a longer brother to the 8129-4. New for 2009, will be a favorite stick for Kings in Alaska to winter steelhead in the Pacific Northwest. Long casts come surprisingly easy with minimum effort.
Line Match:
8/9/10 WindCutter, AFS 8/9, Skagit 600 w/out Cheater.
Sinking Tip:
15' 150-grain type 3, 6, & 8 as well as T-14 in 9' to 13' lengths.
Reel Matches: Saracione 3 3/4"W, Tibor Riptide, Nautilus 12, Ross CLA 6, Sage 3500D.
Rod weight:  8 3/4 Ounces

Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
8134-4 Z-AXIS 8 Fast F $795 SALE ENDED

The 11th Annual Pacific Northwest Fly Tyers Rendezvous
will be held Saturday, November 1st, 2008 at Mount Hood Community College.

The 11th Annual Pacific Northwest Fly Tyers Rendezvous This annual event has been growing steadily for the past ten years and will feature the most innovative fly tiers from around the Pacific Northwest as well as displays from the areas best fly shops. We will be there. The event is sponsored by a consortium of local fly fishing clubs. This show will help you get started on your winter tying season with ideas on fly patterns and feature the newest materials and tying techniques. It is being held in a spacious, modern, well lit room at Mt. Hood Community College. The nominal entry fee is used as a fund raiser for projects that benefit the local fisheries.

Simms G4 Pro Wading year later

It was one year ago that the G4 Pro Jacket went to the river with me. Simms had made a bold statement. Because of its distinctive colors, this jacket could be mistaken for no other. It came loaded with whistles & bells. Whistles and bells are of little use when a cold rain is running down your spine. Would this cute-see jacket last, and more importantly would its feature be distractions for the person wearing it...little do-das for line to get wrapped around, etc. I had unfounded apprehensions. I had worn the same G3 Guide Jacket for three seasons and it remained leak free. It was dark in color, designed to hide from fish and other anglers. I loved it. It did have one distraction, however. The cuffs on the sleeves were designed to be water-proof and functioned well to this end. But the fasteners on the cuffs kept interfering with my casting. Simms totally cured that problem with a redesign that is more comfortable and more waterproof. The G4 is made from more supple material (Gore-Tex Pro Shell) than the G3 thereby creating less resistance to movement of the person wearing it, which lessens fatigue. All the cutesy features work. After twelve months of use and abuse by the one-man wrecking crew, it is still totally weather tight. This is the most comfortable, most efficient, most durable, and trouble free fishing jacket I have ever used. I will give you my impression after the next season. Doubtful if my perspective will change regarding this great jacket.  MB-10/08.

the ol' guide netting a client's steelhead 

a bent rod and a dry back... 

G4 Pro Jacket
The next generation in rain jackets - the G4 Pro Jacket is Simms most technical jacket and features GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric for incredible performance and durability.

  • 3-layer GORE-TEX® Pro Shell fabric is exceptionally lightweight and offers the ultimate in breathability, durability and extended comfort

  • Heavier nylon face fabric in shoulders for additional durability and lighter weight nylon face fabric in body for packability

  • Bellowed chest pockets with hook & loop closure under storm flap

  • Center-front zipper and 2 zippered chest pockets feature YKK® water-resistant zippers with anti-corrosion sliders

  • Patented built-in retractors and tippet pockets featuring Schoeller®-dynamic stretch fabric

  • The only rain jacket in the Simms line to include pit zips - offering additional ventilation

  • Quick-drying, microfleece-lined hand warmer pockets & adjustable, breathable stretch cuffs

  • Lightweight adjustable storm hood offers superior coverage & protection

  • Large back pocket with vertical water-resistant YKK® zipper

The best fishing jacket you can buy...

Our Tests In The Field

Over 60-days on the water since October 2007 conclude that this is a very waterproof, wind proof, durable, practical garment.
Item Description Size Price To Top
OGG10811720 Simms G4 Pro Jacket Small $449.95 SALE ENDED
OGG10811730 Simms G4 Pro Jacket Medium $449.95 SALE ENDED
OGG10811740 Simms G4 Pro Jacket Large $449.95 SALE ENDED
OGG10811750 Simms G4 Pro Jacket X-Large $449.95 SALE ENDED
OGG10811760 Simms G4 Pro Jacket XX-Large $449.95 SALE ENDED

Springbrook Cap-Light!   The best light in camp!
Tired of groping in the dark?  Or maybe you're worried about your loved ones not being able to find their way in the dark.  Make sure everyone in your camp has a Cap-Light!  They are lightweight, compact and engineered to withstand extreme conditions and use.  Cap-Light! is powered by (2) lithium coin cell batteries for approximately 48-hours of ultra bright light from 5 LED bulbs with 100,000 hours of burn time each.  Cap-Light! attaches under cap brim for the most practical hands-free light source available.  Water resistant.
Uses (2) CR2032 Lithium batteries.
the best head lamp you can buy for the money  uses two coin type batteries that last a full 48-hours 
Item Description Price To Top
096144 Springbrook Cap Light $9.95  

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