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Skagit Flight Shooting Heads  New for 2010  Buy Now! Specifications
A Deschutes steelhead landed while testing the new Skagit flight Shooting Head
Rio enlisted some of the most experienced salmon/steelhead fishers in the country to help design and prove their new Skagit Flight Shooting Head system. Guides such as: Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn, Brian Silvey, Marty Sheppard & Hawkeye Hawkins were included in the field testing crew. They worked directly with Simon Gawesworth to design the most modern Spey Line system to fit the latest rods and casting techniques. Final design testing was done at our very own Summer Steelhead PhD School on the Deschutes River. What has been produced here is the ultimate tool for fishing large flies on sinking tip lines, plus an extraordinary line for fishing in the wind.

The new Skagit Flight Shooting Head may be the ultimate design in Skagit lines for maximum flight time, effortless casting strokes and the tightest and sweetest of loops. Based on the extraordinarily successful AFS head, the line features a back end that loads rods deeply and easily and a long, subtle front taper that ensures the energy flows smoothly to the tip, generating gorgeous loops and long, long flight times and distance. The front end has a thick tip that packs a big punch and easily lifts out heavy tips and large flies with supreme ease.

The heads vary in length between 24 ft and 31 ft, depending on the size, and the range of weights ensures that even the most fastidious of casters will be able to tune their rod to perfection.
Attach a shooting line to the ultra strong welded loop at the back end and one of RIO’s 15 ft tips or a piece of T-11, T-14 or T-17 (sold separately) to the exceptionally neat, bullet proof front loop.
Skagit Flight Head • Length: 24-31 ft (7.3-9.5 m)
Sizes:  425, 450, 475, 500, 525, 550, 575, 600, 625, 650, 675, 700 and 750 gr
Color: Pale Orange

Rio Skagit Flight

Item Description Size Price To Top
21970 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 425-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21971 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 450-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21972 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 475-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21973 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 500-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21974 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 525-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21975 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 550-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21976 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 575-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21977 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 600-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21978 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 625-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21979 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 650-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21980 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 675-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21981 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 700-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
21982 Rio Skagit Flight Shooting Head, Pale Orange 750-grain $49.95 SALE ENDED
Skagit Flight Shooting Head Specifications
Body 1 Body 2 Front
Taper 1
Taper 2
Total Core
425 1.5 5.5 1 14.5 1.5 24 25 lb
450 1.5 5.5 1 15 1.5 24.5 25 lb
475 1.5 6 1 15 1.5 25 25 lb
500 1.5 6 1 15 1.5 25 25 lb
525 1.5 6 1 15.5 1.5 25.5 25 lb
550 1.5 6 1 15.5 1.5 25.5 25 lb
575 1.5 6 1 16 1.5 26 25 lb
600 1.5 6 1 16.5 1.5 26.5 30 lb
625 1.5 6.5 1 16.5 1.5 27 30 lb
650 1.5 6.5 1 16.5 1.5 27 30 lb
675 1.5 6.75 1 17.25 1.5 28 30 lb
700 1.5 6.75 2 18.25 1.5 30 30 lb
750 1.5 6.75 2.5 18.75 1.5 31 30 lb

Rio Classic Skagit Shooting Head  
Looped on both ends for attaching shooting line, cheaters & tips.  These lines are made for the angler who wants to use a different type of shooting line than the conventional fly line that comes with the Skagit Spey line (above).  Fore a selection of shooting lines, please refer to our page of Shooting Lines.  Rio Skagit Shooting Heads are conveniently marked with weight of head and have dark portion at rear loop for recognition of of position for casting.

Rio Skagit Shooting Head
Item Description Size Price To Top
21639 Rio Skagit Shooting Head without tips or shooting line 450-grain Reg. $49.95
Now $24.95
21931 Rio Skagit Line without tips 500-grain Reg. $49.95
Now $24.95

Deschutes Water Tower Restoration Project
With the help of S.D. Deacon Corp. the historic railroad water tower at Harris Canyon on the lower Deschutes River has been restored to last another 100-years. Ron Walp spearheaded this project, contacting local authorities and enlisting the help of Doug Campbell, long time wild fish advocate and construction specialist to help with the reconstruction. The tower is pictured here surrounded by scaffolding for the convenience of the construction crew. In the foreground are Ron Walp and Doug Campbell. The water tower belongs to an era in America's past that shouldn't be forgotten. Be sure to look for it on your next trip down the lower Deschutes.

Fishing Reports
Joe Palanuk with a steelhead he caught right in front of our camp.
The steelhead fishing went a little flat when the irrigation draw was ended for the season and the river level came up. The fish have become used to the faster flows now and both trout and steelhead have settled back into their normal routines. The Deschutes is now fishing very well with steelhead being caught with all the fly fishing methods. Nymph fishers are doing exceptionally well. For anglers choosing this method, we recommend you not forget to pick up some of the heavy weighted Polish Nymphs. Our steelhead really like them. Deschutes trout are up and feeding steadily during many evenings, but are being ignored by most anglers who are fishing for steelhead. The Deschutes is ripe for some great trout dry fly fishing. Crane fly, caddis and mayfly hatches have been observed. Fishing is really hot on the Grand Ronde River where steelhead are moving with the water raise caused by recent rains. The Clearwater River is also full of steelhead, but the bite has been slow. On the local scene the Sandy and Clackamas have good numbers of Cohos. The bite varies from day to day. The best fly has been a Bead Head Chartreuse Krystal Bugger. The lakes at Rocky Ridge Ranch are red hot, with some anglers reporting 30-fish days and a few rainbows to 15-pounds being caught. Best action has been with small Wooly buggers and Teeny Nymphs.

Redington Barrier Island Jacket
Redington Barrier Island Jacket, waterproof !!! Suggested Retail: $65    
Our Price: $39.95 (save $25) !

A 100% PVC-free rain jacket that is 100% waterproof. Made from a polyurethane coated fabric and lined with comfortable brushed tricot lining. Large chest pockets offer ample storage and zip hand pockets keep things secure. An adjustable draw cord at waist makes it easy to cinch when necessary (or when wading). The perfect boat jacket, or go-to waterproof jacket. Stylish. Affordable.

Great for fishing, golf, gardening, casual dress and other outdoor activities.
Item Description Size Price To Top
RED-JAC-S Redington Barrier Island Jacket Small Reg. $65.00
Now $39.95
RED-JAC-M Redington Barrier Island Jacket Medium Reg. $65.00
Now $39.95
RED-JAC-L Redington Barrier Island Jacket Large Reg. $65.00
Now $39.95
RED-JAC-XL Redington Barrier Island Jacket X-Large Reg. $65.00
Now $39.95
RED-JAC-XXL Redington Barrier Island Jacket XX-Large Reg. $65.00
Now $39.95

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