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Simms Outerwear
Skagit Floater
Fishing Hat
Steelhead Caddis
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Simms Outerwear
Mark Bachmann on The Deschutes River dressed in Simms G3 Jacket and Waders.
Some guys have all the best!  This ain't "Road Hog Guide Service". 
This guide does remote camping trips with the best collection of equipment ever assembled
to get the job done right. 
The emphasis' are safety, personal comfort with a healthy measure of productivity. 
Equipment breakdowns aren't permissible.  That's why this guide wears Simms.

Like the Simms G3 Waders, the proven G3 Guide Jacket 
is the finest product of its kind you can purchase.  More Info

Simms G3 Jacket.
  • Introduced in 2004 (tested by us for full 2-seasons)

  • Features highly breathable, 3-layer Gore-Tex® XCR® fabric technology; Extreme Wet Weather rated

  • Watertight stretch cuffs keep water out when you're casting or landing a fish

  • Adjustable storm hood for protection and visibility

  • Lined hand warmer pockets

  • Two large bellowed chest pockets, four zippered chest pockets, bellowed back pocket

  • Adjustable waist

  • RiRi® waterproof centerfront zipper

  • Simms Fish fly patch
    Color: Dark Loden    Gortex XCR Technology

Item Description Size Price To Top
G3-JKT-SM Simms G3 Guide Jacket Small $399

G3-JKT-MD Simms G3 Guide Jacket Medium $399

G3-JKT-LG Simms G3 Guide Jacket Large $399

G3-JKT-XL Simms G3 Guide Jacket X-Large $399

G3-JKT-XXL Simms G3 Guide Jacket XX-Large $399


Rio Skagit Floater Spey Line
Your Skagit Floater Spey might help you feed yourself. Overall Length: 120ft
Head Length: 45ft

Color: Yellow Head/Green Running Line
This is a weight forward line that is designed for "Skagit Style" casting. It incorporates a short, heavy shooting-head type line with a compound taper for presenting very large, weighted flies.  The head on this line is 10' shorter than the popular WindCutter line of the same weight.  The compact design allows easier casting of large flies and requires a shorter "D" loop which will appeal to beginners or anglers working around stream bank vegetation.

45' head.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21644 Rio Skagit Floater Spey Line 6/7 $90.00

21645 Rio Skagit Floater Spey Line 7/8 $90.00

21646 Rio Skagit Floater Spey Line 8/9 $90.00

21647 Rio Skagit Floater Spey Line 9/10 $90.00



By J. Morgan Jones
There is more (or should be) to getting the right fishing hat. Most of us tend to gravitate to a ball cap with whatever we feel is the right logo. Some of us won’t touch a cap unless it has the long bill or the right logo or whatever. I have spent many years in one myself (still wear one at work cuz I’m a bit short of dubbing up there). 
All types of hats and/or caps will cause the wearer to be warmer in most (though not all) situations.
 The waxed cotton cap keeps the rain off your hair and face, though the waterproofing will prevent the cap from breathing well if you tend to be active. The wool type of cap is also a bit warm, not waterproof, though they will have limited breathing capabilities. The best all round cap will have a layer of breathable membrane (like Gore Tex) in the construction of the “lid”. The “bill” of the ball cap will keep both sun and rain off the face. There are some heavy wool and fleece caps available with bills attached and the added warmth is going to be welcome this time of year. 
The least worn head gear available is really the best all around style available. This is the full brimmed hat ( These types of hats provide lots of protection from harmful UV rays. Too much sun can cause skin cancer. A full brimmed hat will protect the face, ears and neck from both sun and rain. The Tilley hat (and others available) are made from natural materials, though they can be quite waterproof. While they can be lost in the wind, a simple leash with clips will keep it in your possession. 
If you are fortunate to not have cold sensitive ears, the warmth of most caps will keep your head warm enough to be comfortable in all but the most extreme situations. It is an accepted fact that we loose a great deal of heat through our scalps. Simply covering your head will add to your body temperature in the winter. A full brimmed hat can do the same with the additional feature of keeping your head cooler in the summer if it is a vented style. A small piece of tape over the vents can “warm” the hat up in the winter temperatures.
Last, but not least, is the “watch cap” style of head gear. Not much in the way of features, but a great deal of warmth. A knit cap under  the hood of a rain parka is tough to beat for sheer warmth in the winter.
        As my dad used to say "If you have a five dollar head, wear a five dollar hat", or something along that line.


October Caddis October Caddis
Bill Bakke became intensely interested in wild steelhead behavior in the 1960's.  After reading stories by Roderick Haig-Brown, about summer steelhead being taken on "bee pattern" waking fly, Bill designed his fly in caddis colors.
The Pacific Northwest has some spectacular giant caddis hatches. Most of these hatches are in the fall when bright steelhead return from the Pacific Ocean.  These fat bodied orange caddis can become the targets for steelhead.  Caddis waking and wet flies can provides some of the most exciting fishing to be had with a fly rod. There are apparently a number of different species in what is commonly called October Caddis or Fall Caddis or Giant Caddis.  Most belong to the family Dicosmoecus.
Item Description Size Price To Top
21115-04 October Caddis 4 3 for $5.95

21115-06 October Caddis 6 3 for $5.95


Andy Muray Basic Skills of Spey Casting DVD
By: Andy Murray  Andy Murray Steelhead School
The world's most renowned Spey caster, Andy Murray, now shares with you his lifetime of skill in spey casting in the authentic style that was developed in Scotland where the spey cast was born.
This is a very simple video and the message is clear, "Making smooth, timely moves with your body and the rod will get you line speed."  This is a basic skills video that anyone can learn from.
Item Description Price To Top
660406 Basic Skills of Spey Casting DVD $24.95 SALE ENDED

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark Bachmann, Patty Barnes


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