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Flats Fly Directory
Rio Bonefish Lines
Seal Line Seal Paks
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Flats Fly Directory
Flats flies are for most fish that live on warm saltwater flats. These species might include bonefish, permit, redfish, and also fish that are on the flats seasonally such as bluefish, sea trout, jacks, lady fish, cobia, etc. These flies imitate shrimp and crabs, and other closely related organisms. Baitfish flies can be found in other directories.
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Antron Crab, Brown

Antron Crab, Murkin
Avalon Permit Fly
Avalon Permit Fly

Big Bone Abaco

Big Bone Altol

Big Bone Gal

Bonafide Crab

Bone Marley

Bone Minnow, Gray/White

Bone Minnow, Olive/White

Bone Shrimp, Tan

Bone Wigglers, Pink

Bone Wigglers, Tan

Bonefish Bitters, Amber
Bonefish Bitters, Hermit Crab
Bonefish Bitters, Hermit Crab

Bonefish Bitters, Olive

Bonefish, Critter

Bonefish Interceptor

Bonefish Scampi

Bonefish Slider

Bonefish Special

Bubble Crab, Orange

Bubble Crab, Tan

Charley, Gold/Brown

Charley, Green

Charley, Krystal Shrimp

Pink Charley

Charley, Tan

Christmas Isl. Sp., Orange

Christmas Isl. Sp., Pink

Christmas Is. Sp., Tan

Class 4 Twister, Amber

Class 4 Twister, White

Crafty Shrimp

Crimp, Merkin Brown

Crimp, Tan

Defiant Crab, Brown

Defiant Crab, Olive

Defiant Crab, Tan

Fiddler In The Grass, Brown

Fiddler In The Grass, Gray

Fly Tail Shrimp, Pink

Fly Tail Shrimp, Tan

Fly Tail Shrimp, White

Glory Shrimp, Pearl/Tan

Gotcha, Green/Pearl

Gotcha, Pink

Gotcha, Rootbeer

Gummy Minnow, Pearl

Hair Shrimp, Tan

Hoover, Pink

Hoover, Tan

Kwan, Chartreuse

Kwan, Tan

Mini Krystal Shrimp, Chart.

Mini Krystal Shrimp, Pink

Mini Krystal Shrimp, Root Beer
Natural Crab,Green
Natural Crab,Green
Natural Crab,Tan
Natural Crab,Tan

Puff Shrimp, Orange

Puff Shrimp, Tan/Orange
Raghead Crab
Raghead Crab

Redfish Toad, Bronze
Redfish Toad, Bronze
Redfish Toad, Gold
Redfish Toad, Gold

Redfish Ration, Amber

Redfish Ration, Bronze

Reefer Mantis

Sand Crab, Bleached

Super Gotcha


Super Shrimp

Super Shrimp, Borski's

Texas Crab/Shrimp, Chart.

Texas Crab/Shrimp, Olive

Texas Crab/Shrimp, Tan

Turd Fly

Twister Shrimp, Pink

Twister Shrimp, Tan

Yucatan Special

Hook Sharpener

Frog Hair Fluorocarbon Tippet
Fly Line Cleaner
Fly Line Cleaner

Rio Bonefish Lines Make Fishing The Flats Easier
Rio Bonefish Line Rio Bonefish Quick Shooter
Mark Bachmann with a Bahamas bonefish caught at Andros South. Bonefish take precise casting at variable ranges and require special fly lines for the best performance.

Rio Bonefish Line

RIO's bonefish line loads a rod at close range, has a medium length front taper for great turnover, and a long back taper to smooth out the casting loop and keep the line stable on long shots. The line also features AgentX technology which produces a line that floats high, is easy to pick up and ensures the running line stays afloat. A medium stiff core and hard, tropical coating prevents the line from wilting in most tropical conditions.
  • Loads rods at close range and stays stable for long casts
  • Tropical core with a hard, saltwater coating
  • AgentX and XS technologies for the ultimate in performance
  • Welded loops on both ends for fast rigging
  • Rio Bonefish Line
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    20279 Rio Bonefish Line, Sand/Blue WF5F $79.95 Sale Ended
    20280 Rio Bonefish Line WF6F $79.95 Sale Ended
    20281 Rio Bonefish Line WF7F $79.95 Sale Ended
    20282 Rio Bonefish Line WF8F $79.95 Sale Ended
    20283 Rio Bonefish Line WF9F $79.95 Sale Ended

    Rio Bonefish Quickshooter Line

    New For 2013!
    RIO's latest saltwater line is a real asset for the saltwater angler, and particularly useful for when wading flats, or in poor light conditions when short range casts are the order of the day. The short, easy casting head loads a rod quickly and delivers fast, accurate casts with ease. It is also an ideal line for the novice saltwater angler.
  • Revolutionary design allows for incredible loop stability and distance
  • Unique, easy casting taper that loads a fly rod at close range
  • High floating running line that will not sink and impede the cast
  • Rio Bonefish Quickshooter Line
    Item Description Size Price To Top
    20284 Rio Bonefish Quickshooter Line, Blue WF7F $79.95 Sale Ended
    20285 Rio Bonefish Quickshooter Line, Blue WF8F $79.95 Sale Ended
    20286 RRio Bonefish Quickshooter Line, Blue WF9F $79.95 Sale Ended

    Seal Line Seal Pak Buy Now!

    The Seal Pak is the perfect dry storage for your wallet, cell phone, keys, camera, T.P., box of flies, spools of tippet, hook sharpener, nipper, floatant, power bars & compact flash light. This is your compact survival & comfort waist pack for anywhere and everywhere. The large roll-up portion is totally water proof. Made in Seattle, USA. These are very cool, and on sale too!

    Seal Line Seal Paks

    Day 6 on the river and the side canyons beckon. A camera and lunch would be perfect were it not for the deep pools and scrambling to the rim. The Seal Pak pack provides just the sort of hands-free protection and storage you need. Free yourself with multiple carrying options, including a removable waist belt and shoulder strap attachment. Let the watertight roll-down closure remove the barriers to where you can and cannot go. An external pocket for easy organization and rugged PU-coated polyester construction give this pack the versatility to handle anything.

    • Watertight Protection: Roll-down closure provides excellent protection from the elements.
    • Convenient Access: External zip pocket.
    • Versatile: Removable waist and shoulder straps plus options for securing to boats, bikes, etc.
    • PVC-Free: Eco-friendlier fabrics reduce environmental impact and add durability.
    • Colors Gray/Gray, Gray/Green, Gray/Blue, Gray/Red, Gray/Orange
      Width 3 in / 8 cm
      Weight 7.3 oz / 207 g
      Length 8 in / 20 cm
      Height 8 in / 20 cm
      Volume 244 cu. in / 4 liters
      PVC-Free X
      Closure Roll-down
      Material(s) 600D polyurethane coated polyester
      Country of Origin Made in Seattle, USA
    Item Description Price To Top
    08695 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray Reg. $34.95
    Sale! $29.95
    Sale Ended
    08696 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Green Reg. $34.95
    Sale! $29.95
    Sale Ended
    08694 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Blue Reg. $34.95
    Sale! $29.95
    Sale Ended
    08697 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Red Reg. $34.95
    Sale! $29.95
    Sale Ended
    08462 Seal Line Seal Pak, Gray and Orange Reg. $34.95
    Sale! $29.95
    Sale Ended

    Fish long & prosper,
    Mark, Patty & Crew

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