Beulah Onyx 6-weight, Sage 2210 Spey Reel, Simms Kinetic Jacket

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Beulah ONYX 6131-4

Beulah Onyx Test 10/09/14 by Mark Bachmann: Nearly every steelhead in the river had been pounded by hordes of anglers for a full month and a half, the fishing pressure had been intense. Finally the crowds had thinned for the last few days.
This early morning the air was 55-degrees and laden with a touch of marine flow, the calm before a rain storm still 24-hours away, good conditions for bringing dour fish to full alertness. Still air is also the best for testing unfamiliar fly casting equipment.
I had just had a solid pull from a heavy feeling fish with a favorite standard wet fly pattern cast with my favorite rod. Several casts later and a couple of fly changes lead me to believe that after an initial taste, the fish's lack of interest would require a total change of tactics on my part. I went to the six-stall rack in the rear of my boat, and noticed the Beulah ONYX 6131-4. It had been hastily rigged the evening before with a RIO Skagit MAX 425-grain and a 5x5-T11 M.O.W. Tip. To this point I had only cast Scandi lines with this rod, and had wondered how it would handle a sinking tip line?
To the end of the tippet I attached a #12 Orange Bead Head Caddis Pupa. Starting quite a ways upstream from where the "pull" had occurred, I started swimming the fly deep, while quartering each cast downstream across the currents. The strike came further downstream than expected while the fly hung on the dangle behind a big boulder. The fight was dogged and deep, with only a couple of tail flops breaking the

surface (a usual indication of a hatchery steelhead). The water was very clear and it was easily seen that the adipose fin was clearly gone. One of the ventral fins had also been removed before this fish had been released from the Deschutes River Hatchery at Pelton Dam and gone to sea two years ago, when it was about six inches long. This fish was hooked and landed right in front of camp, so the swim-step on my jet boat was sprayed with water from my wash-down pump, to it made a convenient place to lay the 29" steelhead so that it could be examined, measured, photographed and released. It had three other hook wounds in its mouth, apparently it had been released several times before. I didn't need it for camp-meat and saw no reason to kill it, so released it for some other angler to enjoy. This may dispel some of the myth that hatchery steelhead always lack aggression and don't bite. The picture above may also dispel another myth that live fish always look at the water, and that only dead fish look to the side. This steelhead recovered quickly and was vigorous when it was released. Seems that there are few absolutes when it comes to catching steelhead, except your hook has to be in the water. A couple of more steelhead were landed with the Beulah ONYX 6131-4 that morning. The other two fish were smaller, and both were wild.

So, what about the Beulah ONYX 6131-4 as a Skagit rod? It is seven to thirteen inches longer than most six-weight Spey rods. It has a full-flex action, but incorporates very fast recovery graphite and copious amounts of Nano-Resin to hold it together, a very unusual combination of design parameters and materials. It has some endearing qualities. As Beulah rep, Bruce Berry explained, "Beulah didn't try to build ONYX rods lighter as most rod builders have done with nano-resin. Spey rods are already light enough. Beulah used the resin to increase the strength of the rod blank to absorb more energy to throw longer lines easier." This rod has plenty of range to fish larger rivers. It also has plenty of snap to handle all the different types of Spey lines in common use. Because of the longer length and full-flex action it stores energy the full length of the blank for both casting and playing fish. It is uncommonly forgiving in both modes, although it takes some getting used to. Is it the all around summer steelhead stick for the Columbia River Basin east of the Cascades...maybe?
One of the things that is hard to argue against when considering the Onyx rod series, are the cosmetics. Chief Beulah rod designer, James Shawnessy has an eye for beautiful design. The reel seat is one of the most exquisite we have ever seen. The combination of black chrome components and light walnut burl remind us of the finest English double guns. There is no better cork-work available anywhere, at any price. Guides and wraps are equally flawless. Every one of these rods are collector items to be hug in the den and admired by guests, but they are also very durable, practical fly fishing tools. M

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ONYX6131-4 Beulah Onyx Spey Rod, SIZE 13-foot 1-inch, WEIGHT 6, Complete with Case and Sock, For A Limited Time Only: Receive a FREE RIO Skagit Max 425-grain, Spey Shooting Head, Line Offer ends December 31, 2014, FREE SHIPPING IN USA and INTERNATIONAL $750 Sale Ended
Sage 2210 Spey Reel
The Sage 2210 is definitely worth a look as your next Spey Reel.
Sage 2210 reels have the capacity, size and weight to fit many of the more popular Spey rods used for steelhead in the Lower-48. What the 2210 has to offer as an up-grade over $100 reels such as TFO Prism and Echo Ion is a genuine waterproof tripod disc drag. Is this a Big Deal? You bet it is when you start dealing with fish that weigh over 15-pounds. At 7.8 ounces this reel balances well with rods up to 13-feet long. If Spectra backing such as Power Pro is used there is plenty of room for 7/8 weight shooting head lines and 150 yards of backing.
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330-2210RBK Sage 2210 Reel, Black/Platinum, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $159.00 Sale Ended
330-2210SBK Sage 2210 Spool, Black/Platinum, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $80.00 Sale Ended
330-2210RBB Sage 2210 Reel, Black/Blaze, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $159.00 Sale Ended
330-2210SBB Sage 2210 Spool, Black/Blaze, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $80.00 Sale Ended
Simms Kinetic Jacket

Simms Kinetic Jacket

This is probably the most warmth per weight of any comparable garment out there. Slim and trim, and racy looking this is a practical jacket that will make you stand out in any crowd. It is a hoody, and is slightly edgy, but you are not going to look like one of "them".
Matter of fact you can wear it to the big game tonight and wear it under your waders tomorrow and be warm, comfortable, and be cool looking in both places.

Tour de force stretch-fleece meets core warmth performance:
Step inside Simms’ new Kinetic Jacket and tame the maelstrom in angler-driven comfort and style.
PrimaLoft® Gold insulation stacks warmth where it’s needed for optimized layering options without the bulk. While plush Polartec® Wind Pro® stretch-fleece—located in underarm and body panels—enhances breathability and increases range of motion for making casts that count.
Brushed tricot-lined handwarmer and zippered chest pockets are low-profile and won’t catch lines.
And a low-profile insulated hood, designed to layer perfectly under Storm Hoods featured on Simms’ shell pieces, adds fortress-like performance to your on-the-water arsenal.

FABRIC TECH: : DWR treated, 100% Polyester shell with PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation - 60g (Body/Hood/Sleeves), Polartec® Wind Pro® hardface stretch-fleece (underarm/side panels/cuffs)
APPROX. WEIGHT: : 18.5 oz/525g

More Information on the Simms Kinetic Jacket

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10673-064-20 Simms Kinetic Jacket, COLOR Coal, SIZE Small, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $249 Sale Ended
10673-064-30 Simms Kinetic Jacket, COLOR Coal, SIZE Medium, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $249 Sale Ended
10673-064-40 Simms Kinetic Jacket, COLOR Coal, SIZE Large, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $249 Sale Ended
10673-064-50 Simms Kinetic Jacket, COLOR Coal, SIZE  X Large, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $249 Sale Ended
10673-064-60 Simms Kinetic Jacket, COLOR Coal, SIZE  XX Large, FREE SHIPPING IN USA $249 Sale Ended

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