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A good fly tying bench helps you stay organized.

Getting Organized for Fly Tying
Most fishing is done during the warm months.  Most fly tying is done during the cold months.  The sun is moving south.  The days are getting shorter. The air is cooling.  Fall is here.   Many people are moving inside in preparations for winter.  Already we are seeing renewed interest in fly tying.  Before you start the process of refilling your fly boxes for the next season, remember that planning and organization are keys to the successful completion of any project.
Here is an approach:
1. Acquire a pencil and tablet for taking notes.
2. Collect and assemble your favorite fly boxes (no more than 4).
3. Note all of the flies that you used last season that are depleted and need to be replaced.
4. Choose the most important patterns (no more than 10).
5. Write a recipe for each fly chosen. Try to keep all the recipes on a single side of a single piece 
     of paper.
6. Copy this paper.  Save one copy as original.
7. Use the other copy to extract a "Materials List" from.
8. Cross out each material as you transfer it from the "recipe page" to the "material list page".
9. Some materials will be used in several of your favorite flies (such as black thread or lead wire).
10. Remove all materials and tools from your fly tying work-bench. 
11. Restock only the tools that you will need to tie the flies on your list.
12.  Restock only the materials that appear on your "materials list".
13.  Make a list of the materials that you are out of.

Basic Fly Tying Recipe "Parts List"
This list of parts will cover most commonly used flies.  Not all fly recipes will contain all of the parts.  This list is by no means complete, but is meant only to assist in making out your personal fly recipes.  Every fly recipe starts with a hook (or tube).  Recipes are always written in the order that materials are attached to the hook (or tube).
Hook (or Tube):
Lead Weight:
Body (or Abdomen):
Wing (or Wing Case):
From the book, Flies by J. Edison Leonard, copyright 1950.

Northwest Flyfishers Club Fly Tyers Expo
November 2, 2002, 9:30am - 3:30pm
Glenn Otto State Park 
Troutdale Community Center, Sam Cox Hall
Fly tying demonstrations by celebrity tiers:
Henry Hoffman, Mark Williamson, Lee Clark, 
Ronn Lucas, Sr., Don Nelson, Mike Duley

Presented By:
Northwest Flyfishers, a member Club in the Federation of Fly Fishers

Fly Tying Benches and Organizers by Oasis
...for yourself or as Christmas Presents...
Compact Bench The Spinner Pedestal Base Bead & Eye Center
Pedestal Partner The Gilly Thread Rack Advantages
Oasis Benches are part of the huge fly tying tool selection at The Fly Fishing Shop! The people at Oasis Fly Tying Benches take pride in knowing they are manufacturing the best fly tying benches in the world. Superior design, coupled with outstanding craftsmanship at fair prices gives the customer true value.
Knowing also that different tiers have different needs has inspired a variety of designs. Benches range from large to small.  Accessories cover many of the practical organizing need of many tiers.
Now you can have a place to always store 
those tools; organize your thread inventory and have different bobbins threaded and ready to use.  Speed your fly production by having a handy place to stick your feathers; trays in front to hold piles of hooks, beads or eyes; a hole for a lamp on every bench; larger benches even have a background card.  These are some of the reasons why an Oasis bench is a must for the serious fly tier. You can be set up to tie at a moments notice. Your tying station can be portable, and clean up in a snap. These are conveniences that over 7,000 satisfied Oasis customers have already discovered.        

Compact Bench
 21" x 15" x 5.5" (Top bench) Oak and walnut, 67 holes of all sizes, 50 plus spools, front carved out trays for hooks, beads or flies, felt bottom, C-clamp vice connects to front right of left walnut piece. 
Compact Bench
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-1  Oasis Compact Bench $189.00 -->SALE ENDED

Pedestal Partner
16" x 10" 6.5" (lower bench) designed to be used with those who use a pedestal vice. Oak and walnut, holds 56 spools, 44 holes of all sizes, felt bottom, commonly used tools store up front and close to user.
Pedestal Partner
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-2  Oasis Pedestal Partner $129.00 -->SALE ENDED

The Spinner
17" x 18" x 8"  When space is at a premium, the Spinner could be the answer.  The lazy susan design puts all tools, bottles, threads, and feathers at the tiers fingertips.
C-Clamp arm to attach vise, 64 holes of various sizes, 14 plastic storage jars, 12 rods hold 36 spools of thread, ripple foam sheet for storing flies, magnetic sheet for storing hooks, holes for storing tools.
The Spinner
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-3  Oasis The Spinner $129.00 -->SALE ENDED

The Gilly
19" x 16" x 4",  41 holes of all sizes, white highly non-stick work surface, holds 30 spools, comes with 4 plastic containers for beads or eyes, C-clamp attaches to front left arm.
The Gilly
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-4  Oasis The Gilly $99.00 -->SALE ENDED

Pedestal Base
Pedestal Base" 12" x 6" x 2" turns any vice into a pedestal vice. Vice hole located front left of bench. 25 holes of all sizes for tools and bottles, 3 carved out trays for hooks, beads, or flies, solid oak, rubber feet keeps it stuck to slick table top, magnet strip.
Pedestal Base
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-5  Oasis Pedestal Base $37.95 -->SALE ENDED

Thread Rack
stores 120 spools on 60 brass rods.
Thread Rack
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-6  Oasis Thread Rack $24.95 -->SALE ENDED

Bead & Eye Center
is a handy place to store 10 of your favorite eyes or beads
Bead & Eye Center
Item Description Price To Top
OASIS-7  Oasis Bead & Eye Center $17.95 -->SALE ENDED

The Evil, Dirty, Nasty Discount House
By J. Morgan Jones

The Retail Chain, The Discount House, the Outdoor Superstore - Whatever name you can think of, it sounds the same, The Mantra they chant is unchanged-- Sell as much as you can as fast as possible.  Time is money, education is expensive, We just  sell products here. You want education? The book department is over there. Responsibility to your customers? I have yet to see it in one of these retail places. The only thing close might be responsibility to the corporate office. Sell enough products and you help keep the door open, slack off and we will find another employee. You don't make sales by wasting time talking to people. Many of these Corporate owned places can show you how to qualify a person as a customer in just a couple of minutes. It's all about MONEY! That is THE bottom line, and it is the ONLY line.

Most of the Professional Fly Fishing Shops in existence want your money too ( the secret's out at last), the difference is that they are willing to work for it!  As a matter of fact, most Fly Fishing Shops want more than just your money. They want YOU as a customer. They want to educate you about the products they sell, about why you may or may not need that particular item. As a matter of fact, many shops do not want to "sell" you anything. They want to educate you about the experience of Fly Fishing and the tools that are used in the pursuit of this pastime. They want YOU to make your OWN decisions about what to buy. The Fly Shops want your fly fishing experience to be the best it can possibly be.  Specialty shops develop the resources the help you get started fly fishing, or to develop different or better skills in just about any area. Do you need help in selecting the best rod for starting? A fly shop wants you to get the rod that is best for you, not an item that is overstocked or brings more profit. Perhaps you are looking for a different or better rod. Most of the shops that I know will allow you to step outside and cast any number of rods. I know one shop that even allows you to cast different lines with each rod. More often than not, a pro shop will give you free casting instruction with any rod purchased, And there is more than one shop that will give you casting help regardless of making a purchase or not.

How about fly tying sessions each weekend during the winter? No charge. Not a regular customer? No Charge.
All day steelhead clinics, all day trout clinics. Organized fishing trips. No charge.
Pro shops don't just sell waders and boots. They sell you waders and boots that fit correctly.
They sell you flies that will work for you today.
The pro shop staff can tell you if an item works because they have used it.
Stream etiquette is promoted all day every day. And that's for everybody's good.
Most pro shops don't have sales strategy meetings, they don't need to sell you certain items because they are overstocked.
I know at least one shop that has a dinner on the premises now and then. No charge, and there is no sale or promotion going on. Just dinner with customers. Most folks in the Fly Fishing trade are there because they want to be. It is not "just a job" to these individuals, it is their life. The staff does not try to remember your name because it's good for business. Most of the time it's because they get to know you. Many customers become friends, and no wonder. Most of us have the same passion for the sport and for the environment in which we pursue it. Think about that last sentence for a moment. Pro Shops are not Pro-Active about the environment because it's good for sales---they are Pro-active because IT IS GOOD FOR ALL OF US.
I understand why people try to get the most for what they spend. I am exactly the same way myself. I always want the most for my hard earned money. This is a wonderful pastime, and I enjoy sharing it with many of you who also pursue it with me. I REFUSE to discount either my experience or it's environment. The price that you pay for the tools that you use needs to include a great deal more than what you can hold in your hand.
I no longer shop for price. I shop for value.
Insist on it!

No one beats our quality at any price!

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