Beulah Onyx 5124-4, Joe Gert Steelhead Fly, FFS Spey Swivels, Scientific Anglers PE Braided Shooting Line, Mack's Canyon Steelhead Fly

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Pacific Northwest Fly Tyers Rendezvous
November 14- 9am to 4pm.
The Jackson Armory, Portland, Oregon,
between Colwood Golf Course and the Portland International Airport.  
We will be in space #18.

This is a great public fly tying event, and it only cost $3 per person.
All of these tiers will be in attendance, tying flies all/or part of the day:
Jim Ferguson
John Kreft
Jim Crislip
Charlie Schillinsky
Greg Clarke
Sherry Steele
Kuni Masuda
Jackson Leong
Don Nelson
Gary Bevers

Marc Williamson
Rod Grant
Kenan Ginsberg
Tim Coleman
Ilene Hirsh
Don Abing
George Marshall
Henry Hoffman
Sara McKenzie
James H. Fenner
Chuck Cooney

Tom Martin
Ingrid Martin
Garrett Lesko
Mark Bachmann
Preston Singletary
Andrew Marshall
Bruce E. Harang
Gerald Brickey
Kevin Erickson
Doug Stewart
Chuck Scott

John Kendall
Charles Lorang
Lee Clark
Shawn West
Bryan Cohen
Garron Wood
Duane Dunham
Vic Hadley
William Lovelace
Bob May
Richard Rohrbaugh

Edward (Ted) Berkeley
Jim Fisher
Wayne Orze
lMatt Avila
Ted Burlingame
Jeff Morgan
David P. Williams
Michael T. Williams
Norm Norlander
Hal Gordon
Beulah Onyx 5124-4, Lightweight Low Water Steelhead Rod

Last Deschutes Trip:
Caught a nice fish on the Beulah 5124 Onyx that was sent to me.
I mated it up to a Hatch 7+ (black & silver), Elixir Switch 350-grain.
What a sweet outfit.
Loads easy and kicks hard – light in the hand, well balanced.
Most five weight two handers are delicate, and kind of toyish.
This one is not.
This outfit slams line into the wind with authority.
My impression is that this outfit will get a lot of play throughout the year from me with both Scandi and Skagit lines.

The Beulah Onyx 5 wt. Spey rod is the perfect light summer steelhead and trophy trout Spey rod. Light enough in power to have fun, strong enough to handle windy days that take most 5 weight Spey rods out of the game. Beulah Onyx Spey rods are constructed using state of the art IM8 Silica Nano Matrix (SNM) resin and a blend of high modulus IM8 graphite, and come detailed with a refined custom look including maple burl reel seat, four-color thread wraps, and select Portuguese cork/cork burls.
USE OF ROD: Fishing variety of lines for Summer Steelhead, Half Pounders, Rainbows, Small & Large Mouth Bass

ACTION: Slightly regressed Traditional “Spey” action/ fast recovery

FLY LINE RECOMMENDATIONS: Scandinavian: Beulah Elixir Switch 350, Skagit: Beulah Tonic Switch 400-425

Onyx Spey Rod Series 12’4″ 5wt. 4 PIECE  Comes with sock, tube, lifetime warranty for original owner (see warranty for conditions)

Rod Weight: 6.3 ounces.
For A Limited Time Only: Receive a FREE Beulah Elixir 350-grain Scandi Shooting Head, Line Offer ends December 31, 2015

Item Description Price To Top
ONYX5124-4 Beulah Onyx 12-foot 4-inch Spey Rod for 5-weight line, includes case, sock and Elixir Scandi Shooting Head 350-grain until December 31, 2015 $750
Joe Gert Steelhead Fly
The Joe Gert was first tied by Mike Dooley for Joe The Barber while camping at Gert Canyon on the Deschutes River. To our knowledge, Joe Gert is the first fly to use silicone plastic round rubber leg material for the wing and tail of a conventional steelhead wet fly. The motion of the rubber wing & tails swims and crawls through the water with life mimicking movement.  There are some copies of the Joe Gert out there but most miss the whole point by being too sparse in the wing. The idea is that the wing spreads and resists the current for maximum movement and current pushing through the individual strands makes a vibration
that can be recognized by a steelhead's lateral line. This is a great pattern for off-color water. The Joe Gert has spawned a whole series of rubber wing flies in green, pink, orange, purple and red colors.  No one has come up with a classification of the rubber winged flies.  We just call them Gerts.  You got any Gerts?
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FLYFISO10K Joe Gert Steelhead Fly, SIZE-6 3 for $9.75
FFS Spey Swivels
"Offering a new level of inner peace for all Spey fishers." Some days of casting with a Spey outfit are easier than others. Days when you get a lot of tangles in your shooting line are never easy. Casts which produce balls of knitting jammed up against your first stripping guide impair your concentration and pretty quick other faucets of your casts suffer as well.
Most Spey casts involve circular motions with the rod, which have a habit of twisting the line. Some types casts may put a full revolution of twist in your line each cast. As you work down stream through a piece of water, possibly fifty or more revolutions in your line may result. Pretty quick your shooting line is so twisted that executing a cast without tangles becomes nearly impossible.
There are several methods used for un-twisting a Spey line. Undoubtedly you have your method.
Some while back, Josh Linn decided to eliminate the problem altogether. After a lot of trial and adaptation, Josh perfected a way of installing a small barrel swivel between the shooting head and the shooting line. This eliminates line twist and make tangles in a shooting line virtually a thing of the past.
Josh has moved on, but we still think the Spey Swivel idea is a good one. Currently Tony Barnes is making all of our Spey Swivel set-ups. They incorporate very small, but very strong, high quality swivels, and lots of attention to detail during assembly.
My prediction is that the AntiRevolution Spey Swivel will be the most copied Spey innovation of the next 10-years, because if you don't have one in each Spey line, you will have tangles. No one wants more tangles. The AntiRevolution Spey Swivel is the best answer for reducing tangles caused by line twist.
Item Description Price To Top
SPEYSWIVEL AntiRevolution Spey Swivels, Three-pack $29.95
Scientific Anglers Braided PE Shooting Line
Scientific Anglers Braided PE Shooting Line is tangle-free, lightweight, strong, friction-free, and easy to manage. This is the finest grade of hollow braided polyethylene rope. It is smoother than any competitive brand of braided shooting line we've found. Braided PE has virtually no memory, even in the coldest weather conditions you will encounter while fly fishing. PE is comparatively easy on your hands. It floats and is a favorite with Spey and surf fishermen because it remains tangle free. It is easy to hang on to and shoots long distances.
For Spey applications, we recommend cutting the line in half and getting two shooting lines per spool. This approach will give more room on your reel spool and a seventy five foot shoot while wading is longer than most anglers can achieve. The shooting line can be looped at the rear end to facilitate the installation onto backing and a swivel and loop can be installed at the line end. Scientific Anglers is very strong, but tricky and time consuming to build put loops into. We have perfected the installation of a Spey Swivel directly into the end of Scientific Anglers PE Braid.
Item Description Price To Top
995680 Scientific Anglers Braided PE, .032", 150' $34.95
995680-CUSTOM Custom Set-up Scientific Anglers Braided PE Shooting Lines.
Two 75-foot long Shooting Lines with FFS AntiRevolution Spey Swivels and rear loops installed.
Mack's Canyon Steelhead Fly (Improved)
This beautiful fly is the creation of Doug Stewart, who owned Stewart's Custom Tackle in Gresham, Oregon for many years. Here is what Doug says about the Mack's Canyon fly on his blog:
Tying and Fishing the Max Canyon
"In the early 1970’s I developed this fly for Steelhead fishing on the Deschutes River. We had experienced success with a Skunk fly and the Brad’s Brat developed by Enos Bradner. Using the black color of the Skunk and orange from the Brat I tied a fly that had an orange and white tail, orange and black body and a wing of orange and white. With the addition of
gold tinsel around the body and a black front hackle, the Max Canyon came to life. In spite of my friends Dick Hans and Steve Dorn razzing me about the contrasting colors of the new fly, I had high hopes for the new fly’s success. I waded into the water the next morning with anticipation. My leader was rigged up with a Skunk on the point and the new fly on a dropper. As I began to cover the water with hopeful casts, I idly gazed across the canyon at some deer feeding on the hillside.  
Suddenly, my line stopped and I was into a strong fish. It was a heated battle for 7 or 8 minutes but I finally beached a chrome 8 pounder. The Max Canyon was buried in its jaw. I was elated. In the next few hours I hooked six more and landed five, all of them taking the new fly. Switching the position of the two flies made no difference. I was totally gratified with the success of the new pattern. When I returned to camp it was my turn to razz my buddies which immediately prompted a crash course in tying Max Canyons."
We ordered The Mack's Canyon flies the way Doug tied them, but when they arrived, instead of orange calf tail over the white wing there was orange Krystal Flash. It was too late in the season to send them back, so we took them out and fished them. Seems as though they fished even better than the original (you never know for sure). Tied on sleek Alec Jackson Spey Hooks the New Improved Mack's Canyon is a little more streamlined than the original. We call it the "Improved Mack's Canyon". They are pretty and the steelhead do like them. With the kindest respect to Doug Stewart, the Mack's Canyon is one of the greatest Deschutes steelhead flies ever tied. MB
Item Description Price To Top
37-0090-04 Improved Mack's Canyon Steelhead Fly, SIZE-4 3 for $9.75
37-0090-06 Improved Mack's Canyon Steelhead Fly, SIZE-6 3 for $9.75

Alaska The Nutrient Cycle

Alaska The Nutrient Cycle from Paul Klaver on Vimeo.
Once they enter fresh water chum salmon stop feeding and morph into an aggressive creature intent only on mating. After spawning, they die and their bodies become a source of nutrients for everything in the forest and sea.


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