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Dressing for Cold Weather Fly Fishing

Frank Day fishing in the snow

How you dress will make as much difference to your success in winter steelheading as your choice of tackle. Your performance, comfort and safety depend upon how you manage your body temperature. Experienced anglers don't use any but the most practical gear. Mark Bachmann shares what he's learned after decades on the water.

 Montana Wool top

Layering for Safety and Comfort: Your Base

Cold and wet is no way to be! Your base layer will not only keep you more comfortable in inclement weather, it will keep you safe by preserving your core body heat. Learn how to do it right with the best products on the market.

Tony Barnes with a mammoth steelhead

Two Day Winter Steelhead Schools

We take our schools seriously. They are the best of their kind. This school is for beginning and intermediate fly fishers who want to acquire new winter steelhead fly fishing skills in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


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A Patriot steelhead fly

Patriot Steelhead Fly

"I opened my fly box just as the sun was leaving the water. The Patriot stood out against the background of darker flies that surrounded it like it was begging for attention. So I tied it to the end of my leader and got a hard pull on the very first cast."

a 30" Deschutes steelhead cu=uaght with a 7120-4 Sage X-Spey rod

X-Spey Files

Check out the latest eXploits of Sage X-Spey users as they enjoy fishing with the world's best tackle, and share your X-Spey pictures with us. May the X be with you!

Spey Casting Made Smooth and Easy video

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