Sandy River Winter Steelhead Float Trips

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Sandy River Winter Steelhead Float Trips  
Dr. Steve White

Sandy River winter steelhead float trip prices are unchanged for 2009/2010 at $450 for 1 or 2 anglers, from the normal launch points (Dodge Park, Oxbow & Dabne). However, we have a new exclusive boat launch, which gives us access to 3.5 miles of river that is accessible to very few other anglers. This service will cost an additional $25, or $475 per boat. Mark will start guiding this stretch starting 12/15/09 (Calendar). Josh & Cullen will start when the first rains in November bring the river up to boatable levels. From mid-November through early-December, expect late summer steelhead, early winter steelhead, a few Coho, and a few upriver bright Fall Chinooks to about 35-pounds just to make things interesting. Hot lunch, munchies and soft drinks are furnished. Fishing formats can be tuned to fit your personality. Some anglers are aggressive; want to be the first boat on the water, and play hit and run all day. We can do that. We’ve rowed in the dark before. Other anglers have a more relaxed style. We know how to arrange that too. Having your own private school is always an option on any of our trips. If you can dream it up, "we can probably do it" (and have probably done it before) when it comes to guiding Spey rod trips on the best Oregon Columbia River tributaries. Nobody knows the local water better than we do, and nobody has an equal fly fishing catch rate. Since we are the top shop in our region, our guides get the pick of the best Spey tackle and have acquired a collection of brand new spey rods made by Sage, Winston, Burkheimer and Temple Fork Outfitters...just for you to use when fishing with us. These rods are equipped with the latest reels and lines. Each outfit is designed to be the ultimate tool for a specific angling situation. Having this equipment greatly enhances your fishing  experience with us as you can always be armed with the perfect weapon for the hunt. There is no doubt, we have the best equipment in the game (including boats, etc.). We can arrange perfect rooms for travelling anglers. We know all the people in our community who own the best restaurants and rooms for rent. We also know where you can get a great massage after your fishing session is over for the day (and we will help with the arrangements and scheduling). Start planning your winter steelhead fly fishing adventure schedule now! Calendar
We can help bring you comfort and success: 1-800-266-3971
Clackamas River Float Trips Are Also Available at $450 per boat (1 or 2 anglers).
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Bright winter steelhead are now available in our local rivers...

Deschutes Steelhead Review
Mark spent from September 28 through October 7 with clients on the Deschutes River. Steelhead fishing is holding up very well. Some clients racked up big numbers. Record numbers of steelhead are still pouring over Shearars Falls. Steelhead are scattered along the entire lower 100-miles of river. Water conditions are perfect. Some anglers are even reporting steelhead taken on dead drifted dry flies while trout fishing between Warm Springs and Maupin. Our fish were all caught with two hand rods & floating or sinking tip lines. Because of the dynamic fishing, our Deschutes jet boat/camp trips are extended through 11/07/09. Please check our Calendar and get in on something really special (the best steelhead fly fishing in the Deschutes River in the last 40-years). Open Calendar dates for jet boat/camp out trips are shaded in yellow.

Cathy & Ron in the camp water having fun. There's nothing that dresses up a fish photo like a pretty blond. Cathy used my Winston B2X78133, which has proven to be popular with many clients.
Doug Lake
Doug Lake came from the mid-West on his second steelheading adventure. Obviously Doug is a quick learner.

Terry Antoniuk is a seasoned Canadian angler who had a nine fish day on the Deschutes!
Terry fell in love with my Sage 7126-4 TCX aka "The Death Star" (it rocks)!
Matt Corrado
Matt Corrado's first steelhead, but it wasn't his last. Tall guys have the advantage of being able to wade deeper. Matt fell in love with my Sage 7126-4 TCX proving that fast is easy!
Al Corrado
Al Corrado is still catching steelhead at 77-years young. Al and I started fishing together during my first year of guiding in 1981. Al whipped this steelhead using my Winston B2X78133.

Skagit Master Skagit Master Featuring Ed Ward DVD
Skagit Casting is defined as water-loaded casts that incorporate a sustained anchor. These casts give a significant advantage where the angler is confined by the terrain along a river or where very large flies are used. This DVD gives step by step grass casting sequences demonstrating the various Skagit casts, Skagit Double, Perry Poke and C-Spey. There are real world applications of Skagit Casting in actual fishing situations. Ed Ward demonstrates tying an Intruder with Co-designer, Jerry French. There is a section that demonstrates Skagit Casting
with Switch rods for trout and other species. Ed discloses his special line splicing techniques. There are special guest appearances by steelhead guides Scott Howell, Mike McCune, Scott O'Donnell and Jeff Hickman. Filmed on Sauk, Skagit, Grande Rhonde and Kanektok Rivers.
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SKAGIT Skagit Master DVD Featuring Ed Ward $39.95 SALE ENDED

Fly Fishing Rain Jackets
Before too long, it's going to get very wet around here. We hope you are prepared.
Simms G4 Jacket Simms G3 Guide Jacket Simms Windstopper Softshell
Simms G4 Pro Guide Jacket
Simms G4 Pro Guide Jacket $449
Simms In-Vest Lightweight Jacket
Simms In-Vest Jacket $99 
Simms G3 Guide Jacket 2009
Simms G3 Guide Jacket  $399
Simms WindStopper Softshell
Simms Windstopper Softshell  $199
Simms Guide Jacket is new for 2009!
Simms Guide Jacket  $329
Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody
Simms Windstopper Softshell Hoody $219
Simms Women's Gore-Tex Wading Jacket
 Simms Women's Gore-Tex Jacket

Simms Superlight Insulated Jacket
If you're dry you're probably warm. If you're wet, you're probably not...

Rogue River Salmon & Steelhead Get A Break
At 11:00 October 8, Savage Rapids Dam on the Rogue River was breached. This culminates nearly 20 years of work by WaterWatch, and will open 125 miles of steelhead and salmon habitat on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River in Southern Oregon.  Yahoo!

Quoted from Steelhead Fly Fishing by Trey Combs, "The bright pattern was called the Patriot. I had used nothing else for three days. My first steelhead of the trip, a hen of nine pounds, had struck the fly as hard as any steelhead in my memory. The impact knocked the reel's pawls out of alignment, and only by frantically palming the free-running spool was I able to prevent a massive override."
Patriot Fly
The pattern recipe in Trey's book calls for a hackle of dark purple, but the one Frank gave to me in about 1985 had a hackle that was blue. It caught several steelhead before I lost it to a big colored-up buck on the Deschutes. Over the years the Patriot has proven to be a very reliable pattern to try when fishing with a floating line while the sun is still on the water. It can be especially good when the water clears in late fall. MB
The other evening, I opened my fly box just as the sun was leaving the water.  The Patriot stood out against the background of darker flies that surrounded it. It was like it was begging for attention. So it got tied to the end of my leader and got a hard pull on the very first cast in water that had already been fished by another angler. Of course it was much different colored that all of the rest of the flies we had used. Sometimes it's good to be different. MB


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21200-04 Patriot 4 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED
21200-06 Patriot 6 3 for $5.95 SALE ENDED

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