It's A Guide's Life

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It's A Guides Life
Coho Arrive
G3 Guide Jacket
Salmon For The Sandy
Joe Gert
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It's A Guide's Life
What's it like to be a camp-out steelhead guide? As you will see, it ain't all that bad. My 10-days starts out by selecting a camp site.  Competition for the best camp sites can be fierce.  The hunt stars with my boat traveling to the selected site at Oh Dark Thirty in the morning.  The site is acquired, tents, cots, tables and chairs are set.  David and Pete join me a noon, for four days.

David scores first and is the heavy hitter for the first two days.

Pete wins the late rounds with his deadly rubber legged Joe Gert fly  (more info below).

Patty joins me when David and Pete leave, and exercises a few camp water steelhead.

A bachelor band of Big Horn rams take up residence across the river for several days.

Deer season opens and friends Ron & Jim bag a buck behind my camp on the first morning.

Steve & Jerry join me for four days and Steve lands a Chinook with floating line and wet fly swing.

Then Steve lands this big wild steelhead
which jumped eight times.

Several steelhead taste cold steel, but live to tell
about it when released back to the river.

Jerry achieves his steelhead number goal while learning to cast with a spey rod.

Jerry likes to make his guide look good by landing fish next to the boat for pictures.

The flying female partner of the nocturnal flightless male stone fly poses for a shot.

The afternoon before I left the river the wind blew hard enough to dislodge a sheet of glass from my boat.
The next morning was calm and beautiful, the fish were on the bite.  It's a guides life and who could ask for more. Can't wait for next 10-days and doing it all over again. MB

The Coho Arrived With The Rain

Coho salmon are in the Sandy & Clackamas Rivers in fishable numbers.  Most are fin clipped and bound for local hatcheries. These fish are all adipose fin clipped and may be kept for the table.  The first wave of fish came up the rivers quickly.  More Coho will come as the fall rains continue.  Flies in shades of chartreuse, pink, orange, purple and black can be productive.  Flies may be fished dead drift or on the swing.  New bright fish will often take a fly on the retrieve. These fish average six to sixteen pounds.  Most are not leader shy.

This picture of the beautiful bright Coho was sent to us by Andy Karamanos.
Had a rep call me the other day complaining that it was raining.  I told him that was the stuff that fish live in.  You know how it works:
Rain comes down...
River comes up...
River comes up, fish come up...
Fish pulls down, you pull up...

Simms G3 Guide Jackets...are proven after many hard seasons!!!
The G3 Guide Jacket is the finest product of its kind you can purchase.
If you are going to play in cold water, you better wear Simms G3! This G3 Jacket is leak proof after the third full season. MB
We got all sizes of G3 Jackets in stock !!!
  • New in 2004

  • Features highly breathable, 3-layer Gore-Tex® XCR® fabric technology; Extreme Wet Weather rated

  • Watertight stretch cuffs keep water out when you're casting or landing a fish

  • Adjustable storm hood for protection and visibility

  • Lines hand warmer pockets

  • Two large bellowed chest pockets, four zippered chest pockets, bellowed back pocket

  • Adjustable waist

  • RiRi® waterproof centerfront zipper

  • Simms Fish fly patch
    Color: Dark Loden    Gortex XCR Technology

Item Description Size Price To Top
RJ40320 Simms G3 Guide Jacket Small $399

RJ40330 Simms G3 Guide Jacket Medium $399

RJ40340 Simms G3 Guide Jacket Large $399

RJ40350 Simms G3 Guide Jacket X-Large $399

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Salmon For The Sandy
Where art and river conservation meet, you’ll find Salmon for the Sandy. Western Rivers Conservancy (WRC) presents Salmon for the Sandy to celebrate the free-flowing future of our wild, backyard river, the Sandy River.
What’s happening on the Sandy?
Portland General Electric is removing two dams and contributing land to a new 5,000-acre natural resource and recreation area that WRC is creating with the Bureau of Land Management along the river. No other city in the nation will have such a treasure in its backyard.
To celebrate, regional artists have painted, decorated and gilded 32 extraordinary salmon sculptures for public display. After their summer migration around Portland and the region, the salmon return home to be auctioned October 24 at a gala to benefit the restoration activities of the Sandy River Basin Watershed Council.
Gala & Auction
Wednesday, October 24, 2007
Portland Art Museum
Below are two of the unique sculptures that will be auctioned to raise money for Sandy River conservation.
Myrtlewood Migration
by Terry Woodall
In the southwest corner of where artist Terry Woodall lives, Myrtlewood tress shade and protect salmon streams.  “Myrtlewood Migration” is an expression of the salmon migration using carefully selected myrtlewood from already down material, carved into 73 small fish on the sculpture's body.

The Disguised Form
by Deian Moore
Moore  paints the salmon as one with the riverbed, disguised from predators among the rocks and gravels of the stream.

More salmon sculpture art to be auctioned can be found online here.

Joe Gert
A deadly revolutionary rubber wing fly.

This nice, wild Deschutes steelhead fell for a Joe Gert fly for angler, Dr. Peter Watson after it had been fished over with a couple of other patterns.  Sometimes changing to a completely different pattern will turn the trick.  It pays to carry several different styles and colors of flies.  The Joe Gert
was first tied by Mike Duley for Joe The Barber while camping at Gert Canyon on the Deschutes River. The Joe Gert is the first fly to our knowledge to use silicone plastic round rubber leg material for the wing and tail of a conventional steelhead wet fly. The motion of the rubber wing & tails swims and crawls through the water with life mimicking movement.  The Joe Gert has spawned a whole series

of rubber wing flies in green, pink, orange, purple and red colors.  No one has come up with a classification of the rubber winged flies.  We just call them Gerts.  You got any Gerts?
Item Description Size Price To Top
06277 Joe Gert 4 3 for $5.85 SALE ENDED

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Fish long & prosper,
Mark & Patty

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