Echo 5120-4TR Spey Outfit, Airflo Rage Compact Spey Line

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Echo 5120-4TR Spey Outfit
Casting for Recovery
Airflo Rage Compact Line
Green Butt Skunk

Echo 5120-4 TR Outfit
This is a sweet outfit for late season summer steelhead on the Klickitat, Deschutes, John Day & Grand Ronde rivers. We have teamed up the Echo 12' - #5/6 rod with a 390-grain Aiflo Rage Compact line, Airflo Ridge Shooting Line, and Echo 8/10 Ion reel. This is an affordable, high performance combination that is very easy to learn how to cast. The rod comes with a hard rod case. The reel will be shipped with the line, leader and backing professionally installed.
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ECHO5120TR-KIT Echo 5120-4TR rod, Echo Ion 8/10 reel, Airflo Rage Compact 390-grain Shooting Head Line, Airflo Ridge Shooting Line, Backing and Tapered Steelhead Leader. $495.00 SALE ENDED

Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head
Too often we heard the cry for a line that casts like a Skagit Compact, but fishes as a straight floater. So, Working with Tom Larimer, Airflo developed the new RAGE COMPACT. This new addition to the Spey family of lines keeps you in the “Floating” game under extremely windy and tight quarter casting situations. Its aggressive front taper gives ultimate power for driving casts into the worst winds, and the rear taper helps the rod load quickly, giving you incredible control and launch in tight casting conditions. The Rage’s characteristics also allow you to maintain your same compact casting stroke. The Rage is fast becoming the line of choice for fishing surface and near surface presentations. The Mint Green color stands out, so you “See” your head at any distance, allowing a measure of control during the swing/drift. Nine sizes from 360 to 600 grains, and lengths of 28’ to 32’ makes matching the proper

size to almost any two-handed rod. Heavy duty loops at both ends, the front loop has the line size printed on it making for easy changing and head recognition. As with other Airflo Skagit heads, the Rage is built on a low stretch/low memory 30lb. braided power core. Ready to fish straight from the box, loop it on to your running line, add a leader, that killer pattern, and away you go.
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SKF360PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 4/5, 360-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
SKF390PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 5/6, 390-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
SKF420PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 5/6, 420-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
SKF450PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 6/7, 450-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
SKF480PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 7/8, 480-grains $54.95 SALE ENDED
SKF510PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 7/8, 510-grain $54.95 SALE ENDED
SKF540PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 8/9, 540-grain $54.95 SALE ENDED
SKF570PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 8/9, 570-grain $54.95 SALE ENDED
SKF600PM Airflo Rage Compact Spey Shooting Head 8/9, 600-grain $54.95 SALE ENDED


Length: 12' Sections: 4 Line Weight 5

Grains: 360-480
This is a crossover rod that is a good choice for large trout and smaller steelhead. Tim's top picks in Airflo Lines that bring out the best performance with this Echo TR rod model are: Rage 390, Scandi Compact 390-grain, 40+ WF8 and Skagit Compact 420-grain.
Free Airflo Rage Shooting Head 390-grain included with this rod.

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
ECHO-TR5120 TR 5 medium fast Standard $349.95 SALE ENDED

Casting For Recovery Rods help fight cancer!

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Cancer patients get help from Temple Fork Outfitters when your gal gets one of these new rods!
8' 6" - #5 Rod           9' - #8 Rod           RPM
Billie Jean Bachmann models rod for Casting For Recovery.

Casting For Recovery, founded in 1996, is a national non-profit support and educational program for women who have or have had breast cancer. CFR provides an opportunity for women whose lives have been profoundly affected by the disease to gather in a beautiful, natural setting and learn fly-fishing, "a sport for life." Just as importantly, they offer an opportunity to meet new friends and have fun.

CFR offers free retreats throughout the country, incorporating counseling, educational services, and the sport of fly-fishing to promote mental and physical healing. Fly fishing techniques provide a gentle exercise for joint and soft tissue mobility. The dynamics of fly fishing provide a healing connection to the natural world, relieving everyday stress, and promoting a sense of calm. These retreats also offer a forum for women with similar experiences to meet, learn a new skill, and gain a respite from their everyday concerns. Any woman who has experienced breast cancer is eligible to attend a retreat (with medical clearance from their physicians). Casting For Recovery relies on local volunteers and organizations to support their community based retreats. CFR is holding 34 retreats in 23 states this year.

Through the combined efforts of Wanda Taylor, Donna Teeny, and Lefty Kreh, Temple Fork Outfitters has created two unique fly rods built specifically to benefit "Casting for Recovery"; an 8'6" 5-weight and a 9' 8-weight. CFR rods are built on translucent purple blanks with pink lettering inscribed with the words "Supporting Casting For Recovery & Hope" and will include a distinctive pink rod sock. A $25 contribution will be made to Casting For recovery for every CFR rod that is

purchased through an authorized TFO dealer such as: The Fly Fishing Shop
Weches, Oregon.
Proud to help!

fly fish USA

RPM (Rod Power Matrix)
Presentation: Factor - 2
Distance: Factor - 2
Lifting: Factor - 1
CFR Rods are designed for generating line speed and for casting accuracy.

TFO 05 86 4 CFR

Length:  8' 6"   Line: #5     Pieces: 4   

Very popular all-round trout rod. Is very lightweight, but is an authoritative casting tool at any normal fishing range.  Fishes all sizes of trout flies.
Rod weight:  3.8 Ounces.
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TFO-05864 CFR 5 Med-Fast 1 $149.95 SALE ENDED

TFO 08 90 4 CFR

Length:      Line: #     Pieces:    

Very popular rod for big bass, steelhead, salmon & light saltwater fishing.  Is based on popular Pro Series rod.
Rod weight: 4.4 Ounces.
Item Series Line Wt Action Handle Price To Top
TFO-08904 CFR 8 Med-Fast 2 $159.95 SALE ENDED

Green Butt Skunk
Paul Franklin with a large steelhead caught on a Green Butt Skunk
This fly was originated by Dan Callahan on the North Umpqua River. However the "Green Butt" is proven on all sizes of rivers and a wide range of water temperatures and conditions. It is one of
the have-to-have flies no matter where you fish steelhead along the Pacific Rim. We have modernized this classic fly by having it tied with the latest materials on gold colored Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks. Don't worry, this version is thoroughly proven. We've been using Green Butt Skunks on various colors of hooks for years. The ones tied on gold hooks just seem to catch more fish, so we're passing the secret on to you. These flies are Super Premium Quality! Green Butt Skunk
Item Description Size Price To Top
ST270-03 Green Butt Skunk 3 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED
ST270-05 Green Butt Skunk 5 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED
ST270-07 Green Butt Skunk 7 3 for $8.55 SALE ENDED

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