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How to Rig Your Skagit Rod

How to rig your Skagit rod

Correctly rigging two-handed tackle can sometimes be a daunting affair. Frank Day breaks it down so you can make your Spey rod work as efficiently as possible.

Loop Classic Fly Fishing Reels

Loop Classic Reels

Beneath the stunning looks of the Classic fly reel is the Power Matrix Drag System. This monstrous braking system will subdue the strongest of fish in the harshest conditions. The completely waterproof drag system has a pronounced click that signals "fish on" like no other.

Simms ExStream Waders

Simms ExStream Waders

These waders were made for guys like me who fish for winter steelhead in Oregon. Every guide I know who got a pair is in love with them. They offer comfort, warmth, and cutting-edge performance in extreme weather conditions.


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A fly tied on an Alec Jackson Hook

Alec Jackson Hooks - ON SALE!

Alec Jackson changed the world of tying classic steelhead and salmon flies forever. His hooks are treasured everywhere people tie flies for anadromous fish. Save on our 25-packs now.

Large 21" redband trout

Try Something New

Don't be too intimidated to try something new. Jacob did, and you won't believe what he stumbled upon. Get out of your comfort zone and you never know what may happen!

Loop Classic fly fishing reels video

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