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OpporTUNAty - Albacore Tuna Off Oregon & Washington
Albacore Tuna
It is found in all temperate and tropical oceans and the Mediterranean Sea.
Found in coastal waters of Oregon & Southern Washington May - October most years.
World all tackle record: 88 pounds 2 ounces
Fly tackle record: 47 pounds
Average size in local water: 15-pounds to 40-pounds.
Patty and I joined Captain Jad Donaldson, September 27 aboard the"Opportunaty"a 42' ultra modern sport fishing boat out of Llwaco, Washington. The Opportunaty is powered by (3) 300 hp Suzuki outboard engines that give it a fast cruising speed to get to the the fishing grounds very quickly. This boat is equipped all the electronic devices for navigation and fish location, and also equipped with a huge custom designed live-well for holding live chum (in this case Northern Anchovies from 1.5" to 5" long). This is a very important component for fly fishing as the tuna are located and then kept around the boat, near the surface with live chum.
Patty and I had caught several species of tuna over the past several years. These were caught in Mexico, Florida, and Belize, which had included: Yellowfin, Black Skipjack, Blackfin, Little Tuny, and Pacific Bonito. Until last Thursday we had never caught any Albacore.
Within about two hours after leaving the dock, I landed my first Albacore (about 18 pounds) with one of Jad's special Northern Anchovy fly patterns. Then I handed the rod to Patty and she soon landed another of about the same size. Pretty soon the bite was full-on with tuna being hooked nearly every cast. We used 11-weight and 12-weight rods, fast sinking lines, 20-pound test class tippet and 2/0 flies. Albacore pull hard with unstoppable first runs. Then they dive deep and fight you all the way to the boat. Yellowfin Tuna have more endurance, Skipjacks run further, but within the size range, no other tuna that we have experienced is as fast or powerful for the first fifty yards of line taken from the reel. Best advise is to get your line clear and then keep your hand away from your reel during this first run. If your reel backlashes, it might cause you to lose your whole outfit overboard. If anything in your terminal tackle is flawed in this game it will cost you fish(s).
Catching Albacore Tuna off the mouth of the Columbia river is very practical with flies, but it is a big boy/big girl sport that may not appeal to everyone. The Pacific Ocean can be a rough place to fly fish.  This is big water, and these fish are rough customers. These trips will appeal most to anglers who love high adventure, and who love to test themselves.
Albacore are the only fish that can be sold in the United States as white tuna. They are exceptionally good to eat, and under the current management/harvest restrictions are rated as sustainable by the prestigious Marine Stewardship Council in both the Northern and Southern Pacific regions. This is one fishery where it doesn't hurt to take home some meat.
After an hour of standing at the gunnel playing fish, I felt like I had been through several rounds with some a real bad asses. The boat looked like it too. The deck was awash with blood (none human). We didn't pump it overboard, so as not to attract sharks. Don't worry, there are several species of big sharks that feed on Albacore. These might be the quarry for future fly fishing expeditions.
After a several of hours of intense fishing, we headed home with many tuna on ice. The waves on the Columbia Bar were kind enough to wash down the whole boat, including the cabin roof. There wasn't a speck of blood when we got back to port. the Opportunaty rides smooth with a hull shape that slices through waves rather than glancing off them, for a smooth cushiony ride. Jad is a very focused and experienced captain, who is licensed with the US Coast Guard to opporate boats up to 50-tons.
The tuna blood drew in this blue shark, which was landed and released unharmed. We saw several sharks within casting range.

NRX Saltwater One-Piece Rods
#8 #9 #10 #11 #12
My long term friend Josh Linn, who now works for G. Loomis loaned me a new 11-weight NRX PRO-1, one piece fly rod for a recent tuna trip off the mouth of the Columbia River. To put it mildly these rods will blow your mind. The 11-weight one-piece weighs the same as a 10-weight 4-piece rod. They both weigh 4.8-ounces. Besides weighing one-size-lighter, the reduction in swing weight makes them feel even lighter in weight than they really are. The weight reduction is all in the blank, since the handle and guides weigh the same in both models mentioned above. When fishing the 11-weight PRO-1, it has an action that is incredibly smooth and easy to cast. When playing strong fish like tuna, the 11-weight one-piece lifts like a 12-weight 4-piece. We really cranked this rod to see how much it would take. Fact of the matter, it was stronger than we were. We couldn't break it. In every respect the one-piece rod was a superior fishing tool to a comparable four-piece rod. The down side is that one piece rods are a serious pain to transport unless you are going to put them in a car carrier, roof rack, or boat rack. Taking them on an airplane would take special study. Shipping them to your destination by UPS seems like the best approach for many destinations: Portland to Anchorage, AK = $37, Portland to Honolulu, HI = $42, Portland to Miami, FL = $18. These prices are for one direction only. Check with your airline for carry-on, or baggage instructions.

NRX 1068-4 FLY PRO-1 Length: 9' Line: #8 Pieces: 1

The 8-weight fly rod is considered the best all around rod for open water, flats fishing. It's most popular for bonefish, snook, redfish, and a number of other saltwater species. The one-piece design is the major factor in weight reduction. It has a very fast taper for creating nice, aerodynamic loops for longer casts, even in the wind. It's extremely quick and surprisingly powerful. A must have rod for any serious saltwater angler, especially for those that keep their rods in their boat!

Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
12153-01 NRX PRO-1
8 Fast $725 Sale Ended
12158-01 NRX PRO-1
8 Fast $725 Sale Ended

NRX 1069-4 FLY PRO-1 Length: 9' Line: #9 Pieces: 1
This is the ultimate 9-weight. It is designed for larger flies, bigger fish and wind. The one-piece rod configuration makes it light, yet incredibly powerful and it will handle a number of larger fish, including permit, striped bass, false albacore and cobia. Whether you're fishing the open flats or the mangroves, this 9-weight will give feel like a feather in your hand. This is the epitome of extreme performance!
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
12095-01 NRX PRO-1
9 Fast $750 Sale Ended
12107-01 NRX PRO-1
9 Fast $750 Sale Ended

NRX 10610-4 FLY PRO-1 Length: 9' Line: #10 Pieces: 1
When faced with situations where you need a little more backbone for bigger fish and/or tough, windy conditions, this is a great choice. Whether you're fishing over structure or dealing with heavy shoreline cover and you need to give them the "no treatment" this is the rod you want in your hand. It's all about power and performance. An excellent rod for the likes of big stripers, sailfish, small tuna & small tarpon.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
12096-01 NRX PRO-1
10 Fast $775 Sale Ended
12108-01 NRX PRO-1
10 Fast $775 Sale Ended

NRX 10611-4 FLY PRO-1 Length: 9' Line: #11 Pieces: 1
Whether you're looking for a bigger challenge or a way to make spending the day on the front deck of a flats boat a little easier, the 11-weight saltwater fly rod is an excellent option, especially when it's light as the proverbial feather. Tarpon anglers have found that they have a lot more energy at the end of a long day when they can go to a lighter rod. That's where this NRX 11-weight really shines. When fishing pressure turns off the bite, you can go to smaller flies and lighter tippets to improve the odds. It's extremely light yet surprisingly strong. Excellent for tarpon, billfish and small tuna.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
12154-01 NRX PRO-1
11 Fast $785 Sale Ended
12159-01 NRX PRO-1
11 Fast $785 Sale Ended

NRX 10612-4 FLY PRO-1 Length: 9' Line: #12 Pieces: 1
This is the next revelation in big tarpon fly rods! It's so light it's unbelievable. You'll find yourself checking the specs on the logo to make sure you grabbed the 12-weight. It's a great choice for the likes of sails, striped marlin, tuna and oversized tarpon. The power and durability is incredible and you can cast all day without fear of wearing out. It's as good as it gets for saltwater fly fishing. It's advantage angler! Down and dirty has a new friend and one that's as beautiful to look at as it is to fish.
Item Series Line Wt. Action Handle Price To Top
12155-01 NRX PRO-1
12 Fast $815 Sale Ended
12160-01 NRX PRO-1
12 Fast $815 Sale Ended

Simms Bulkley GORE-TEX® waterproof Jacket
Insulated with PrimaLoft® for cold weather comfort!
This is the best all around fall/winter/spring jacket to come out of the fly clothing industry in years! We first tested this garment during a late season tuna trip off the mouth of the Columbia River during one of those days when the waves were big enough to slosh spray over the roof of the boat cabin. After a full day,m the Bulkley Jacket showed no leaks and the puffy insulation kept us perfectly warm. The big roomy cargo pockets were totally handy, as were the hand warmer pockets too. This jacket will find favor when going to your favorite winter steelhead river, and also to and from the office.
Simms Bulkley jacket combines a GORE-TEX® 2-layer shell, with the innovative all-weather insulation of PrimaLoft® One technology. River-inspired features include corrosion-fighting Nylon YKK® zippers and sliders, super-sized chest and fleece lined hand-warmer pockets, and the water-resistant convenience of easy-cinch cuffs.
  • GORE-TEX® 2-layer shell with PrimaLoft® One insulation - 100g in body/60g in sleeves & hood for warmth without bulk
  • PrimaLoft® One insulation offers the best warmth-to-weight ratio available while compressible and soft
  • Nylon YKK® zippers & zipper sliders minimize corrosion from saltwater use
  • Generous chest pockets and fleece-lined hand warmer pockets
  • Comfortable, water-resistant, easy cinch cuffs
  • Longer length with adjustable shock cord hem offers flexibility for all wading & boat situations
  • Item Description Size Price To Top
    10176-001-20 Simms Bulkley Jacket, black with orange lining S $279.95 Sale Ended
    10176-001-30 Simms Bulkley Jacket, black with orange lining M $279.95 Sale Ended
    10176-001-40 Simms Bulkley Jacket, black with orange lining L $279.95 Sale Ended
    10176-001-50 Simms Bulkley Jacket, black with orange lining XL $279.95 Sale Ended
    10176-001-60 Simms Bulkley Jacket, black with orange lining XXL $279.95 Sale Ended

    Lamson Litespeed (2011 Models Only) - 30% OFF!
    HARD ALOX Finish
    Extreme large arbor for fast line retreive...
    These are the same as 2012-2013 models except for the the porting design in the spool (go figure). All parts on these reels fit all other Litespeed reels from newest to oldest, of the same size.
    Lamson Litespeed Hard Alox™ is a true large arbor reel with the same fully-sealed drag system that is used in all Waterworks reels.
    No water or dirt can get into the mechanism to effect drag control or pressure setting. The unique drag system consists of a pair of perfectly matched cones which are engaged under variable spring pressure. The drag is indescribably smooth and has a wide latitude of settings. These reels are extremely lightweight and have very few moving parts.
    Litespeed Reels are machined in the U.S.A. from solid aluminum alloy bar stock. The end result is a
    very fine, high performance large arbor reel at a price that is comparable to many reels that are made off shore. The large arbor Lamson Litespeed Hard Alox™ offers incredible value. Litespeed reels are now offered in only one finish -- a proprietary combination of alloy selection and conversion coating that is called “Hard Alox”. The term Hard Alox is taken from the anodizing process itself, wherein the aluminum surface is converted to aluminum oxide. By increasing the coating thickness and reducing porosity, the Hard Alox coating is much more durable than any other reel. Hard Alox trumps the conventional and ubiquitous Type 2 anodize, a finish which emphasizes gloss and color selection over durability. In place of Type 2, Hard Alox enhances resistance to abrasion, impact and corrosion and a look that tells the story of beauty which, while not being just “skin deep”, actually does start there.

    Click for parts diagram.
    In order to to maintain structural rigidity each surface of the LiteSpeed
    Hard Alox™ is curved. This subtly complex shape is extremely demanding and expensive to machine, but results in a strong, light, and beautifully unique high-performance fly reel. The effectiveness and durability of the Litespeed Series of reels has been thoroughly proven by our staff over the last 10-seasons. This is one of the toughest and smoothest reels on the market today.
    Incremental improvements such as: improved seals, stainless steel bearings and Hard Alox™ finish have taken a superior design to a new level of good looks and dependability.
    If you bought a LiteSpeed 10 years ago, the spools and frames will interchange with newest Hard Alox™ reels. The bearings and seals can be upgraded to the newest standards at no charge. Now that is reel handy! We like 'em!

    Lamson Reels In Action (Pictures of anglers having fun)!

    New spool hub is ventilated.

    New frame is lightened.

    New spool is still perfectly balanced.

    Lamson LiteSpeed Reel Specifications and Prices
    Model Line Backing Weight Price To Top
    LS-1 WF3 75 yd. * 3.55 oz. WAS $299
    NOW $209
    Sale Ended
    LS-1.5 WF4 100 yd.* 3.75 oz. WAS $299
    NOW $209
    Sale Ended
    LS-2 WF6 130 yd. * 3.90 oz. WAS $309
    NOW $216
    Sale Ended
    LS-3 WF7 150 yd. * 5.60 oz. WAS $349
    NOW $244
    Sale Ended
    LS-3X WF8 225 yd. * 5.10 oz. WAS $359
    NOW $251
    Sale Ended
    LS-3.5 WF9 200 yd. * 5.90 oz. WAS $369
    NOW $258
    Sale Ended
    LS-3.5X WF9 250 yd. ** 5.90 oz. WAS $379
    NOW $265
    Sale Ended
    LS-4 WF10 250 yd. ** 8.80 oz. WAS $429
    NOW $300
    Sale Ended

    * #20 Micron Backing ** #30 Micron Backing Capacities are greatly increased with TUF Line Backing.

    Fish long & prosper,
    Mark, Patty & Crew

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