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Real Fly Fishers Don't Hibernate During Winter

RIO Steel Plow Waking Fly

To say that this style of fly is revolutionary is an understatement. The "Plow" is a complete paradigm shift in waking fly design that will create a whole new category of flies, called plows. In the near future anglers will admit that, "they plowed a whole run, or my new pattern is tied plow style"

Waking Fly Basics For Steelhead

Real Fly Fishers Don't Hibernate During Winter

What is waking or skating flies for steelhead?

Waking or skating flies for steelhead require a surface presentation employing the down and across swing to present a dry fly. The fly is cast quartering across the current in the same manner as a wet fly, but rides the surface as it comes across leaving a V-shaped wake trailing behind it. The angle of the cast across the current varies with the speed of the current, and the temperature of the water...

Regal Medallion C-Clamp Fly Tying Vises

Steelheader's Journal, 2021

You might call this the Mechanics Illustrated for Spey fishers. A pragmatic, real world approach to, and portrayal of the sport. There is a lot of "who is," and "how to," written in a very enjoyable style. Most of the people you will see between the covers are good friends of ours. There is a lot of coverage of the Pacific Rim in Steelheader's Journal...

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RIO Skagit Max Sale

Extra Select Ostrich Intruder Plumes

This is the preferred Ostrich for medium size intruders because this herl really moves around in the water. Intruder Plumes are often used as Rhea substitute, and some very experienced guides claim that these fibers give better action than the best Rhea at half the price...


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The Fly Fishing Shop is temporarily closed Sundays and Mondays. That doesn’t mean we don’t do guided trips on Mondays. We are still working hard doing guided trips & fly fishing schools during weekdays.

We are still running with reduced crew and store hours: The Shop is open, and we still answer the phone: Tuesday & Wednesday 6:00-2:00, Thursday thru Saturday 6:00-4:00. Internet and email open for business 24/7.

Alec Jackson Tube Fly Hooks

Beulah Elixir Scandi Shooting Head Spey Lines

These Scandi style heads are designed to balance perfectly with Beulah G2 Platinum and Beulah Onyx series two-hand rods...

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Foxee Dog Steelhead Flies

Fox River Military Fatigue Fighter Socks

Even the longest marches or drills will be no problem in your FoxSox. Gentle 8-15 mmHg graduated compression increases blood flow to fight fatigue and give you extra pep...

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Insider Tips

September 20, 2021: Trillium Lake was stocked: 3,000 Legals, 133 trophies

All high lakes are cooling. Trout are perking up.

If it rains enough to make rivers rise, keep your eyes on the Clackamas and Sandy Rivers for Cohos & Chinooks.

Steelhead closure on the Deschutes has been extended through end of 2021.

Egg Flies will be a hot item in all streams with spawning salmon.

October Caddis are out in good numbers on the Deschutes.