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Green Ant Steelhead Fly

The Green Ant Steelhead Fly is of unknown origin. It has been around a long time and has a strong fan club of dedicated anglers. It has always been a go-to fly for rivers with extremely clear water. The Clearwater, Umpqua & Rogue Rivers are a prime examples. So is the Deschutes upstream from the confluence of the White River. This pattern has been a top producer with several of our guides during the past ten years, and has accounted for many steelhead under a variety of water conditions. Our Green Ants come in two sizes, #5 & #7, both tied on nickel plated, extra strong Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks, for extreme durability and a little added weight for sink-rate. Be sure to add a few to your favorite summer steelhead fly box.
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ST00205 Green Ant Steelhead Fly 5 3 for $8.55 Sale Ended
ST00207 Green Ant Steelhead Fly 7 3 for $8.55 Sale Ended


Fly Fishing Etiquette
This is by no means set in stone, these are the rules I was taught and the ones I live by.
Rule #1: Do unto other anglers (fly fishing or otherwise) what you would like done unto yourself.
Treat all on the river with respect and dignity whether they are fishing, swimming, or just floating the same stretch of water you happen to be on. Our rivers are there for all to enjoy and, as such, we should allow the same respect that we deserve.

Rule #2: Don't be a hole monger.
I understand when you find a run that is producing fish, it might be tempting to just park yourself on that stretch and to just fish it until your arms grow tired. But chances are there are several people on the river that would like a chance at that stretch also and they are waiting for you to fish through. If it happens that no other anglers are fishing that day (rare in today's society) then have at it until another angler shows up. If there are other anglers, then fish through, and then let someone else fish.

Rule #3: Give other anglers their space.
When I go fishing I'm looking to get away from the grind of the world, and to relax. I have no problem greeting other anglers, but I usually do so quietly and respectfully as to not disturb their solitude. I don't go bumbling up to them sloshing through their water yelling out "HELLO!" If you approach someone on the water and they do not respond, it means they would like to be left alone. Be quiet and soft with your steps!

Rule #4: Communication.
Talking to other anglers can stop conflict before it happens. If you think somebody has done something erroneous that affected your fishing, don't curse at them, flip them the bird, or start an argument. It's pretty good odds that they didn't do it on purpose. Politely explain it to them, and then move on by saying "just wanted you to know, and no biggie," they'll be more informed, you'll feel better, and maybe they will pass that example on to others.

Rule #5: First Come, First Serve.
Whether you are second or tenth to the river, you must wait your turn or find somewhere else to fish. Even if the guy fishing the run doesn't want to share, leave!

Rule #6: Don't cut the other guy off.
Never get into a run ahead of an angler who is fishing. Some anglers can cover a lot of water in a hurry. Ask if you can follow or go to the next run. You should yield a complete run in front of another angler, especially when that angler is on the move.

Rule #7: Leave the river better than when you got there.
When I was growing up on the banks of the Salmon River near Brightwood, Oregon, my Dad taught me to always leave the river cleaner than it was when you got there. These rivers and streams are gifts from nature and are the homes of many species of wildlife. You wouldn't want someone coming over to your house and dumping a bunch of trash in your yard or living room!
Tracks Staff
Be practical. Do whatever makes sense. Be safe. Be confident!
"I rarely use a wading staff, but some of the most skilled steelhead and trout anglers do...and for many reasons. I have been accused of being arrogant and condescending toward anglers who use wading staffs. Very sorry that I have left that impression. It is only a lack of communicative skills on my part.
I rarely use a staff because I live where I fish, and I am very familiar with the stream bed I am wading over. Because, I wade-fish several times a week, and because I got the right genetic material, my legs are very strong. Many other anglers aren't so lucky. I don't hold them in lower esteem because of it.
If you think you need a staff, by all means use one. Get the best one you can afford, use it whenever you want to. Put lots of reaearch into getting yourself a staff that suites you the best. It may save your life.
My best fishing buddy, Patty is neither weak, nor an unskilled angler. She uses her Tracks Sherlite™ Staff when fishing in deeper water, or rough terraine. Pictured above are a pair of Tracks Sherlite staffs, which are permenant accessories in my boat. They are rigged identically, and are available for customers to

use. I use one myself when exploring new water, or when taking on an extra gnarly fishing hole.
Normally I don't use a staff because I prefer to keep things as simple as possible, while fishing. Any dangly stuff gets in my way. Once in a while I do slip and fall, and get wet. Sometimes that is uncomfortable, and sometimes a staff could have saved me from a tumble. At 70 years old, I might not be that far from using a wading staff much more often. Twinges in my right knee tell me that it is wearing out. At least when that happens and a wading staff is a permanent part of my fishing kit, I won't seem so condescending."

Tracks Sherlite™ Staff
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059517 Tracks Sherlite™ Staff Adjustable
$76.95 Sale Ended


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