2011 Summer Steelhead PhD School Report, Low Water Green Butt Purple Fly, Sage One Spey Rods

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Summer Steelhead PhD
Green Butt Purple Fly

Summer Steelhead PhD Schools 2011: One, Two & Mega

Mark starts the school with a PowerPoint orientation presentation, in the double-wide screen house.
Josh Linn photo.
We did our annual Deschutes Summer Steelhead PhD School 09/15-09/21. This was the best Summer Steelhead PhD School ever. Several things came to light. Our teaching methods work, and the anglers with the most refined skills catch the most steelhead. Adding Al Buhr with Simon Gawesworth, Mark Bachmann, Josh Linn and Ron Walp put a finishing touch to the strongest Spey School ever assembled. The anglers who got to see the whole act during the 7-day Mega School tripled their money's worth. The seven day course really was a finishing school at the highest level. We will offer a similar program next season. Be sure to keep your eyes open for the announcement at: Fly Fishing Schools

Simon Gawesworth starts laying the Spey casting foundation for Jim & George. Scott Serrano photo.
Simon Gawesworth was our lead-off Spey Casting Instructor. This gave our students a powerful foundation to build their skills upon. Sinon was able to land at least one steelhead during each of the six sessions. Some sessions he landed multiple steelhead. Did we mention that he spent the previous four full days fishing the same river with another outfitter and never had one pull. Tsk, Tsk. Seems as though our greater experience and mobility are huge assets.

Al Buhr uses Mark's boat for bleachers during his basic casting demonstration. Josh Linn photo.
Al Buhr provided the advanced casting program during the second half of the seven day Mega School. Anglers who were able to spend all seven days with us really loaded up on steelhead.

Larry from Boston traveled the longest distance to attend PhD. Mark Bachmann photo.

Dave attended his third PhD. As usual, the steelhead loved him. Ron Walp photo.
Several students have attended several consecutive PhD Schools, and it is interesting for us to chart their progress. There is no doubt that the anglers who have spent the most time with us are more successful when it comes to catching steelhead.

Biggest fish landed by a student during PhD was caught by Rick. Mark Bachmann photo.

Most fish landed during PhD was by Lee Anne. Was double digits. We lost count.
Goes to prove, you get what you earn. Mark Bachmann photo.

PhD camp sign by Ron Walp. Mark Bachmann photo.
See you next year!!!

Low Water Green Butt Purple
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