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Deschutes River Steelhead Trips

Deschutes River Steelhead Guided Fly Fishing Trips

You're waist deep in the riffle. The fly rides in the surface film under light tension, the long rod balances lightly in your hand... Our guided fishing trips are like no other. We provide the boat, camping gear, food, special flies and expertise. We've been doing this for a long time. Experience luxury river camping with an experienced, knowledgeable guide.

Hardy PERFECT Fly Fishing Reels

Hardy PERFECT Fly Reels

This reel is the definition of "proven." The PERFECT was first introduced in 1891. It's undergone some improvements since then and is still one of Hardy's most popular fly reels, especially with steelhead anglers.

PRO Tube Fly Parts

PRO Tube Fly Parts

PRO Sportfisher introduced their innovative tube fly system in 2007 and it's been gaining followers all over the world ever since. From the custom profiled tubes to the hand polished cone heads, everything is specially designed to give the fly tyer maximum flexibility.


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Alec Jackson Tube Fly Hook

Alec Jackson Tube Fly Hook

This may be the best all around hook for standard tube flies used for steelhead, trout and salmon. We sure like them.

Low Water Green Butt Purple Fly

Low Water Green Butt Purple

A winning color combo in many conditions, this fly is especially effective in dappled sunlight or in the low light conditions of dawn and dusk.

Hardy Perfect fly fishing reels video

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