Sage 7126-4 Method, Deschutes River Summer Steelhead PhD School Report, Wading Shoe Wisdom

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Sage 7126-4 Method
PhD In Review
Wading Shoe Wisdom
Son of Death Star, Sage 7126-4 Method
Methods are the latest series of fast action rods designed specifically for the world's most highly skilled fly casters. Sage has been making super high performance rods nearly as long as they have been in business. The first two-hand series that caught my attention was the TCR (technical casting rod). These rods had a candy-apple finish and were extremely stiff, and incredibly fast action. The tip recovery was so fast that only the top 1% of the Scandinavian type Spey casters could actually enjoy them as fishing tools, but those anglers produced blistering line speed and bullet shaped loops. I used a TCR some, but never enjoyed the fact that after hooking up, it was like playing a steelhead with a broom handle. Yet the ability to administer narrow loops at such amazing speed made the TCX a great casting tool. Next came the TCX series. Our rep George Cook explained TCX as being much like the TCR, but without the harsh personality. Like the TCR, a full line of Spey rods were offered in the TCX. One of these, the 12 1/2" #7 quickly rose to the top. It became so universally popular it was named the "Death Star" after the Star Wars Planet Killer.
The Death Star became accepted by Traditional, Scandi and Skagit casters alike. Anglers such as Simon Gawesworth and Scott Howell sang its praise and demonstrated the Death Star's worthiness by landing legions of steelhead with it. Many rods have come and gone through my formidable collection of two-handers, but the Death Star remains, which gives me the perfect opportunity to compare the 7126-4 Method to it.
The Son of Death Star is cocky, almost arrogant in its magma red paint job. Sage took a real chance there. If you color a fly rod magma red you better be able to back it up, it better perform.
Don't worry, the son does perform very well in some unexpected ways. First off the new rod is a full .6 of an ounce lighter in weight than the Death Star. The blank is much narrower in profile and the action, although still very fast, it is more user friendly, which means it is easier to time and load. Because it is slightly lighter in weight, the "son" is easier to stop at the end of a casting stroke, and for the average caster it may produce even more fly line speed than the TCX.
Since I received my sample I have landed 4 for 4 steelhead from the Deschutes River with it. All these were small fish from four to six pounds, and none were a challenge to land. The 7126-4 Method is designed for steelhead and Atlantic Salmon that average six to twenty pounds.
Simon and I exchanged the rod/reel set up while shooting the video (above). My first couple of casts were equal to his while wading in waist deep water, but when we entered water that was only slightly deeper, he definitely had the advantage. I think that situation developed because he had been using an even shorter rod, a 7119-4 Method (11' 9"). I had been using rods from 13' to 13.5'. When wading deeper, an angler has to rise more when forming a D-loop. The shorter the rod the more one has to rise in order to get the perfect amount of line stick, a fact I momentarily lost, because my motion was still tuned for the longer rods.
Shorter rods, such as the 7126-4 Method are perfect for fishing the deep sides of steelhead runs where overhanging trees and steep banks don't allow for a lot of room to form D-loops.
Just read Andrew Bennett's glowing review of the 7126-4 METHOD on Deneki Outdoors blog. He terms the new rod "The Light Saber". Check it out.
7126-4 METHOD

Length: 12' 6"     Line: 7     Pieces: 4


Rod weight: advertised 6 1/2 oz., actual 7 oz.
Line Matches:
Rio Skagit Max Short 500 or 525, Rio Skagit Max 525 or 550, Airflo Skagit 510 or 540 Compact
Rio Scandi 435-grain, or 450-grain, Airflo Compact Scandi 450
Line Wt
Action Handle Price To Top
7126-4 METHOD 7 Fast   $975 Sale Ended

2013 Summer Steelhead PhD in Review
By: Mark Bachmann
School: full! My team was totally focused and organized. Perfect camp with twin chandeliers in the dining tent. All sleeping quarters had shade. The cook was on his game with great meals. The bar was well stocked and open. Jet boats were clean, and running smooth and powerful, just like a good Spey cast. Students arrived focused and organized. Simon and Dec were brought their "A" games.
Mother Nature set up the training-course. Some wading was easy, others was not. some places had lots of room for casting, most didn't.
The weather sprinkled our sessions with a little lightening, a little glacial melt, and some bitchin' hard afternoon winds. 
Good luck threw in clear water, calm mornings, cloud cover days, and a few grabby, rod pumping, backing pulling, beautiful steelhead. A range of methods worked. Most fish were caught with small flies, floating lines, and wet fly swing. Some were caught using slow sinking PolyLeaders. One fish was caught using a sinking tip. Three were hooked using waking flies.

As seen from camp, a summer storm gathers over the Deschutes river.

Eight talented and willing students at the end of a class.

Yes, steelhead grab flies in the camp water.

The rod rack in camp.

Dec charms students and steelhead alike.

Passion flows through the book and the fly board on the dining table.

The second school was as good as the first.

Thanks for letting me have a couple of swings, too.

Wading Shoe Wisdom, Putting you in the “ZONE”
By: Travis Johnson
Wading boots… regardless of what methodology you use or even where you fish, if you wade, you need them. Sometimes while I am wading I give my boots more accolades than I give my rods and reels. If you can’t put yourself in the spot to catch the fish, you suck!! Plain and simple I cant be much clearer.
Now let me tell you, as a fishing guide and a hardcore abuser of fly fishing products, I have waded in every boot made. Some are made for comfort others for durability but seldom for both. I am a firm believer in "you get what you pay for…" also I am not trying to say that other product wont work. I am just saying, if you fish hard (100 plus days a year) on hard to fish rivers, then this is for you.
This started because my wife and I fished last Thursday. I am going to tell you right now, she can take care of biz with a Spey rod but she is not a strong wader. She is proud and would not want help even if she needed it. Needless to say she is picky about wading boots, and their comfort. For me I need something that I don’t dread putting on and can standing having on for 12 to 16 hours some days. Simms makes a boot for everyone who fishes and, I'm sorry to say, the only company who can build what I need.
Simms boots are the best! You get what you pay for and are set up for the consumer is simple to understand fashion. If you need a boot to get you on the water that will provide enough comfort and toughness for the average angler then the “Freestone” boot is for you. It comes with a easy price tag of  $99.95, plus comes in felt which is great for the Northwest anglers. Next is the “Headwater” boot this boot is for guys who don’t hike a lot or want comfort more then durability. Now after wearing wading boots since I was 14 I can tell you there's a lot to be said about comfort and priced at $149.95 can't be to bad. Next, the “Rivershed” Boot, this is for the combat solder in all anglers. This is by far the toughest wading boot on the market by any boot company out there. I have had “Rivershed’s” that have had 200+ days of fishing and guiding on them and the felt wore off before the boots gave way!!! I am not saying they are the most comfortable boot but you will get your moneys worth plus with these BMF’s.
Back to my wife and I fishing. She received a pair of the Simms “Guide” model boots this year and has been out not a couple times with them. Her feet are not hurting; she is wading with more confidence and has not gotten wet once… it will happen soon I am sure. Her wading has gone from a 4 to a 9.5 with the right boots. Plus with what she calls “Stud Muffins” just the Simms hard bite studs for felt boots. She will tell you, she is no guide or a hard-core person by any means, but the right wading boots have put her in that zone. ThanksSimms keep making the best fishing product in the world.

Simms Guide Boot
Guides have a knack for bringing new boots to submission—quickly. That’s why Simms designed its Guide Boot to meet the durability and comfort requirements of these high-mileage river keepers. Thanks to superior ankle support and Simms’ exclusive StreamTread™ Vibram® soles, Guide Boots are as at home sleuthing the river for aggressive trout as they are hammering up and over gnarly terrain to reach the primest lies on the planet.
Simms Guide Boot: Features CleanStream™ technology along with the new StreamTread™ traction sole with Vibram® Idrogrip™ 360 traction lug sole
Item Description Size Price
SGB1090007 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 7 $199.95 Sale Ended
SGB1090008 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 8 $199.95 Sale Ended
SGB1090009 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 9 $199.95 Sale Ended
SGB1090010 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 10 $199.95 Sale Ended
SGB1090011 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 11 $199.95 Sale Ended
SGB1090012 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 12 $199.95 Sale Ended
SGB1090013 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 13 $199.95 Sale Ended
SGB1090014 Simms Guide Boot, StreamTread Vibram Soles 14 $199.95 Sale Ended

Simms Freestone Boot
Simms has reintroduced felt to a selection of its wading boot line-up, including the Freestone®. Felt has solid grip, it’s lightweight, and offers advantages in certain wading environments. Please follow clean angling practices, limit felt soles to single watersheds, and help keep these vital resources healthy.
Item Description Size Price To Top
10144-200-07D Simms Freestone Boot with felt sole. 7 $99.95
Sale Ended
10144-200-08D Simms Freestone Boot with felt sole. 8 $99.95
Sale Ended
10144-200-09D Simms Freestone Boot with felt sole. 9 $99.95
Sale Ended
10144-200-10D Simms Freestone Boot with felt sole. 10 $99.95
Sale Ended
10144-200-11D Simms Freestone Boot with felt sole. 11 $99.95
Sale Ended
10144-200-12D Simms Freestone Boot with felt sole. 12 $99.95
Sale Ended
10144-200-13D Simms Freestone Boot with felt sole. 13 $99.95
Sale Ended

Stud Service Available (Hard Bite Studs and Star Cleats installed)
Stud Service available at The Fly Fishing Shop


Fish long & prosper,
Mark, Patty & Crew

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