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Ross CLA Made In USA
New Rio Cheaters
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Ross CLA Made In USA
CLA's ready for action on my boat.

It was when the non-reversible roller bearing in my fancy, expensive European reel froze beyond repair for the second time that the wisdom in the design of the American made Ross CLA reel series really hit home.  CLA's have no roller bearings.  Instead they have self-lubricating bronze bushings; older technology, simpler, but more practical and superior in a wet environment. The fact that you can own 2 1/2 CLA's for the price of that fancy European reel is also appealing. Comments about the CLA in a conversation with Brian Silvey is what first made me take a closer look at these reels.  Brian spends more days on the water in one year than many anglers spend in their whole lives.  Brian tests gear for outfits like Simms, Sage, Winston & TFO, because if gear .

Jung Kim & Gary Bruner testing a Ross CLA.

will stand up to Brian, it will likely last for anybody.  So when Brian said he was having good luck with the Ross ClA's he was using for client reels, I bought two of them. They are now more than a full season old and although scarred up a little, they are both in perfect working order with no maintenance of any kind. I recently purchased a third CLA, and now own four extra spools. I use them on my best Spey rods and am not afraid to loan them to my most valuable clients. 
For more information on CLA reels...

New Rio Cheaters

New Rio Cheaters in new lengths.

Rio developed the Skagit Cheater system to customize their popular Skagit lines to individual rods and casting styles.  With the cheater system Skagit lines can be lengthened or a shorter Cheater can replace a longer one to make a line shorter and lighter in weight. For several years Cheaters came packed with 5' and 10' lengths.  Few anglers used the 10' Cheaters. For 2008 Rio's Skagit Cheater systems come packed with floating 2.5', 5' and 7.5' lengths and an intermediate 5' Cheater.   In addition the most popular 5' Cheater length now comes individually packaged. Ten foot long Cheaters are no longer available. Cheater packs are available at this time only in 7/8/9 size for $44.95.  Single packed 5' floating cheater are available in all sizes for $11.95.  This reorganization of the popular Cheater concept makes sense to us. We hope it helps you to. The old 2007 Cheater packs are on close-out in our Bargains section.

Skagit Cheaters   Skagit Cheater Pack     Single 5' Cheaters
The Skagit River style of two-hand fly rod casting evolved as a method for presenting very large/weighted flies "broad side dead drifted" deep in the  
currents of large Pacific Coast steelhead rivers.  The main developers and champions of this type of presentation Ed Ward, Marlow Bumpus, Mike Kinney, Scott O'Donnell & Mike McKune; all anglers who spent much of their formative years in steelhead fishing in Northwestern Washington.  They developed specialized sinking tip fly lines which are made with short, heavy heads and fine running line.  A wide range of casts are employed using a fairly slow stroke and increased contact with the water during the rod loading process. The cheaters are made to lengthen and fine tune Rio's popular Skagit series of lines or shorten and fin tune interchangeable tip WindCutter lines 
into "Skagit Heads". To fine tune a WindCutter simply replace Tip2 from the WindCutter with the appropriate Cheater and then either attach Tip 1 or 8'-13' of T-14, T11 or T-8 for the perfect Skagit head. The Skagit Cheater Pack for 2008 contains: one each 2.5', 5' and 7.5' floating Cheater and a 5' intermediate density Cheater per package ( Single 5' Cheaters are also packaged individually to save you money.
** Item Size Description Price To Top
21613 6/7/8 RIO Skagit Cheater Set 6-7-8, contains one each 2.5', 5' and 7.5' floating Cheater and a 5' intermediate density Cheater $44.95

21614 7/8/9 RIO Skagit Cheater Set 7-8-9, contains one each 2.5', 5' and 7.5' floating Cheater and a 5' intermediate density Cheater $44.95

21615 8/9/10 RIO Skagit Cheater Set 8-9-10, contains one each 2.5', 5' and 7.5' floating Cheater and a 5' intermediate density Cheater $44.95

21616 9/10/11 RIO Skagit Cheater Set 9-10-11, contains one each 2.5', 5' and 7.5' floating Cheater and a 5' intermediate density Cheater $44.95

21617 10/11/12 RIO Skagit Cheater Set 10-11-12, contains one each 2.5', 5' and 7.5' floating Cheater and a 5' intermediate density Cheater $44.95

*** Item Size Description Price To Top
21607 6/7/8 Single 5-foot RIO Skagit Cheater $11.95

21608 7/8/9 Single 5-foot RIO Skagit Cheater $11.95

21609 8/9/10 Single 5-foot RIO Skagit Cheater $11.95

21610 9/10/11 Single 5-foot RIO Skagit Cheater $11.95

21611 10/11/12 Single 5-foot RIO Skagit Cheater $11.95


Camp Meat
Hatchery steelhead are introduced into our waters specifically for consumption.  Whether we all agree or disagree that this practice is good husbandry of our fisheries; is for this article, beside the point.  They are there...for the taking.  And even the most dedicated wild fish advocates agree that they are best removed from our rivers.  For us they are bounty from the sea, returning to your rivers' special place, and they are delicious.  They ad sustenance to your camp along a wild river that is unique in all the world. They ad to your hunter/gatherer experience...a temporary journey into a simpler time when man lived off the land...and close to the land...when survival was hand to hand. No mater that this journey is accompanied by a powerful jet boat, a modern camp made from nylon & aluminum, graphite rods and man made is the experience that counts...the pursuit of a quarry and to turn it into your own food...and feed your appetite for adventure.
Tom Reynolds & Don Clay.
These guys are trying to hide their identities by wearing dark glasses.
Dinner starts with a perfect, boneless fillet.
Always kill, bleed and gut your fish as soon as it is landed. Hang it long enough to dry the surfaces.
Using heavy duty foil prevents grease from leaking into the flame, causing a flare-up.
Fillet the fish leaving the skin on, season with salt & pepper, wrap in heavy duty foil, place skin side down.
Healthy and tastey.
Bake in barbeque for about 15-minutes at medium
temperature & serve hot with cold fresh sliced vegies.

Bites into rocks Hard Bite Boot Studs
  • 1/4" hex head sharp point screw with carbide pellets welded to screw head
  • 20 studs per package

    Screws into any felt sole, be sure to have hard shield inner sole, bites into the hardest, slickest rocks.
Item Description Size Price To Top
ARC50000 Simms Hard Bite Boot Studs, per 20-pack 1/4-inch Hex Head $14.95


Check Your Rain Coat
Stay warm & dry !!!

Today summer passes to fall. This week you will feel the change, as air and water temperatures continue to fall.  There are many warm days left before winter, but the coloring of deciduous leaves forecasts cooler nights and increasing precipitation. It's time to inspect your water proof wading jacket and waders for wear and tear, and possible repair or replacement. Little seepers that were of small consequence when the water was in the high 60's will comand more attention as the water temperatures reach the low 50's. All things waterproof will eventually

leak from wear, as they fend off the elements while we put them through the rigors of our sport.  It's best to be ahead of the curve.
We have some great buys on waders as models are changing from 2007 to 2008.
Waterproof Fly Fishing Jacket Selection Waders On Sale

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