Summer Steelhead PhD Report, Dec Hogan's Favorite Summer Steelhead Rod, Surgeon General Fly

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Summer Steelhead PhD Camp Report

Ron Dionne got the party started with this nice wild fish, which slugged a Red Rocket Tube Fly in the middle of the day. Very clear water and perfect flows & temperature contributed to the success. A G.Loomis----Pro4X Rod with RIO Skagit Max & M.O.W. Tip were employed. Ron landed three more, all with M.O.W. tips.

Luther Kyle returned from 2013, a native of the Mid-West, he spent his annual vacation with us. Luther got his first of three steelhead, using a Low Water Green Butt presented with a TFO Deer Creek Rod & Airflo Scandi.

Paul Groah scored the first hour of his first morning, with a Freight Train propelled with an Echo TR 7130 & Airflo Scandi. Paul landed three steelhead while attending Summer Steelhead PhD School, all Paul's fish were landed on the same fly.

Henry Carlile spends a lot of time getting aquainted with steelhead. Within five minutes of his first morning, he had a serious pull. Within the first half hour, he stuck one that came off three feet in the air. The fish pictured above came to a #7 Green Ant just before the light hit the water. Three touches before brunch is a good way to get a trip started. I really like Henry's stylish glasses.

John Vekich contributed this hatchery steelhead to the group, and Josh Linn worked his magic with twin barbeques.

Crafty Josh Linn tailed Svend's Tan-Petersen's steelhead right in the boat-away in front of camp. This fish fell for a Waking Tube Fly. Svend's pet rod is a Sage Method 6126-4.

Kristian Palmelund, from Denmark had never fished by any method before coming to Summer Steelhead PhD. He learned to cast and present his fly from our wide range of teachers. Learning this complex sport is best done by learning strong basics, then building on this strong foundation within a comprehensible structure. Kristian landed his first steelhead in less than four days of entering the USA. Ya, man! Way to go.

No surprises here, Josh Linn landed the largest steelhead of the School, in the camp water. After savoring Josh's gourmet camp fair, the whole group considered that he deserved the honor. Well the main G.Loomis fly division guy has got to continually test the latest designs rendered by G. Loomis' design department, in this case a new Pro4X #6, which will be available to the rest of us soon.

Bronco Billy (John Tehan) landed a dandy steelhead, which didn't wish to stay around for the photo session (too bad, we could have made it famous. The picture is of school members getting ready for the evening hunt.

Ron Walp has been fishing the lower Deschute River since before the first rocks were born, hell, he named most of them. A retired athletic coach has prepared Ron to be the perfect steelhead coach, especially for new students, who need to learn sound fundamentals. Ron's big, agile jet boat, combined with Mark's extra fast inboard jet gives Summer Steelhead Phd advantages against all situations, and/or competition.

The Deschutes repossess in late summer morning splendor. Morning calm is the time for beginners to learn the skills to cope with the swirling, water tearing winds of late afternoon. In view are 25 million year's of geologic history, a back ground in which to contemplate the weight of ones's insignificant personal problems. Pit your ego agains this panarama and watch it get brought under control.

Every year Ron Walp turns a piece of drift wood from the river into the back ground fo the School's Fly Board. Upon entering camp after each fishing session every anglgler has to contribute every fly that landed a steelhead to the Fly Board. This year, every student landed at least one steelhed. Several students each landed several steelhead. There are 21 flies on the board. They range the full gambit, from tiny drabs to large brights. Several wakers were successful.

When not running the FlyFishUSA shipping department, Tony Barnes is the best support guy in the our game. He can set up and tear down fish camps with blazing efficiency. You may never see him, but you are very glad he was involved, even if you don't know it.

Twelve tents, 13 cots, 8 tables, 9 coolers, 1 generator, 2 chandeliers, 100-pounds of tent stakes...just for your pleasure. I love my boat, whether it is hauling ass or hauling out camp. I love my gal too. She has earned half of everything. M
Echo DH II 1296.5 - Dec Hogan's Favorite Summer Steelhead Rod
DHII6.5129 Length: 12' 9"     Line: 6.5     Pieces: 4
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Surgeon General Fly
Listed as Surgeon General Dark in Trey Combs book, Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies, this pattern has caught Deschutes steelhead for us for at least 30-years.  It is believed to be originated by Dr. Robert P. Terrill of Gleneden Beach, in Oregon in honor of Dr. Herbert Bently, a highly regarded neurosurgeon. The Surgeon General, as it is commonly known as today, is one of the flies that has become regarded as a classic; a steelhead fly which should be added to the main working box of every serious steelhead angler. Our Surgeon Generals are tied on nickel plated heavy duty Alec Jackson Steelhead Iron hooks for added durability, and extra sink rate.
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