Deschutes Steelhead Log

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Deschutes Steelhead Log
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Deschutes Steelhead Log 09/08 - 09/17
The last ten day camp started out with Bill Wiley and Galt Allee spending the first five days in camp. These guys have lots of experience in fishing Sea Run Browns and Atlantic Salmon. Bill has fished the Umpqua extensively with Scott Howell for steelhead. It was Galt's first time for steelhead and first trip with a Spey rod. Neither angler had fished the Deschutes before. These guys are not fish counters, but as near as I could tell Bill stuck over a dozen and Galt about half that many. Very few Columbia River stray hatchery steelhead are in the Deschutes this year, which means that although the Columbia River dam counts have been very high the Deschutes steelhead population is not as big as some previous years. The majority of the fish remained in some of the most difficult "deep wading, big boulder" water on the river. Jack Thornton and his buddy Van showed up for the next two nights. Van landed three fishing the same kind of water. Jack stuck to the easier stuff and landed one. The most adventuresome waders did the best. Then Tom, Harlan and Jack showed up for the next two nights. Jack Henderson is very large and had a big advantage in fishing the treacherous wading areas. He hooked five and his buddies hooked three between them. The common factor between the winning flies was the color chartreuse.

After a successful morning on the water, Bill & Galt tie flies in camp 09/09/08.
Photo: Mark Bachmann

Galt Allee wades the big water of the Deschutes in the last shade of the morning 09/10/08.
Guide: Mark Bachmann

One of Bill Wiley's fish with the "camp tied" fly stuck in the hinge 09/11/08.
Guide: Mark Bachmann
Bill Wiley stuck to a steelhead... 
Bill's third hook-up of the morning. It was a long line release 09/12/08.
Guide: Mark Bachmann
Van with his first steelhead on a fly...
Van's first steelhead on a fly. It is also the first day with a Spey rod.  09/13/08.
Guide: Mark Bachmann
Jack pours the champagne into orange juice for breakfast of steelhead cooked in mango/peach salsa...
Jack Thornton is an expert on Oregon wine expert, is shown here pepping up breakfast.  09/14/08.
Guide: Mark Bachmann
Jack Thornton with a steelhead in front of camp...
Jack with his first fly caught steelhead posing for the new Alumaweld boat ad.  09/14/08.
Guide: Mark Bachmann
Jack Henderson lands a steelhead in a place that is really hard to wade...
Jack Henderson with his first steelhead of the trip.  He caught more than his two buddies combined 09/15/08.
Guide: Mark Bachmann

Jungle Cock
Jungle Cock graces a successful steelhead fly... Jack Henderson lands a steelhead using a fly tied with Jungle cock
Number One Quality Jungle Cock Cape

Jungle Cock neck feathers became the vogue as eyes on full dressed salmon flies during the 1800's. They are still in demand as dressing for both salmon and steelhead flies. The Indian Grey Jungle Fowl (Gallus Sonneratti) Originates from Central India. The wild birds were nearly harvested to extinction and became protected by international law around 1970. At that point they became very rare as fly tying material and the price escalated. They have been bred domestically in England since 1862, but it was not until 1978 that the commercial flocks, bred by Ron Taylor of Worcestershire began supplying the bright fluorescent neck feathers from the cock birds, which are so much sought after by fly tiers world-wide. Nervous and hard to raise, these birds still command a high price. Each cape will tie hundreds of flies and a full cape is the way to buy jungle cock eyes if you can afford it.

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Outcast Helios
Inflatable PFD

The Angler's Inflatable PFD is a manually inflating personal floatation device (PFD) and is perfect for anglers looking for a comfortable, high floatation life jacket.  This PFD is USCG approved and one size fits all.  We recommend a life jacket be worn whenever you are fishing or near the water. 

Color: Green/Mango

A rearming kit is available.

Outcast Anglers PFD

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Fishpond Coyote Fly Tying Kit Bag
Fishpond Coyote Fly Tying Kit Bag All the bells and whistles for the serious tier. Molded construction to protect fragile tying materials. This is a kit bag for the serious travelling fly tier. My Coyote bag goes to steelhead camps, schools and fly tying expo events with me everywhere. I've had my Coyote for three years and it is still as good as the day I bought it. It stores a ton of materials and protects my precious tools. This kit has provided countless hours of entertainment and bailed my clients out on a number of trips where conditions changed and we ran out of the "killer" flies.
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  • Durable molded EVA construction
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  • Two exterior padded pockets for vice and components
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  • Nine 3" x 4.5" resealable clear poly bags with VelcroŽ binding attachment
  • Padded airmesh handle
  • Removable and adjustable padded shoulder strap

    20" x 14" x 5"
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