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Girls Fly Fishing
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Girls Fly Fishing                        More Women's Gear

Some of our best fishing buddies are women.  Women often excel in all facets of the sport of fly fishing; casting, fly tying and catching fish.  Female anglers are welcomed as equals where we are.

Why Fly Fish?  
Women's Fly Club  
Women's Fly Rods

Why Fly Fish?
Women probably have been fly fishing for as long as men. The first book about about fishing published in the English language was written by a women.  The following is quoted from The Origins of Angling a book written by John McDonald in 1957, "Surprisingly, what is thought to be the first published essay on sport fishing -  The Treatise of Fishing With an Angle - is also believed to have been written by a women: Dame Juliana Berners, by legend a nun and a noblewomen and the first of her gender to write a work published in English."  McDonald goes on to translate the Treatise from old English into modern readable English.  The book describes many aspects of fishing and the fishing tackle used in 1496 when the manuscript was published.  There is even a chapter about how to forge a fish hook from a needle.  Why not needles were most likely a women's tool.  Evidently steel hooks weren't readily   available. 

People were fishing with flies part of the time during this era.  The original twelve fly patterns to appear in the English language are in the Treatise.  The book is very informative and well organized.  Angle means angel.  Hence the words "angling and angler".  The oldest artifacts that could be called flies are bird feathers and hair attached to bone or ivory hooks and are thousands of years old.  Some were probably made by women.  It just seems natural.  Certainly Dame Juliana tied and caught fish with her own flies more than 500 years ago.  There is no doubt that women can excel at the sport of fly fishing.  They probably always have, when given a chance.  This page is an attempt to make the sport of fly fishing more accessible to women.

The Federation of Fly Fishers 
Stonefly Maidens
Local Women's Fly Fishing Club. 
The Oregon FFF Club Of The Year.  
Lots of fish-a-longs and educational programs for women!

Yes, girls can.

Special Rods For Women Who Are Serious About Fly Fishing!

WINSTON ROD CO. since 1929.

5-Weight Rod    
8-Weight Rod



Some girls like diamonds.  Some girls like jewelry grade fly rods.

One of the foremost authorities on fly casting in the world, Joan Wulff believes women anglers need lighter rods and smaller grips.  Consequently, she helped design a specialized grip for her favorite trout rods,  a Winston 5-weight WT Series, and also her favorite salmon/steelhead/saltwater rod, the 9 foot 8-weight BIIX.  All of these rods, are extremely lightweight and a delight to cast.  They come equipped with a special smaller diameter grip which features a thumb grove for proper hand positioning.
These links list some of her honors and accomplishments:
Girls Can Fly Fish!
What R.L. Winston Rod Company Says About: Joan Wulff Favorite Rods


3 pc. - 8 1/2' #5 - IM6 - Joan Wulff Favorite trout rod.

Joan says, "A good trout rod becomes an extension of your arm. The action should be soft enough to give great feeling in each cast, yet strong enough to present the line well in a variety of conditions.  My favorite trout rod, 8 1/2 foot Winston WT, does just that, and the grip will help make sure that your hand is positioned properly."



Line Weight


Rod Weight Price

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JW586-3 8' 6" #5 3 2 5/8 oz. $595



Joan says, "In Salmon/steelhead/saltwater fishing, the fly must be presented in both calm and windy conditions to fish that are often moving.  A good rod must be able to deliver the fly up to sixty feet away in just a few seconds, with no more than one false case.  This rod not only meets these qualifications for speed, but has the wonderful feeling that the words "Winston Action" have always defined.  It's a great rod."



Line Weight


Rod Weight Price

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JW890 9'  #8 4 3 1/2 oz. $615



One of the great things about camping on the river, is all of the wildlife you get to see.  This coyote was leisurely hunting along the opposite bank across the river from camp.  I snapped his picture with my 350mm lens. Don't worry he was aware of us all the time; even taking time out to pose. The coyote is a wild member of the dog family found throughout North America from eastern Alaska to New England and south through Mexico to Panama. It originally ranged primarily in the northwest corner of the US, but it

has adapted readily to the changes caused by human occupation and, in the past 200 years, has been steadily extending its range. Sightings now commonly occur in Florida, New England and eastern Canada. In Pacific Northwest Native American lore, Coyote is a supernatural being; a highly intelligent trickster with a fascinating personality. It seems they were accurate in their assessment of this creature, as few other animals have benefited from the coming of the modern civilization like coyote has.

One of the reasons you keep your tent door zipped all the time.

This cute little critter crawled out of the sand as I was setting up our portable propane heated camp shower.  Not being an expert on scorpions, I can't tell you how dangerous its sting is.  Would love some feed back from someone who has real experience. 
When you are living outdoors there are things such spiders, snakes an a host of other critters you don't want crawling into spare clothes or bedding.  Tent doors left un-zipped are an open invitation to creepy crawlers. 


Josh & Marcy getting prepared for the afternoon hunt.  Twenty minutes later Marcy landed her third steelhead.  It bit a Fly du Jour presented with a fast sinking PolyLeader against a hard blowing wind in the bright sunlight.  Being able to rig for special situations can help you land larger numbers of fish.  Often the right fly, leader or line can make a big difference...but only if you can find them when you need them, and only if you can keep them in good repair. Josh & Marcy are standing in front of my Duckworth.  The bow compartment contains two Simms Dry Creek Boat Bags.  The orange one belongs to Josh the gray one is mine.  In the two bags there is more than $4000 worth of flies, leaders, lines and spare reels.  And we know where every item is.

Simms Dry Creek Boat Bag

New for 2006, this high-quality, super-tough boat bag is perfect for storing and protecting fly boxes, fly reels and other fishing gear.

  • Exterior features 420 denier, double coated polyurethane nylon
  • Interior features 70 denier, single coated polyurethane nylon
  • Foam body prevents heat from radiating up from the bottom of the boat into the bag
  • Water resistant, non-corrosive zipper seals out spray
  • Pockets include map or tippet pocket, side pockets, clear vinyl pocket on lid interior
  • VelcroŽ interior dividers can be configured to accommodate fly boxes
  • Includes shoulder strap and carrier handle
  • 10" H x 12.5" W x 18" L
  • Imported

Item Description Size Price To Top
56400 Simms Dry Boat Bag, Coal   $169.95

57900 Simms Dry Boat Bag, Orange   $169.95


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