Beulah Onyx Two-Hand Rods, Yellow Jacket Flies, Wading Accessories

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Beulah Onyx Two-Hand Rods
The Onyx Series combines traditional "Spey Actions" with Nano Resin Graphite-technology to produce rods that load very easy, but kick hard to produce fantastically narrow loops and blazing line speed. These rods are a departure from the thinking that rods have to be "tricky" to produce high performance. Onyx Rods are easy to cast.

After all, isn't that why you pay extra money for a great rod, not to prove that you are good enough to cast rods that are physically demanding, but to prove that you are smart enough to not have too. There is nothing the matter with "EASY"!
Beulah Onyx Rods come in 5-Models from #5 to #8 weights. All are very distinctive with wood spacer reel seats, impeccable finishes, great cork handles with fancy burl spacers and rubberized cork grip to prevent wear and chipping. Of course a carrying case and rod sock are included.

Show up in steelhead camp with one, or a selection of these babies and everyone will be envious, especially when they see your narrow loops at all ranges. Don't be surprised when other anglers ask you how long you had to wait to get your custom rods built. Just tell them, you didn't have to wait. "They are in stock at FlyFishUSA. Get More Information or Buy Beulah Rods

Yellow Jacket Flies Become Hot During Late Fall
I was sitting in my drift boat watching my two clients fish for steelhead, The boat was anchored five feet from a bed of eight foot tall grass, which grew from a patch of deep silt. The grass was covered with aphids which covered the giant stalks with sticky secretions. Caddis flies were stuck to the stalks. Large Yellow Jacket Wasps were collecting the helpless caddis. There was a large splash on the other side of the boat. I swiveled my head, but saw nothing but a large dissipating ring, about six feet behind my transom. I watched for a while and nothing more happened. My attention was diverted back to my clients. Again there was the sound of a solid fish rising, this time off to my right. I studied the ring as it dissolved into the surface of the river. The water there was about thirty inches deep. I studied the bottom of the river looking for fish, but the light was bad--I saw nothing. I watched a Yellow Jacket Wasp landing on the river, and drink as it rested lightly on the surface. Suddenly there was a flash and an explosion as the Wasp dissapeared into the maw of a large Redband Trout. In the space of half an hour as I sat quietly in the boat, three other fish were spotted. When one of my clients returned to the boat, I had a game plan and a rod rigged up for him. He landed two of the fish--One was 20".
Yellow Jackets are very common in many parts of the world, universally because of their sting, they are feared by all other animals. Yellow jackets are insectivorous, but also eat nectar (note the pollen on the Yellow Jacket pictured above) and fresh carrion.
Yellow Jackets are active all of the warm months, but tend to hibernate during their cold months. They are most active in the fall as the air temperature start to drop, and this is most likely to be a time when you will find trout feeding on them.
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Wading Accessories
The Simms BackSaver™ Wading Belt is very popular with my steelhead fishing clientele. Deep wading in big boulders can be hard work. A wide semi-rigid pad pressed firmly across your back can give you a lot of support, and therefore ease fatigue. Note the Wading Staff tether attached to the back of the belt, this keeps the Wading Staff within easy reach.
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A wading staff is a handy support to help keep your balance; it also provides much information about the stream bed around you. Like feelers on a bug, you can use your staff to poke around on the stream bed, so as to better judge the terrain. The best staffs come with a holster and tether. Note that this anglers wading belt is also wide for added support. Check out Simms NEW Folding Wading Staffs, They are adjustible to length, and come in both Aluminum and Carbon Fiber models.
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